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Мото тур  #Саруу Ак-Терек #Motorcycle tour to Saru AK-Terek #Motorbike #travel in Issyk-Kul

Мото тур #Саруу Ак-Терек #Motorcycle tour to Saru AK-Terek #Motorbike #travel in Issyk-Kul

Kyrgyzstan is an amazing mountainous country, on the territory of which is concentrated a huge number of a variety of attractions both artificial and natural origin. Our journey will run through the gorge Chon-Kyzyl-Suu, which translated from the Kyrgyz language means “big red water”. The river passing through the gorge got its name because, that its waters, eroding red sandstones, acquire a dull red color. The gorge is located near the village of Kyzyl-Suu, 50 km West of Karakol. The rapid river carries its turbulent waters along the bottom of the gorge, from the glaciers of the mighty Terskey Ala-Too ridge Our entire route is covered with outputs of red-colored rocks, bushes. They are found in a large number of pheasants. Same here every year, a variety of wintering waterfowl. This is facilitated by several sources of mineral thermal waters and favorable climatic conditions. On the Eastern slopes of the gorge Chon-Kyzyl-Suu there are outputs of hot hydrogen sulfide mineral springs . The water temperature here reaches 43 degrees. You can warm up and then plunge into the icy waters of the river. As you climb to the upper reaches of the gorge six landscape zones replace each other. The rocks here are like monsters, tightly clinging to a mortal struggle. The river carries its rapid waters through the flowering meadows, sometimes diluted with thick bushes. At times, through the emerald green grass cut bright red bands of rocks. Meadows alternate with huge, overgrown with gray lichen huge rocks, sometimes suddenly replaced by a real thick coniferous forest. Here the nature of the Kyrgyz mountains appears in all its pristine beauty majestic spruce, thick and impassable thickets of sea buckthorn, barberry and wild rose, whole glades of fragrant strawberries and a sea of flowers. The village of AK-Terek lies on the shore of lake Issyk-Kul, the ruins of the ancient settlement are preserved in the surroundings. In the old days, its territory was surrounded by massive walls, serve as a protection against the attacks of the enemy. The territory of the ancient settlement covers almost 3 thousand square meters. During archaeological research in the cultural layer fragments of pottery and preserved in the integrity of its individual specimens, Dating from the 10-13 centuries ad, were found. It is believed that the ancient settlement of AK-Terek, built on one of the branches of the great silk road, which took place in the middle ages along the southern coast of Issyk-Kul. In the vicinity of the village grows a small forest, where mainly silver poplars dominate. Among the locals there is a belief that the forest is in an anomalous zone. If on the approach to the settlement in other places you can suddenly see crawling, in the woods they do not exist and its entire territory as if enveloped in a bright aura. It creates a special microclimate, which does not allow reptiles to penetrate into the mysterious forest zone. The outskirts of the village are also known for the location of healing springs, water which has long been used by local residents to cure various ailments. Who stayed in the village the tourists, the old-timers tell great stories., associated with the local places. One of them, called duck, tells the story of a local resident who bred ducks for meat production. When it came time to prepare the meat, he found, that the stomachs of poultry are covered with gold. Of these stories the old-timers know more than 10 and each of them is told by them with a high degree of credibility.

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