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Нов мотоциклет София-Варна / New motorcycle Sofia-Varna

Нов мотоциклет София-Варна / New motorcycle Sofia-Varna

Hello and good morning Today I’m going to Sofia airport
Terminal 2 The SteelRider is very impatient Will fly to Varna
The sea capital of Bulgaria What is happening with the lights here? I do not know Whatever
The dark section was short I will not spent my time pleasantly in Varna drinking coffee on the beach
or visiting landmarks I have other – more important mission I’m going to buy motorcycle I hope I’ll like it
and everything around the deal to be fine I’m arriving at the terminal You might ask me
Why I’m going with my car to the airport? Because I’m for just a day Despite the high prices for the parking I think it worth it
compared to the taxi We will see at the end 158 available parking spots “Press here” Lets find parking spot Taking my luggage and go Over there is the metro rail station Unfortunately It is not convenient for me It is empty Lets go on the plane Cabin crew departure Good morning sun
you are so beautiful Dear ladies and gentlemen
we just landed at Varna airport Please remain seated with fasten seat-belts
until the complete stop of the airplane We wish you nice day
Thank you and good bye After a long and tense day
Fighting with the bureaucracy Finally we are loading the motorcycle Will travel to Sofia on this stand Did you guess what bike is it? Time to catch again the plane The payment machine
The prices are listed here I’m in this time period
12-13 hours Exactly where I left her Ready
I payed the parking 18 BGN (9 EUR) for the whole day
which is comparable with the taxi I thought … … it is expensive
But when you see all this cars It is not so expensive GO So I become a proud owner of a new motorcycle Or half of it Why half? Because we had some document issues The seller had distraint and we cloud not transfer the ownership But I have all the necessary papers When the distraint is gone
I can finalize the transfer Now I’m waiting for my motorcycle
Arriving with courier Which will happen tomorrow The season is near
and I want to ride something newer What is happening here? What is this traffic jam? Horrible
Traffic jam from here We are stopping here
Don’t know how long It will take me Look how they are merging Then I should go up to “Tsarigradsko shose” boulevard
where we will have the same Therefore – with motorcycle
as much as possible Less with car OK
We’ve passed this section Now lets see what we will get this way The same Immediately after the ramp Horrible Who knows how long it will take me to get home? With this jam the taxi would be so expensive It seams I made good going with the car What do you think? You might ask why I loaded the motorcycle?
Not riding it to Sofia Because such motorcycle should not be ridden
on a long distance for a first time in February And as I told you
there are some document work to do first I do not want to have troubles in my first trip Therefore I chose the safest approach Delivered on a stand with courier I flue with a plane for 40 minutes What a nice Subaru STI in front of me I like such cars Not … big and heavy
like this van Ford Galaxy Cute The traffic is blocked again The good news is I’m close to home I will wish to see you again
Good bye And soon you will see me … on the new motorcycle Bye

26 comments on “Нов мотоциклет София-Варна / New motorcycle Sofia-Varna

  1. Честита ти Аугуста. Много приятни и безавариини километри ти желая с нея 🙂 80 кинта по еконт нали ?

  2. Честито и безаварийно! 🙂
    Ще направиш ли по-обстойно ревю на мотора?

  3. Честито ! А да те питам, какво ти е мнението да работим програмисти в друг град освен София. Има ли начин да се изкарват добри заплати ?

  4. Честита нова машина. Пожелавам ти едни безкрайно хубави моменти с нея и безавариино.

  5. Ееееее Поздравления Братле ! Весело и безаварийно да си изкарате заедно 😀
    Радвам се, че ме послуша след влога за оглед на моторите… Айде със здраве!

  6. Честито, Стомана! Само прекрасни изживявания да имаш с него и много безаварийни километри! Ще станат страхотни видеа с него! Нямам търпение!

  7. Честито и безаварийно! Тия Аугусти хич не ги познавам.. Предполагам е 800, 3 цилиндъра.. Каквато и да е вярвам, че е чудесен избор… Дано си обмислил всичко с документите, че аз съм го ял с една кола навремето…

  8. Честито! Да си го караш със здраве! Нз колко кг си със екипировката, но силно ти препоръчвам спецялист да ти калибрира окачването за твойте кг. Знам че фабрично е доста твърдо и задницата подскача. Steering damper ти препоръчвам също 🙂

  9. Страхотен гол мотор! Честито и със здраве да си го караш. Страхотни клипове правиш, следя те с интерес. Само напред!

  10. Човече, тая бегачка… прилича ми на кризата на средната възраст 🙂 Пожелавам ти много безаварийни километри и много видеа в тубата 🙂 И бързо да се уредят нещата с документите.

  11. Честит да ти е и много безавариини километри, а щях да забравя ПАЗИ СЕ! ❤️❤️❤️

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