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ОТКРЫТИЕ ВЕЛОСЕЗОНА 2019 / Карелия – Петрозаводск.

ОТКРЫТИЕ ВЕЛОСЕЗОНА 2019 / Карелия – Петрозаводск.

All kind time of day. Finally on the streets.
the snow melted and appeared the opportunity to travel to
bike. Although many cyclists
already ride, but I still waited for Rosstat
snow and decided to leave. So I suggest you
open the bike season together with me and ride on
streets of Petrozavodsk. So let’s go! A bit will share their
impressions of the bike ride. What was I waiting for,
that’s what I got. It’s a lot of emotions and positivity. I drove somewhere about 20
km and fatigue of course feels. Since I gathered spontaneously,
I forgot to take the flash water with you. And at the end of the walk me
of course she was already thirsty. So don’t do that
like me, always take with you water, because it is for
a cyclist is a must. At the same time I checked and configured
switches and brakes. By the way the brakes showed
I feel great -these are Shimano BR-M375 calipers
and RG-56 rotors. A link to their review will be
in the description if someone interesting. And also tested the camera
SJCAM S6 Legend and stabilizer Feiyu Tech WG2. Stabilizer in my opinion
he showed his best side. Although his sausage.
healthy. I was once again convinced of the terrible
state of our roads and sidewalks’. So I like it better
ride of course in the woods. At the time of shooting.
I haven’t seen the footage yet material I shot with
chest mount, a also with the steering of the bike. So am asking write
in the comments liked do you need video stabilization. Reference to the review of the stabilizer
will also be in the description. And also on him soon will
individual test. Unfortunately not enough
battery in the camera, to record a video before
end, so write down I’ve got him home. In connection with what I thought
over the purchase of additional batteries for the camera. That’s it for me. Subscribe to the channel. And also don’t forget to rate
video! All well and good luck!

5 comments on “ОТКРЫТИЕ ВЕЛОСЕЗОНА 2019 / Карелия – Петрозаводск.

  1. Оставляйте комментарии, понравилась ли вам стабилизация видео?

  2. Было интересно посмотреть. Стаб отличный!! Обожаем подобный формат) От нас большой палец вверх как всегда!!!)) Заходите в гости, будем рады))

  3. Хороший стаб, хороший формат! Но я бы маштабней делал, на природе, 50 км хотя бы за день по пересеченке. Красоту Карелии показать, но повер банк нужен и аккумулятор запасной. Хотя в целом интересно получилось. Про авторское право я надеюсь ты знаешь )

  4. Приветствую! Читал, твой пост на "Отзовик" Подскажи пожалуйста, щелканье прошло после замены каретки или осталось. У меня тоже самое, думал педали, поменял. Но щелкание не ушло. Бесит, не могу! 🙂

  5. Истинные велосипедисты не открывают сезон. Они катают круглый год.

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