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⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Walking NYC (Narrated) : Severe Thunderstorm Walk on 5th Avenue, Times Square & Broadway

hello everyone today is May 29 2009 teen 5:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time got off at number 7 train at Fifth Avenue is 65 degrees Fahrenheit right now mostly cloudy although that’s going to change really really soon the New York City emergency management department issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the region as well as a tornado watch while you’re walking through Manhattan today you can see everybody wants to make it back before it starts raining I’m the only crazy one going out there today I just saw an umbrella go up I think the rain just started I got my repel umbrella this severe thunderstorm watch it’s supposed to last until 8 o’clock that’s when it’s the most severe so right now I’m on Fifth Avenue 42nd Street I’ll be walking up to Central Park and then depending on how bad it is maybe I’ll make a walk down the Times Square as well this is what happens when New York or streaked out over a thunderstorm they leave work early they catch the subways all the busses and mass transportation gets very booked the color of the sky just completely great today for those of you who are wondering is also the day of the half Sun Manhattanhenge although looking down 42nd Street right now I do not think that’s happening all you’ll see our rain clouds the rains getting much heavier right now I did read the weather reports they said to expect a half an inch of rain or more you can see just a mass exodus of people with umbrellas heading towards 42nd Street I’m sure this storms going to cause a lot of chaos because it’s happening right at the height of the rush hour here there’s three cop cars making their way down Fifth Avenue well four I’m sure that’s going to be a lot of emergencies whether it’s related to medical issues or fire or people’s electricity not working that can all happen during a severe thunderstorm such as what we’re about to experience I feel very bad for people who are really under prepared for this storm I see a lot of people with heavy clothes and without umbrellas or any kind of rain protection like ponchos but in New York you can expect all kinds of weather snow hot weather nice weather extreme rain such as this I I’m actually surprised how many people are outside even Motor Vehicles will have a hard time during this kind of a downpour because of the flash floods and just due to the amount of traffic that this kind of storm can produce in severe weather such as this I notice that more New York City pedestrians will break traffic laws just because they want to get out of this storm I don’t blame them actually yeah it’s even challenging to go straight here because of all the umbrellas [Music] there’s new york police department trying to maintain water in this semi a chaotic environment right now a lot of people here are waiting for Express busses they’re going to Staten Island such as this one the s im8 going to Arden Heights it will stop along Midtown and then make no stops until it gets to Staten Island that’s how those express buses work they’re a little bit more pricey than the normal buses and the subway system but you do get a comfortable seat if it’s available and you have no stops in between [Music] that woman has a badly broken umbrella the back is not working at all one thing that you do have to take know in a thunderstorm is not to stand under objects such as a scaffolding here or near any windows the scaffolding does make it more challenging to navigate with an umbrella because of how narrow it is the rain just picking up a lot more now oh my goodness people are just dashing and running now I just sense it look at that guy up traffic’s flock let’s go yup traffic stuck let’s blow the horn harder that’s how it works in New York City you either love it or hate it I can do my own impression of a horn too [Music] okay the SI m 8x express bus hopefully these people make it home safely I think I’ll walk on the outside of the scaffolding just because I’m a rebel like that I Love New York hat that’s a clear sign of a Taurus big bus tours USA I don’t see anybody on that bus not on the top nor the bottom except me I’m giving the tour of New York today take a look at this crosswalk crossing 48th Street on Fifth Avenue we’re just about to cross into Rockefeller Center and there’s a temporary walkway with all these people I do wonder how this is going to work can’t go left painful right many people still caught without umbrellas I’m the only one walking up this direction I do have rain-x on my GoPro so that should help with the water droplets accumulating on the lens a little bit I’ll try not to wipe it too much if that didn’t fool my eyes that was a white flash I should expect some thunder soon New York City bus blocking the intersection here’s Rockefeller Center st. Patrick’s Cathedral I think I’ll walk through Rockefeller Center I don’t need to walk up to Central Park it’ll be nice to kind of experience Rockefeller Center when it’s relatively empty compared to what it normally is that was just a white flash I’m surprised people are still out taking pictures I thought I was the only one one thing that as you have to be careful of are these metal surfaces that get really slippery when it rains here’s the concourse at Rockefeller Center it’s either very beautiful or very scary take your cake [Music] also Marvel gets very slippery too during wet weather or when it’s wet in general I should say that’s one surefire way to get less wet run run for your destination because then you’ll have less time for the rain droplets you make you wet is fao schwarz the famous toy store [Music] so the rain actually slowed up a little bit that metal surface I just walked on is very very slippery I’ve noticed that the pedestrian surfaces aren’t aren’t aren’t held to the same standards as the surfaces on the road are and now the rains picking up again here’s sixth Avenue I cannot cross this way because there’s no crosswalk the city should install one here though but I need to cross on the other side of the street look at all this traffic just from a rainstorm that woman was so soaking wet oh my gosh I think this is it everyone yeah this is pretty heavy guys these people should be out here in the rain walking why walk why wait under the canopy it’s very and interesting to see all the different kinds of umbrellas that people have some us black ones some green some small ones which won’t do any good in this kind of weather they have your normal size standard umbrellas well that man’s completely wet with luggage and even the full-size Golf umbrellas which may or may not be good depending on the depending on width of the sidewalk and how many people are also using umbrellas you do have to maneuver through other people as well big bus tour New York only three people on the top wonder why more people aren’t out let’s see what’s happening in Times Square I’m just about to enter Times Square now we’ll see if there’s any people out if there’s any spectacular light shows other than the Billboard billboards that Times Square is famous for what a time to visit Times Square huh umbrella hustlers are definitely making buck today that man with a suit and tie is completely drenched here’s the ride I’m filming the other people who are taking this at the tourist attraction hey the ride say hello I don’t really recommend the Rye because personally I think it’s a little bit expensive for what you get well basically it’s a bus that brings you around to famous spots throughout the city and they’ll have actors like act out funny things like jumping over barricades and singing or saying it’s happy new year when it’s not even near January or December yet all these sightseeing buses that I normally see full of people are still empty Pancho’s and um braless the sale of course everybody knows what time it is it is well that didn’t go as planned it’s supposed to say wait but this button is completely dead I will cross the street now as a native New Yorker because the traffic isn’t moving the operator of the ticket spoof has closed the time square steps so I won’t be able to walk up to get a view but we can definitely see Times Square from the bottom close for safety for obvious reasons they don’t want people to slip it’s a big liability issue well here’s some person enjoying the rain they don’t mind it I believe this one may work yep it’s working I just heard lightning well I heard thunder I should say Thunder is the sound and lightning is the flash of light [Music] so the drawbacks of driving in Times Square and a thunderstorm lots of traffic slow movement but at least you’re dry right no left turn are you kidding me this truck is actually making a left turn with all these people and doesn’t even have enough room to clear come on [Music] the rain just seemed a little bit I think those rain clouds are a lot darker going south some people have acted like they haven’t even seen a thunderstorm before looks like some people are trying to cross the street against the light with all this traffic and getting honked up eyed are these all these cars [Music] you see why it’s not a good idea to use a big umbrella in New York City this is the reason you cannot navigate and now it’s picking up again [Music] man back there was using a makeshift umbrella with a briefcase now Lisa keeps your head dry I’ve done that before using objects when I didn’t have access to an umbrella such as newspapers baskets and backpacks so I’m going to cross against the light here just occur as I can that’s how you do it folks as you apologize if rain drop to keen weight on this lens oh my gosh that lady just try to get on it and just slid off I told you about how slippery marble can get so I’m back to 42nd Street I’ll go on Broadway all right this is what happened when a big bus blocks the crosswalk everyone has to walk around what I’ll do now is I’ll walk down Broadway I’m not finished with this ring storm yet looks like the water stopped dropping that could be a good thing or a bad thing because in my walk of very bad flash flooding thunderstorm the weather also stopped raining right before just opened up in poured that was thunder or lightning we’re gonna hear it shortly storms like this bring out all the athletes in New York you may see our next Olympics are just from the stomach on the storm alone I don’t think I’ve traveled a single block here without giving the sound of a car horn but that sure is out right away here looks like our first casualty for the Umbrella graveyard [Music] [Music] but whether it’s actually holding up a lot better than I expected from all the news outlets and the emergency management declaration of severe thunderstorms I thought it was going to be a lot worse I haven’t really heard too much thunder yet the rains definitely picking up again quickly yeah so here’s Macy’s Herald Square largest department store here’s Lake Superior the sewer system cannot handle all this ring looks like I’m going to be an Olympic pole-vaulter here here we go everyone looks like the Department of Transportation has completely smooth it out this area usually this pedestrian Plaza has tons of chairs and cinder blocks and a lot of other barricades but here’s 34th Street and higher state bowling at the top this car is completely flooded right now there’s an emergency vehicle trying to make its way up 6th Avenue Wow even this this rain can seize her New York City pigeons they’re completely drenched what they’re loving it because there’s food here let’s go say hi you must be so uncomfortable with all those feathers all wet you can’t even imagine now I’ll be walking further downtown the scaffolding makes it of really challenging to move around here’s a halal food cart which is still doing business in this weather I just saw them make a sale now is actually not a bad time to get a taxi or an uber there are a lot less cyclists out than I than what I normally see that’s to be expected rain is actually very bad for cycling because of the traction loss and also the brakes don’t work as well in the rain when you have rim brakes [Applause] this rain is definitely broken up there is heavier segments there’s moments where just quiets down and then builds right back up [Music] our alibi you name it sexy now woman in front of me with the umbrella just got sexually harassed by that man sometimes these woman in New York City have to put up with a lot of crap whether it’s catcalling and physical touching all illegal and a lot of it doesn’t get enforced or prosecuted against is a shame really here’s sweet green nomad stands for north of Madison Square Park it’s also north of the Flatiron District [Music] I think I will change my battery here I suspect that this cameras running low so I’ll be back in a few okay I just changed my battery continuing my walk down Broadway that person has two children and a stroller covered I don’t like to see children get sick from the rain there’s an e-bike I do wonder how he bikes hold up in the rain as long as the battery is sealed I doubt that’s an issue so here’s the famous New York City Flatiron Building named after is shape I think Manhattanhenge is a bus today that’s for sure this area the Flatiron Plaza has a five mile per hour speed limit on vehicles if it was a clear day with no chance of rain at all you’ll see a lot of people lining up for this remarkable sunset which only happens twice a year for the sunsets and twice a year for the sunrises Manhattan Manhattanhenge is when the sunset or the sunrise lines up exactly with the street grid of Manhattan it has gotten a lot of popularity in recent years but the past couple of May sunsets have been complete hasn’t been a very good year for it the May sunsets they’ve all been either too cloudy or it’s raining so no one can really get the exact day I even try for the sunrises in January and December and they will also walk not good either so here I’m actually gonna walk around the Sun set will actually Sun set down there but you won’t be able to see any of it today before the Sun Rise it will set in the East usually around I think December 10th or so if I’m not mistaken so I’m actually walking on Fifth Avenue for a block and then I’ll walk back on to Broadway the name of the game back there was how high and you lift your umbrella and still not hit the other person’s umbrella that person was still trying to do the same thing lift it up higher than mine it’s a lot easier to do when you’re tall so here is 22nd street at the rear of the Flatiron Building there’s plenty of bike share bikes if you so inclined to get one not many are riding them today [Music] that’s right cross against the light when cars have the right-of-way and you make it honk that fiercely by New Yorkers that’s just how it is you also risk your life by doing so you know an idea we’re gonna cookie those samples I don’t think I’m in the mood for cookie dough right now though I think I’ll walk down to 14th Street Union Square and end this video this thunderstorm was actually a lot less severe than I thought the scaffolding does provide a lot of shelter although it’s actually a false sense of security there were signs where wind has blown over the scaffolding and trapped people underneath so it’s not really recommended to stay under this if there’s high winds is the paragon sporting goods store but whether those seem to be picking up again maybe I won’t end the video here there’s some utility work being done the rain does make it more challenging for crews to repair wires and other electronics that’s for sure yup I actually won’t end the video here maybe I’ll walk down to Soho I do believe the big rainstorm it’s coming soon okay let’s see how far this rainstorms gonna go now it’s really coming down just at the point I said I was going to end the video right that’s when the action gets started yes it’s a good idea is crop talking crosswalk very good advice right now [Music] this is definitely the big one yep no doubt about it no one’s walking on the sidewalk now they’re all on the side waiting for this rain to stop arraign so heavy now that splashing into me even with the umbrella this gentleman has welfare for the ring dressing rain boots appear from head to toe that was very very quick could have been very dangerous if I was up a little bit higher once again I apologize if waters accumulating on the lens and you’re not able to get a good picture but this is how it is they warn joking about severe thunderstorm this is pretty bad right now my shoes are just soaked right now [Applause] so now you get to see what one New Yorkers do in a severe thunderstorm some brave it out some stand to the side some don’t go out at all and this person is an Olympic runner Wow people moving furniture in this weather gotta love New York there’s New York University streets are completely empty also graduation season just passed most of the students and faculty are off school here’s a woman using a jacket for an umbrella now we got two runners here moved around in his seven pair [Applause] it’s very challenging to walk on top of cobblestone streets when it’s raining this far like like now the traction isn’t too good so I’m at Houston Street right now I’ll walk over to the Prince Street subway station and end the video I do want to dry off a little bit and the rain doesn’t seem as heavy as it was before I don’t think it will keep up for much longer [Applause] very dangerous crossing Houston Street many drivers aren’t watching the signals or they’re not yielding to pedestrians so I’m in Soho right now let’s see if there’s many people shopping at this time let’s see all right everyone I’m here at 10th Street hope you enjoy this walking video I’m glad I got wet so you didn’t have to be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already like this video give it a thumbs up and I’ll catch you in the next video whether it’s raining or sunny or cloudy see you later [Music] [Music]

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