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⚡️ Dirt Bike Ride Ruined by the Weather ⚡️ (Day 1923) |

⚡️ Dirt Bike Ride Ruined by the Weather ⚡️ (Day 1923) |

– What is up, my clan? Welcome to Thursday here up in Forest Lakes,
Arizona, Dad’s cabin. Day, I don’t know,
do you guys call the day we got here day one? I mean, we got here
and then we went to bed. But anyways, it’s
Thursday, we’re here. We just got back from Payson. We went back downtown. We had to shoot
a sponsored video, which you guys will
see in a couple of weeks. And we went to the
grocery store to stock up on like water,
and like paper towels, and some food and
snacks, and that sort of thing. Mike’s editing his
video from yesterday, the dirt bike
video that you guys saw. I hope you guys
liked today’s vlog. He’s editing that,
and then we might go for another dirt bike ride. I’m tryin’ to find
other places to ride, because I feel like
we tapped out that trail. The farther back we
go, the rougher it gets. And even though Mike
and Tanner have been ridin’ for about a year now, they’re
still novices, if you will. And so, some of the hill
climbs and really rocky stuff, they still get a
little squirrelly. I’m over here playing with Baby. Hi, go get your toy.
Where’s your toy? So yeah, we’re kind of
up in the air right now whether or not
we’re gonna go riding, or we’re gonna wait until we go to our next destination
tomorrow and ride there. We’re gonna ride
there either way, but we’re just
kind of, you know, it’s up in the
air whether or not we’re gonna ride here again. (squeaking) You ready, ready, ready? Go get it. Go get it. (bass notes) A little putt-putt ride, Bryce? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Up and
down the road? You just gotta get
a faster bike, man. Maybe if you had the 65
you could keep up with me and Mike maybe, I don’t know,
this 110 just doesn’t have it. – It’s not a trail bike though, it’s not made for trails, is it? – [Clintus] No, but
you can still ride it, it’s a two-stroke. I used to ride two-strokes. – Yeah. – [Clintus] So, you guys just
gonna go around on the street? Yeah, you, too? Oh my gosh. All right, so, Tyler and
the kids are gonna be kind of just riding up
and down the road, and Mike and I are gonna
go for a trail ride again. I think we’re gonna
take a couple of different, there’s a lot of
forks in the road. I think we did
them all last year, and there’s nothing
really like OMG amazing. It’s good fun riding,
but it’s just like, there’s not like a
destination or place I go and it’s just like,
that’s the place, man. We just kinda ride
until it gets hard, and then we turn
back around and come back. So, that’s what we’re gonna do. – [Tiffany] Aw, that
was nice of you, Bryce. That was some deep
thought there. (laughing) – I’m trying to think of like different places for the GoPro. – [Tiffany] Different angles. – I got two things in my helmet. I got the one on the handlebar,
but the handlebar one, I don’t know, I feel
like you don’t see much, you just see me, so
there’s a cool angle for like a couple of
seconds and that’s it. And the reality is,
I need a camera crew, okay. I need a camera
crew followin’ us around, videotaping us driving by to
make you guys a better vlog. It is what it is. – [Tyler] The quad’s
like numbers are like a little
bit like less though. – [Clintus] Well,
it’s a heavier machine. – [Bryce] Shift! – Well, we got all geared up and it got black outside. And we just heard like
some lightning and thunder. So now, we’re kinda like, do
we have a repeat of last year? – No, I hope not. – I hope not ’cause
that hailstorm was wicked. It sucked, you
can’t see anything. Your goggles get
all foggy and wet. It got slippery, too. Bryce crashed a couple of
times ’cause it was slippery. So, I don’t know,
we’re looking at the weather and it says partly
cloudy, mostly cloudy, but this seems like maybe it’s
moving faster than the radar. – It looks like it’s kinda
cleared up over there, too. I think we’ll be all right. We shall find out. – Yeah. (engine running) – [Tiffany] Woo woo,
gettin’ some rain. – So, they’re off
and we just started feelin’ raindrops
on us, so we’ll see. It doesn’t look that bad. It’ll probably be perfect. It’ll cool ’em down. – [Joy] Yeah, it’ll be good. (engine revving) – [Clintus] Back on
the saddle, back on the 450 and man, does it feel good. I have to say, guys,
I really, really do love riding. I think I’ve
said this every time. Every time I ride, I say
how I love to ride my bike. And I almost
feel like it’s better that I don’t ride
very often, ’cause then when I do ride, it’s like, oh
man, yeah, this is so good, I miss this, this is awesome. The fact that this is
my bike, I own this bike, it’s mine, like it feels good. And you know, hoppin’ on
the seat, going for a ride like brings me back
to my high school days, brings me back to
my post-college days, when I was ridin’ with
my dad on a regular basis. Almost every weekend,
desert ride with my dad. I really do love trail riding. And the thing with
trail riding though is, the reason why I’m not
haulin’ butt the entire time is because you don’t
know what’s around the corner. This is a one-lane road. If there’s somebody
coming the opposite direction and we’re both going,
I don’t know, 40 miles an hour around this corner,
there’s really no time to stop. You’re in dirt and
there’s nowhere to go on each side of the road, you’ll gonna run
into trees and stuff. I’m not an idiot guys,
I’m a 35-year-old dude. I have a wife and kids. I’m the sole provider
of income for the family. I don’t wanna get injured. If I break my hands,
I can’t edit. I can’t play video games,
I can’t stream. Like, you know, smart,
I’m an adult, I’m responsible. I’m havin’ fun, right? And 3rd gear on a 450 is like
being in a 4th or 5th gear on a 250, so what’s
the difference, really. Really, what’s the difference? There is no difference. I’m havin’ fun,
I’m enjoyin’ the ride. That’s all that matters. So, I hope you enjoyed these
last two dirt bike videos. We have more to
come, like I said. If you watched last
year’s videos, I hope you have, that little peewee
track that we’re going to next is gonna be awesome. Bryce has gotten a lot better, he’ll probably be
going a lot faster. And Tyler,
it’ll be his first time on a track, as
well with his quad. So, look forward to
more dirt bike videos, guys, once we get to Greer,
it’s gonna be awesome. Thank you for watching,
I really do appreciate you givin’ us a few
minutes of your day. Be sure to hit the thumbs up
button if you haven’t already. Hit that subscribe
button if you want more daily vlogs like this. Well, guys, I don’t know if
you can see it in the video, on the GoPro video but
Mike and I went on a ride, and it started raining,
you probably saw that. But then it started lightning, and if you noticed
there’s power lines along the trails that we go to. And it’s like the main
corridor to all the trails. We have to ride
underneath the power lines for at least a mile or so. And we like saw the lightning, and we’re like, nope, and we
turned around and came back. And we’ve kinda been
hanging out here at the cabin for about a half an hour just
to see if it’s gonna pass, but there’s still thunder,
there’s still lightning, and the wind’s still blowin’ and it looks like
it’s getting darker. We can’t find another
trail, that’s the thing. There’s no other trails
that we can find out here to ride on, so it’s kinda like that’s the only
place we know to ride. Tomorrow we’re
packin’ up our bags and we’re heading
to Greer, Arizona. And we’re actually gonna
go to the exact same place we went ridin’ last year,
that little like peewee track. And then this year,
because Mike’s got a whole year of riding under his belt now,
we’re actually gonna go on that trail up the mountain. We started to do it
last year and then Mike got, he was like
unconfident of himself, unsure, and said, “Let’s go back down.” So, this year, we’re
actually gonna take the trail all the way up
and see where it goes. So, I’m excited
about that because that little peewee
track was actually pretty fun. I had some really nice like, I could get some
speed goin’ on that track. There’s really no
jumps or anything, but I could actually
get some good speed in those corners, so
I felt pretty good about that. So, lookin’ forward to that. So, more riding to come, guys. – One, two, three, four, five. – Aw.
– I’m sorry, you went up here again. (laughing) (bangs) – [Tiffany] Oh, ow,
how’d that feel? (laughing) – [Tyler] That hurt. (Tiffany laughing) I think I’m done. – [Meemaw] What happened? – [Tiffany] What are
you guys playin’? – We were trying
to scare Daddy, but. – [Tiffany] Oh. – Bryce was the
only one who could do it because he’s the smallest,
so he just crawled down. – [Tiffany] He
was crawling, yeah. – But Daddy looked over at him, and Bryce stepped on a pinecone. (laughing) Watch that one,
Daddy, it’s almost broken. – Hello, she’s vlogging. There’s the vlog, guys,
you guys want in the vlog? Here we go,
everyone say hi to the vlog. – [Tiffany] Hi. – There’s like
a 15-second delay, hold on, we gotta
wait, we gotta wait. Everyone say hi to the vlog. And for you guys in the vlog, this is Twitch,
I’m live streaming. You guys, oh, stop
talkin’ about your streams. I’m literally talking
to people right now. If you wanna talk to me, this
is how you talk to me live. I’m talkin’ to
people in chat right now. Look, there it is, look, oh. Everyone say hi now,
can you see it? – [Tiffany] Oh, hold on. – [Clintus] There it is,
everyone’s sayin’ hi now. – [Tiffany] There we go.
– [Clintus] Yeah. Can we get some
vlog ons in chat? Subs, can we get
some vlog ons in chat? We have a vlog on emote,
you guys, on Twitch. We’ve got a vlog on emote. Clintus vo, there it is.
– [Tiffany] There it is. – There it is, see,
you got my vlog on emote, see that, how dope is that? I love it, I love it. It’s the best. All right, that’s all
you get, that’s all you get. – [Tiffany] All right, Papa
has some pork on the grill. Pork steaks.
– [Papa] Pork steaks. – [Tiffany] With
some barbecue sauce. Lookin’ good. – [Papa] Port
tenderloin over there. – [Tiffany] Over here,
let’s check on that. How’s that lookin’? – [Papa] It’s done, we’re just
lettin’ it rest right now. – [Tiffany] There you go. – [Papa] It’s good. Chipotle bacon seasoning. – [Tiffany] Somethin’ like that. – Goodnight. – All right, guys,
we’re back in the trailer. It’s bedtime,
it’s almost 11 P.M., and we’re callin’ it a night. We are gonna pack
it up in the morning and head to our
next destination. We’re going to Greer, Arizona. We’ve never been there,
but Mike and Joy have been and they said it’s a
great, great campin’ spot. There’s actually a
little like, I don’t know, it’s kinda like Mormon Lake, there’s like a
little mini-town, right. There’s like a pizza shop,
an ice cream shop, a coffee shop,
supposedly there’s Wi-Fi. So, we should be
able to upload the vlogs, and possibly do some
live streams on Twitch while we’re up there,
so I’m excited about that. Hopefully, we have cell service, ’cause then I can
actually walk around and do a live
stream on my phone. But any case, I’m excited
for our new destination. I’m excited for
more dirt bike riding. And I’m excited
for more fun times with the family
with our trailer. So, thanks for watching,
hope you enjoyed it. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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