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✅ TOP 5: Best Bike Rack 2019

✅ TOP 5: Best Bike Rack 2019

Unless you live in Moab, Utah, you’ll likely
need to drive somewhere for a breathtaking cycling experience. And, even if you do live in a picturesque
land, it’s nice to have a little change of scenery once in a while. This is where a bike rack for your car comes
in handy. Before we get started on breaking down the
best bike racks on the market today, we’ve included links in the description to various
pricing options for the products mentioned so make sure you check those out. Starting off with the best overall bike rack
we have the Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack. Versatility and simplicity are what set the
Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack apart from other alternatives. This Thule rack has a frame-free ratcheting
arm that quickly secures bikes with wheels from 20 to 29 inches and fat tires up to 5
inches thick. The bike has a tool-free attachment knob that
allows it to easily slide onto your hitch. Yet, you do need to have a little muscle or
some help to get this product in place since it weighs 51 pounds. Another popular feature of the T2 Pro XT is
the ability to tilt it up or down. If you need to access your hatchback, you
just tilt the rack down. Or, when the rack isn’t in use, tilt it
up for a compact look. Also, integrated into each mount is a 24-inch
cable lock that retracts when the ratcheting arm isn’t in use. The Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack is the top
hitch rack tested by Outdoor Gear Lab. The reviewer gave it high scores for durability,
versatility, and ease of everyday use. He noted that this rack is the most reliable
pieces of gear he’s used and was impressed with the one-handed tilt feature. However, he would have liked to see better
security features. A reviewer at also appreciated
the tilt feature. In his video review, he shows that bikes remain
in place in the rack even when performing evasive maneuvers and driving over potholes,
uneven pavement, and speed bumps. About 83% of the people who reviewed the Thule
T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack on Amazon gave it four or five stars. Buyers appreciate that the rack is tray style
instead of hanging. This allows it to hold a variety of bike types
without relying on attachments to the frame. Buyers also liked that there were no cheap
plastic parts used in the construction of this product. However, the durable metal makes the rack
heavier than other options. There were also several complaints about how
confusing the pictorial instructions are. Next up we have the best roof bike rack which
goes to the Yakima HighRoad Top Car Bike Rack. The Yakima HighRoad Top Car Bike Rack is different
from other roof-mounted bike racks because you don’t need to remove your bike’s front
wheel to load it. There are two hoops that clamp securely to
the front wheel. Once the wheel is secure, you turn the torque
knob to keep the bike tight. Then, the rear wheel is held in place with
a strap. Installation is also simple. You just attach the back strap and two front
straps to the crossbar of your car and tighten them down so there’s no movement. This model fits bikes with wheels of 26 to
29 inches and tires as thick as 3.25 inches. The Wirecutter recommends the Yakima HighRoad
because it holds a bike securely without touching the frame, is quick to load, and simple to
install. The reviewers noted that in their tests the
two front-wheel hoops that secure the bike kept it steady around curves and over bumps
without wobbling. Active Gear Review compared the HighRoad to
the Yakima HighSpeed and preferred the HighRoad because the reviewer didn’t need to remove
the bike’s front tire to put it in the rack. He also liked that it could handle fat-tire
bikes. 30 of the 35 reviews of the Yakima HighRoad
Top Car Bike Rack on Amazon are positive. Many owners of carbon bikes, which have delicate
frames, appreciate that this rack doesn’t come in contact with the frame. Others have found that it can handle kid’s
bikes, fat and skinny tires, and heavy full-suspension bikes. Several buyers comment that they were able
to install the rack in under half an hour, but you may need a stool if you are shorter
or have an SUV. Buyers also note that for security you need
to be sure to buy lock cores since this model supports cores but doesn’t come with them. Up next we have the best trunk bike rack which
goes to the Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack. The Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack is held
in place with six straps that attach to your car’s trunk using vinyl-coated hooks. At each spot where the rack comes in contact
with your car, there are rubberized feet to protect your vehicle’s finish. The Bones gets its name because of the strong-as-bones
injection-molded arms and legs of the frame that Saris claims is the strongest on the
market. Rubber coated straps protect your bike’s
frame from scratching and ratchet down for a tight hold. Saris backs the quality of this rack with
a lifetime warranty. Bike Radar recommends the Saris Bones 2-Bike
Trunk Rack if you need to transport drop bar or hybrid bikes with traditional diamond-shaped
frames. The reviewer appreciated the simplicity of
the design and that the racks folded up compactly for easy storage when not in use. But, he pointed out that the straps were annoying,
there aren’t any locks, and the rack doesn’t work well with modern mountain bikes. The Wirecutter recommends the Bones because
it can be used on just about any vehicle and is affordable and lightweight. Approximately 79% of the people who reviewed
the Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack gave it a positive rating. The most helpful reviewer wanted a rack that
wouldn’t scratch his car, and he was happy with how gentle the rack’s pads were on
his car. He does note that you should keep the top
pad at least a few inches away from the back window to keep straps and pedals from hitting
your trunk. Other buyers share that installation was easy
but it does take a little practice to get it down without the directions. Next up we have the best lightweight hitch
bike rack which goes to the Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0 Bike Rack. For a heavy-duty hitch bike rack, the Kuat
Racks Sherpa 2.0 Bike Rack is surprisingly light at 31 pounds thanks to its all-aluminum
construction. This makes it easy to remove and install. The rack holds onto your bike using a front
tire ratchet and rear tire strap so it doesn’t come in contact with your bike’s frame. There are three color options: pearl, gray
metallic, and black metallic. The bike trays are 14 inches apart so you
don’t need to adjust the seats to make your bikes fit next to each other. Also, the rack tilts to give you easy access
to the back of your vehicle. Outdoor Gear Lab recommends the Kuat Racks
Sherpa 2.0 Bike Rack because it is easy to remove and store, has a foot pedal tilt mechanism,
and is lightweight. But, the reviewer found the rack lacked versatility
because cyclists can’t adjust the tray and it doesn’t fit tires over 3 inches wide. This was The Wirecutter’s top pick because
it held bikes securely by the front wheel in their tests, is easy to load, and installation
was effortless. The reviewers did note a couple flaws: you
can’t expand this rack to accommodate more than two bikes, and there’s a 40-pounds-per-bike
weight capacity. Around 81% of the people who reviewed the
Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0 Bike Rack on Amazon gave it five stars. One buyer compared the Sherpa 2.0 to our top
pick, the Thule T2 Pro XT, and he appreciated how much lighter the Sherpa was and how there
was a pearl color option to match his Toyota Highlander. He also liked that there was enough space
between the bikes to keep them from hitting each other. This was a common positive noted by several
buyers. Other pros are that the rack rides low to
make loading easier and assembly only takes about 15 minutes. Now for our last pick but by no means least
we have the best bike rack under $100 which goes to the Allen Sports Premier Trunk Mounted
Bike Rack. Allen Sports sent me the Premier Trunk Mounted
Bike Rack for free to test, and so far, I’m impressed. The initial setup took me about 15 minutes. When driving around, there was zero movement
of the bicycle. My only complaint was that it takes a little
getting used to installing and removing the rack. Don’t expect that you’ll be able to do
it quickly right off the bat, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fast and effortless. This rack holds about 35 pounds per bike. The bikes are held in place with rubber straps
that loop onto a little knob. You can use the excess strap lengths to keep
your front wheel from moving back and forth and hitting your car. Allen Sports backs this rack with a lifetime
warranty. I Love Bicycling recommends the Allen Sports
Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack because the straps are strong, durable, and adjustable
to fit several types of vehicles. The reviewer also liked that the rack folds
up compactly and it can hold a wide range of bikes, including kids’ bikes. The biggest drawback was the metal clips at
the end of the straps are not coated in vinyl, rubber, or any other protective coating to
keep it from scratching your vehicle. More than 500 Amazon buyers give the Allen
Sports Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack a rating of four or five stars. The most helpful reviewer used this rack to
transport bicycles from New York to South Florida. She didn’t have any issues, though she did
need to tighten the straps about halfway through the trip. To prevent scratching, she covered the clips
with the fingertips of rubber gloves and secured them with rubber bands. Several other buyers used this rack for long
road trips, and the common experience is that the straps will need to be checked and adjusted
every couple hundred miles. So that sums up the best bike racks of 2019,
we hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like and if you’re
new here hit that subscribe button. Until next time have a great day.

3 comments on “✅ TOP 5: Best Bike Rack 2019

  1. I have the Single version of this rack. To honest, I do these types of installations on a daily basis but in a different industry. Although in the end, I’m fairly happy with it, I was actually pretty much disgusted with the whole package all the way through. Had I not had some basic construction and tool knowledge, I would have been completely oblivious to the directions!! The amount of play in this rack is beyond pathetic. I had to drill out the mounting holes to the connecting already threaded bracket by 3x the actual size. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! How many everyday people can do this?? The pivot point from horizontal to vertical of the main support that attaches to the front of the forks?? Well there are 3 possible positions that all are stopped by shitty little plastic indents, I could see these failing within a month or so. And how much is this being sold for??? And the actual bolt holding the rack onto the hitch of the vehicle, you could kick it off with a few good wacks with your foot. So is it worth the price…..I THINK NOT!!!

  2. I have this for my regular bikes. Works great… I just got a new foldable electric bike that fits in my trunk!

  3. I have the Sarris and that thing for sure messed my paint up on my car and bike. Those bands have no padding and the rubber feet that are placed on the car wore my paint down. Also, that Allen rack looked like doo doo.

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