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✍ Review nº4 | Alarm Disk Lock | CHEAPEST alarm for motorcycle!

✍ Review nº4 | Alarm Disk Lock | CHEAPEST alarm for motorcycle!

Hey guys? CBRTricolor here to do another review. Let’s see what we have here today. An alarm disk lock that costs 20 bucks / less than 18 Euros This is a carry bag that can be attached to any place on the bike. Underneath the seat for example. Let’s continue,
Movement and shock sensor, 110 decibels
The pin is 6mm thick Just push the lock down to lock it, no need
keys. And it is waterproof. These keys with this format from what I was
told are one of the safests. Let’s move on to the locker. Robust and with a very good touch, it seems
to be tough. You can find it in black, red and yellow. Here is the wrench to open and replace the
batteries. It comes with a spare battery pack. Let’s open and see what it’s like inside The lock seems to be strong and the battery
system quite simple to change. Let’s reassemble everything and see if it
works That’s it. To close you don’t need the key. Let’s make the test. It make this sound when you first touch it. And now it last 10 seconds. Here you can see what comes inside the package. Let�s try the lock. I’m going to lock without a key
Activated Let’s give it a touch. Now let�s trigger the alarm. 10 seconds. Once again. I must say that I’m impressed I didn’t think
it was that loud. Let�s test one more time. I’ll leave a tip now, if you buy this kit. The best to secure your bike is to place the
locker and pull the wheel so the lock touches the brake caliper. This way at the slightest touch it will hit
the brake caliper and activate the alarm. That also avoid you forget to take it off. This way you don’t need that thing that goes
from the lock to the handlebar. I hope you enjoyed the video. This disk lock is super cheap and I think
that this really works, it helps you to prevent your motorcycle be stolen and also from anyone
that tries to move it. The link to buy this alarm disk lock is in
the description. If you like it, if you buy it or if you think
it may be a good thing for a friend of yours do not forget to share the video. Thanks! See you in the next video!

41 comments on “✍ Review nº4 | Alarm Disk Lock | CHEAPEST alarm for motorcycle!

  1. Thank so much for showing all this and in such a clear way. going to order 2 for my (new to me) scooter now!

  2. creio que é o mesmo um pouco mais barato:

  3. Fill up a plastic bag with water and place it over it, see if that muffles the sound or even breaks it. Test it out like if you are a thief.

  4. Hi how it is performing now… Is that worth to buy it…
    As I read reviews in Amazon many companies about it's sensor.. it is too sensitive

  5. Got my scooter stolen today woke up and looked at my driveway it was gone and gate wide open so investing in good locks for my front gate and chains plus this disk brake…

  6. If you first touch it it beeps three times, if you touch it again the alarm goes off but do you know how it is if you first touch it, than wait for like 10 minutes and touch it again? Will it go back to sleep mode and beep three times again or will the alarm go off even if there is a longer time between first and second touch?

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