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嗨!我是張修修!(aka KOM, King of the Mountain)

嗨!我是張修修!(aka KOM, King of the Mountain)

what’s up everybody my name is Shosho aka King of the Mountain Welcome to my first video some of you may know me from Dan’s video I invited him to Taiwan We spent a few days shooting videos, hanging out also we tackled one of the toughest cycling climbs in the world and became the king of the mountain I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dan and Gabriel for everything you did to make it happen And also I want to thank Peter, Casey, Elle, Danny and everyone who was in Dan’s video thank you so much for the love and encouragement you gave me it really means a lot to me ok I’m gonna switch to mandarin and introduce myself and what I’m doing with this channel please turn on the subtitle Long story short In 2005, I got my master’s degree in CSIE from NCTU After I finished military service, in order to train my English speaking I went to Australia for two months as an environmental volunteer After I went back to Taiwan, I got a job in ASUS as a salesperson in the Asia-Pacific area The company sent me to India for 2 years managing the office in Kolkata Afterwards I got into MediaTek And was dispatched to Shenzhen, China for another 4 years Although I was abroad for years my heart remained in Taiwan especially starting from 2012 when social movements in Taiwan raged like a storm from anti-nuclear power, anti-ACC, to the Dapu incident I was there joining the fight I even sang on the Ketagalan Boulevard during the White-Shirt movement When Sunflower Student Movement happened, my girlfriend and I did not hesitate to rush to the Legistration Yuan on the night of March 23rd we even held peace vigil on Qingdao East Rd. It was then I felt deeply that I must be doing something for this land that is troubled internally and externally but I didn’t know how All the marching on the streets did not seem to make the change we need So I decided to quit my job give up an annual salary of 3-4 million NTD leave my girlfriend who I had just started dating took my guitar got on my bike and started to find my answer in the great big world I spent two years cycling across China around Europe and straight through Africa eventually arriving at Cape Town, South Africa After I came back, I published my book ‘10,820,000 Revolutions’ But the question I had before I left was still unanswered I still didn’t know what I could do for Taiwan I finally married my girlfriend who had waited two years for me in Taiwan then I started a startup building a mobile app and a website trying to do some online marketing for others but it all ended in failure Just when I fell into extreme frustration and depression the owner of Rikulau Bicycle 徐總打電話給我 CEO Hsu telephoned me and asked me if I wanted to promote cycling trips in Taiwan with him Then it suddenly hit me Yeah! Who else is better suited for this job than me? After I cycled around half the planet I really, truly felt that Taiwan has the potential to become the best cycling paradise on earth I want to get on a bike and tell Taiwan’s story and attract people all over the world to come to Taiwan to travel That is what I can do for Taiwan So first I got both tour guide’s and tour leader’s license And I collaborated with the biggest “Taiwan-selling” cooperation in Taiwan MyTaiwanTour I helped them design cycling trip and opened courses sharing experiences on how to be a lead rider at the same time I cycled with friends all around Taiwan explored some fun routes and shot a lot of videos preparing to set up my own YouTube channel to introduce Taiwan to the whole world Around this time I saw my favorite YouTuber Dan Mace’s Not Normal Show and thought, this would be an amazing opportunity to market Taiwan No matter what, I have to get him here But how to stand out among tens of thousands of applicants? I racked my brains and came up with an idea I would make a video-invitation “he cannot refuse” I did it Then everything just happened These past few days were really like a dream I was able to collaborate with my favorite YouTuber and learn how world-class filmmakers work seeing how much effort they put in their work almost non-stop, round the clock they stayed up all night for several days just to organize a surprise for me and do the best for the story I am incapable of putting my gratitude into words I feel that the only way I could pay them back is to Do my utmost best to run my channel Ok, so now let’s talk about my channel It will focus on three main directions The first, of course, is cycling trip Vlogs I truly think that cycling is the best way to explore the world This past couple of years I took a bunch of shooting equipment and with Eddie from “Taiwan’s most beautiful on bike” and my good friends Wen from Froging and Kuan-Lin from Travel-thinking went cycling to explore Taiwan we discovered countless secret sights and stories that I will share in the future Other than this I would also share how I managed to carry so much equipment on my own and how I captured intriguing cycling footage such as how to use a action camera the basic and advanced camera movements of drones and how to skillfully use a gimbal I even brought my motorized slider with me when I went cycling in New Zealand I am really making videos with my life Last but not least, I would like to invite YouTubers in Taiwan to cycle and make videos with me to show the world how awesome it is to cycle in Taiwan YouTubers like Logan, Ku, Xiaofei, and Allan from LifeinTaiwan Thank you for all you’ve done for Taiwan and of course my favorite TKstory and Ray Du who was exhausted by last year’s company trip I heard you’ve been working out now it’s time to show the result Of course all of this would start from my secret base Let me give you all a tour This studio is where Dan Mace came to film a few days ago Back then it was not ready now it’s pretty much complete then we’ll put a couch and coffee table here to turn it into a comfortable space for making live stream we have professional wireless microphones and top-notch live stream equipment from Blackmagic Obviously it’s a conference table I want to turn this place into a space to record Podcasts For this Podcast I’d like to invite some of my friends who have experiences in establishing their own personal brand So I’d like to invite them to share their journey Stay tuned This part would be where my friend Wen from Froging would be exhibiting his touring bikes and here we have all kinds of accessories like racks and derailleurs specialized for touring bikes So if you want to cycle around the world This is the guy to come to Isn’t this workspace super awesome Dan said that if he were to find a space like this in LA He might have to sell some organs Last but not least, I have a few words for friends in Hong Kong In truth my story started with a simple idea: I wanted to do something for this beautiful land called Taiwan. I know that you want the exact same thing for your land only the helplessness and the despair you are feeling right now must be times more than what I felt back then I just want to say to you that we have seen all your hard work and efforts, Jiayou, and hang in there But please take care of yourself because the fight is still going, and the road is long The Grand Line that belongs to you will not end in the streets of Hong Kong I have so many good stuff to share with you all If you like my story and are interested in what comes next don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the notification bell follow me to hop on a bike to explore this beautiful island TAIWAN I will see you in the next video

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  1. wave Came from Dan's too but after watching your first video I clicked the subscribe button! Looking forward for more vlogs!

  2. 加油!As a Taiwanese, I am extremely proud to have you as a fellow Taiwanese! Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you .

  3. I really hope that your future videos will be in English so I can look at the beautiful footage instead of the subtitles. Keep it up!

  4. Knowing my home country's great person through a foreigner (Dan)'s video, it's only possible when we live in a free world. Make Taiwan proud. Many thanks and big thumbs up!

  5. 很感謝修修為台灣做了許多事,我也是從DAN的頻道知道您這邊,超期待繼續出片介紹台灣,單車環島真的超酷但媽祖進香繞境更是推薦身為在台灣這一塊土地的人們,有機會您一定要親身體驗,會有滿滿感動,很幸運去年遇到小貝,他雖是外國人但愛台灣的心不輸台灣人~

  6. Congratulations from another Canadian and a Pete fan. Look forward to watching your future grow and excited to watch what you create.
    All the best. PEACE!!!

  7. Good One Shosho. I look forward to your success. You're already on the Peter Mckinnon level of talking head. Stay golden.

  8. Taiwan looks amazing! I'd love to ride and document a bikepacking trip out there sometime! ( )

  9. 修修,加油~

  10. Simply Awesome!!!! Good luck on your journey!!!!! Taiwan is a real nice country. Was there 2 years ago but inly for 2 days but got to see some awesome sites. Hope to go back soon there!

  11. 想當年我想要騎車環島也是找到溫店長,當時問過的店家,只有溫店長願意耐心推薦我適合環島的車輛,雖然最後沒有成行,但是我依然記得溫店長對於騎車的熱情。

  12. Subscribed!! Love what you ware trying to do Shosho, I cycled from Taipei to Kenting in 2014 with my surfboard and best mate! Checkout Taiwan is an amazing cycling destination, the roads are awesome and the scenery and people are so friendly. We cycled up wuling pass too but with all our gear it took us 2 days haha. I hope to come back and surf and cycle taiwan again. Good luck with you youtube channel friend! From Australia!

  13. 我覺得能夠這樣跳脫舒適圈去執行自己的理念,是非常美好的事情,也很嚮往

  14. Awesome! I lived in Taiwan for 6 months after university and can't wait to see all your footage of this beautiful place! Stoked for you, BRU!

  15. Welcome to the YouTube family! Looking forward to joining you real soon as a YouTuber as well. I wish you all the luck on your channel and all your endeavors. Keep posting and I'll keep watching. Rock On!!

  16. 台湾自古以来就是中国的一部分,而香港问题更不用说了,你到底了不了解香港的情况?和平示威游行?你自己弄清楚再发表言论好吗?尤其是在国际上!!

  17. OMG! I’m so proud of you!!! 好榮幸認識你喔喔喔喔(是這樣講的嗎哈哈哈!)

  18. Hello from the Netherlands, where we have more bikes than people😎 Good luck on your YouTube journey!

  19. Hi, I saw Dan's Video! Wish you good Luck with you Youtube Chanel. I am married to a Taiwanese and live here for almost 6 years. Taiwan Number One! 🙂 Cycling is one of my passions also!

  20. Congratulations on the new channel launch Shosho! I am a content creator and a graphic designer, if you ever need graphics or anything please feel free to reach out and I will help however I can!

  21. Amazing! God bless and best of luck to you 💓 I'm learning mandarin at school so maybe one day I'll meet you! Love from the UK

  22. 中国的民主要等待适当的时机,支持民主台湾,不支持不民主的统一,要和平过渡不要暴力革命。

  23. i saw your video with dan mace…im filipino and working here in taiwan…i love your courage and faith…keep going to your dream…good luck and God bless

  24. Well I just can’t believe what’s just happened. I’m a huge fan of Dan’s videos. I’ve been following him for a while and he’s such an inspiration to me. I had no idea he was in Taiwan. Awesome video mate keep up the good work. A French dude in Taiwan

  25. Dan Mace brought me here and I'm thankful that he did! I hope I can do one of your bike tours in Taiwan one day. Stay awesome, bru!

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