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梅雨の星空キャンプ1/2【バイクソロキャンプ】【 HONDA FTR 223】Starry sky camp in the rainy season【Motorcycle solo camp】

梅雨の星空キャンプ1/2【バイクソロキャンプ】【 HONDA FTR 223】Starry sky camp in the rainy season【Motorcycle solo camp】

Can you see the Milky Way?Starry sky camp in the rainy season. Yahagi River Tukise big Cedar tree. Tukise cedar tree of the age of 1,800 years The height of the tree is 40 meters,the circumference around the trunk is 14 meters,it seems to be the biggest big tree in Nagano prefecture. Galaxy Autumun Leaves, Campground I`v put baggage in my bike bag after a long absence When I started, I also used a side bag, but recently, I use it as a guide even in a place away from the bike at once It is a low chair made according to the size of the bike carrier We are custom made to be able to carry with carrying a belt with strong waterproof,strong rain Because of the boots fit feeling,I wear thick socks Very comfortable with a sense of openness The frog cries are amazing,,, Place a tarp on the tent Insufficient tension I think I should pull it Can I do it at Plugic? It is the first time that I was able to keep a motorcycle on my tent This on has broken I eat three kinds of curry I will make Nan There was too much water I can not stretch thinly,I bake it with a cooker There is a white birch in Nagano so do not feel atmosphre The skin of white birch really burns Is it that tasty delicious? It is very delicious to be continued

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  1. Awesome video, I dream of going to Japan one day I will. I'm subscribing! Also sweeeet bike Honda all the way

  2. Hey man! Brilliant! Got the same tent and sit mat….and a couple of bikes. Love the inspiration. Love from England!

  3. i am in my early 40s…but i need this…i was a biker but beacme a husband…then became a father then became a nurse to my father…i suddenly realized…i can still do this for myself and not let go of any of the former..

  4. 単なる設営~飲み食いのキャンプ動画が多い中(笑)、

  5. 私はこれからソロを始めたいので、a different hippyさんのキャンプ動画すごく見入ってしまいます。バイクに積んでいる荷物で何キロぐらいなんでしょうか?

  6. 靴とよく動画に出ていた薪を割るときに使っていたグローブがとてもかっこいいです!

  7. Piękny motor niestety nie do kupienia w Polsce . Bardzo fajny kanał będę tu częstym gościem . Pozdrowienia z Polski !

  8. Good gear. Good choice. Good axe & knife. Experts users. Gransfos & helle knife is my favorite items.
    Respect from korea

  9. I really like the motorcycle riding it a lot when I was back in Vietnam. Glad YouTube recommend this video to me ☺️☺️

  10. Somebody in Texas poisoned it's very old oak tree. Somebody in Texas knocked off the historic balancing rock. I wish I were Japonese. I am a Texan but at least I live in New Mexico now.

  11. this video is kinda sad in some regard, how we have to do this in a camp rather than in the wilderness in some parts of the world
    but its also funny to see this city boy with all the fancy gear using it for the first time not even knowing how to chop wood haha 🙂

  12. Really good video well put together and no talking thank you for the subtles. I liked the idea of the space blanket under the tarp to protect it from the fire I'll use that 1.

  13. It's so nice video.these videos talk to me.I think the video is the most talented person I've ever seen.guitar cover song.What do you think about this.Thank you for being friends with music.w

  14. What a great experience! Do you have a project of these bench? Would you share with us?

    I will try a moto camping soon, your video is the best one I saw on ytb.

  15. mr hippy I like your camping forest skills.too many young people do not know how to do basic outdoor living.thank you for the film hope you have many more trips to show us.and hey my first bike was a honda xl 175

  16. 10ーねん まえ、 わたし わ にほん お りょこ して いました。いま、もどりたしです。 うつくし びでお お ありがと!(すみません、わたしわ かんじ お しりません)

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