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紅葉京都バイク旅(^^)金閣寺はちょーかっこいい|Kyoto motorbike travel

紅葉京都バイク旅(^^)金閣寺はちょーかっこいい|Kyoto motorbike travel

ORE GA ORE NI ON DEMAND! KYOTO! I’m Megwin. Today’s bike is YAMAHA JOG. Today I will go and conquer all famous places of Kyoto in eight hours! So, let’s start our trip! “A ranking of colored leaves in Kyoto” We arrived! A temple which is ranked the first
in the ranking of colored leaves, Kinkakuji. The leaves are beautiful. Very beautiful. Very pretty. Someone told me that the colored leaves of kyoto are
small. Very pretty. At the same time very beautiful. We’ll be able to see the temple after passing through this gate. This gate is also beautiful. This is the first time I come to Kyoto
in the autumn, but it is excellent! I must take a lot of photos! “The red leaves in Kyoto are the most beautiful leaves in Japan.” This is an entry ticlet of Kinkakuji. This ticket is well done! -There are too many people .. -Yes, very crowded. Here is the temple. A temple has two floors. This place is the most famous place in Kyoto. Wonderful. Let’s go.

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