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001. Drafting and making pacelines in cycling race breakaways (with English subtitles)

001. Drafting and making pacelines in cycling race breakaways (with English subtitles)

Hello and welcome on my blog about cycling
tactics and strategies. Today I will tell you a story about drafting
and paceline. Several years ago, I was racing a Cat 1 race
in France and after several laps, we broke away with five riders.
To maintain our gap on the field, we had to use drafting.
Drafting allows a racer to stay behind another racer and to be protected from the wind drag
to conserve his energy. So we built a paceline: the first racer was,
racer was, in the wind drag and the four other racers stayed behind the first one and were
protected from the wind. The fact was that the first racer did not
want to stay alone in the wind drag. So we had to relay. Let’s see how relays work in a paceline breakaway. We can see five racers here. These racers
are forming a paceline and sharing the work to ride faster together.
Right now this is the yellow racer who is leading this group.
As the front racer he is protecting the other ones from the wind who are drafting behind
him. After 10, 20 or 30 seconds of relaying, the
yellow racer wants some rest. So he has to pull aside, like this, to pull
off and to let the other ones passing him like this. When the yellow racer sees the last racer
of the group, the red one here, he accelerates to get back into the draft.
Now the yellow racer is able to rest about 1 minute or 1 minute and a half. You know now how to relay in a paceline breakaway.
You can try it in races. About my race, our breakaway got caught after
one hour and a half by fifteen racers. In the final sprint I performed eight. See you soon in an other video about cycling
tactics and strategies.

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