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10 Best Powerful Electric Bikes for Serious Riders

10 Best Powerful Electric Bikes for Serious Riders

Electric Bikes with integrated motors are
a category that have exploded alongside technology improvements in rechargeable batteries, and
the options which were once limited to clunky e-bikes for delivery drivers, now include
a wide variety of powerful, well designed electric bikes in 2020 with excellent performance
characteristics. In the next 10 years around 150 million e-bikes are expected to be sold
and several reputable manufacturers are going all in to create highly functional electric
bikes that can be used for commute, recreation, and even have offroad capability. Here is a selection of some excellent high
end Ebikes. We based our list on consumer reviews from a variety of sources, publicly
available information on best sellers, and company reputation. The Turbo Creo SL has an extremely elegant
design and the composite carbon frame it features makes it the lightest in its class. Equipped
with a SL 1.1 240 watt motor that will consistently reduce the amount of effort needed for pedaling,
this e-bike is able to climb mountains despite its sleek frame. With the Future Shock 2.0
headtube you can use a knob to adjust the compression and make your ride even smoother,
regardless of the terrain. Also, the Turbo Creo SL features a Mission Control App that
allows you to tune the motor according to your riding style, making your biking experience
fully customizable. Ancheer is a well-known e-bike manufacturer
that releases high-quality and well reviewed products, like this electric model that features
a 100% aluminum alloy frame with a front fork made out of high-strength carbon steel that
is completed by an awesome premium comfort shock absorption function. The 250 watts high-speed
brushless motor that makes this electric bike go as fast as 15 miles per hour is perfectly
complimented by the 26-inch wheels that add extra stability and comfort to this bike.
Furthermore, the Ancheer has a lithium Ion custom battery pack that can be charged on
or off the frame for an enhanced ease of use, and, of course, this e-bike comes with a bright
LED lamp and horn. A limited-edition electric bicycle produced
by Sur Ron, the X Bike has a sturdy frame made out of forged aluminum, which makes it
extremely resilient. The high capacity 60v 32amp hour battery pack gives this bike a
range 4 times further than many comparable models, and is perfectly paired with its 750-watt
powerful motor and together they deliver the best result ever. A pair of 19-inch wheels
and a regenerative coasting system that charges the battery when you let off the throttle
work impeccably with the upgraded sine wave controller that makes the Sur Ron X e-bike
quieter and more powerful. The Merax is an electric bicycle powered by
a 350-volt high speed motor and a removable 36V 8.8Ah Lithium Ion Battery that can give
you a range of up to 28 miles on a single charge. The aluminum alloy frame and the solid
suspension fork will make any bumpy surface feel like the smoothest track you’ve been
on and together with the generous 26-inch wheels, the Merax is sure to offer a riding
experience both safe and comfortable. For some extra personalization, you can choose
between two modes: e-bike and pedal assist, the Merax featuring a smart digital panel
that allows you to easily change functions while riding your e-bike. Powered by an extremely resilient Bafand brushless
750 -watt motor that can reach a peak power of 1000 watts, the DJ Fat Bike has a sporty
aluminum frame that makes it lightweight but also durable enough to be taken out on the
steepest and most difficult of off-road tracks. The wide all-purpose 26-inch tires offer extra
stability and contribute to a smooth ride that can last as long as 37 miles thanks to
the powerful 48-volt battery that can be dismounted and charged anywhere you go. Also, the DJ
Fat Bike has a generous LCD display that shows useful information about the speed, riding
distance and pedal assist function. Speedrid is a folding electric mountain bike
with a frame made out of aluminum alloy. It is powered by a 250-watt stable motor that
delivers an impressive amount of energy and together with the 36-volt battery gives you
the perfect combo. The ultra-strong magnesium alloy 26-inch wheels of the Speedrid will
take you over the most stubborn of obstacles and the fact that this e-bike has a folding
design makes it ideal for carrying around in your car for impromptu off-road adventures.
Also, the three riding modes: e-bike, assisted bicycle and normal bike offer a great diversity
that caters to a wide number of riders, even the professional ones. As its name already suggests, the trek super
Commuter+ 7 is an electric bike especially designed for people who value both swiftness
and style when commuting to work. The frame is made out of special high-performance hydroformed
rigid carbon and it is not only sturdy enough to support a maximum weight of 300 pounds,
but it also has a classy and smooth finish. This e-bike gets its energy from a 250-watt
Bosch performance line motor that can get you speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. A pair
of 27.5-inch wheels make this e-bike ideal for daily commutes, the detachable 500 watt
Bosch lithium-ion battery gives this bike and incredible range of 100 miles on a single
charge. Moreover, with the super Commuter+ 7 you’ll be incredibly safe thanks to the
hydraulic disk brakes that offer you perfect control over this e-vehicle. A sought-after trait of electric bicycles
is the existence of a folding frame and fortunately the Kemanner does feature such a thing while
also being made out of incredibly lightweight aluminum alloy, so you can easily carry you
e-bike around for an enhanced ease of use. A standard 250-watt motor powered by German
technology is the beating heart of this gadget and together with the solid 26-inch wheels,
the Kemanner will offer an exquisite and safe riding experience. The 21-speed Shimano professional
transmission system and the fast charging battery are two of the traits that make this
e-bike definitely worth buying. Cliensy is an electric bicycle with an affordable
price and a premium aluminum alloy frame that follows the same quality standards found in
other similar professional e-bikes. The motor is a powerful one, a 350-watt high speed brushless
gear beast that can make this gadget climb hills, resist in everyday traffic and be perfectly
suited for serious riders. The standard 26-inch wheels perfectly complete the frame and the
motor of the Cliensy together with the special keyless start feature, as well as the large
capacity removable lithium battery that can give you a 37-mile autonomy make this e-bike
feel like the complete package. The double-walled rims of this e-bike are
made out of aluminum alloy and the front fork has a special high-strength carbon steel blend
that makes the Emdaot a reliable and comfortable electric bicycle. The power of this gadget
comes from the stable 250-watt motor that is perfectly suitable both for city and for
off-road riding, transforming this e-bike into a versatile and reliable vehicle that
rolls on a pair of 26-inch wheels. The fact that you can charge the battery both on and
off the e-bike in about 4 hours is extremely convenient and the dual front and rear disk
brakes make the Emdaot one of the safest two-wheeeld e-vehicles out there. This concludes our list featuring some of
the best electric bicycles. These models are more on the high end of the price range, we’ve
linked to all the bikes mentioned in the description below. If you’re looking for a budget option
we also created a video, “the best cheap electric bikes” and that’s linked down
below as well. Thanks for watching, if you found this video helpful please subscribe.
Have a great day and remember to wear a helmet.

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