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10 Bike Hacks for MTB & Beyond

10 Bike Hacks for MTB & Beyond

Life hacks videos are almost never useful
sources of information, but they’re great entertainment. Today, we’ll be looking at 10 life hacks
just for mountain bikers. Let’s begin. If you use action cameras the way I do, the
cases get filthy inside and out. Just put them in the dishwasher with detergent
and everything. They’ll come out looking good as new. A lot of people work on their bikes upside
down like this, but sometimes it’s hard to get to shifters and things on the handlebars. Use two pieces of wood, or bricks to give
yourself another few inches of clearance. It’s no work stand, but it gets the job
done. It’s amazing to me how many people don’t know
how to stand their bike up on a curb or log. Just kick the pedal backwards and the drivetrain
will hold it in place. Put the pedal forwards and the bike won’t
stay up. Do you know how to true wheels, but don’t
have a truing stand? Use zip ties as pins. Now you can watch any tutorial on truing and
get your wheel straight as an arrow. I have an old video on this in the description. Have any of these little patch kit boxes? Well they work great as first aid kits. I was able to fit bandages, ointment, butterfly
closures and even tape in one of these. I’m sure it could be mounted under a seat,
and of course you could throw it in your backpack. I know this sounds hard to believe, but I’ve
seen several people get their stolen bikes back. Every time, they needed to prove to law enforcement
that they were the rightful owner. If you can correctly predict that this piece
of paper will be in the seat post or handlebars, it’s hard to dispute that you’re the true
owner. Have a tubeless tire that just won’t seal
up? Adding particulate to your sealant makes it
plug bigger holes. We used glitter for this in another video. While this does clearly work, it also gets
messy and makes your sealant clump more. Hydration packs slosh around when there’s
air inside the bladder creating empty space. You can bleed the air out by turning the pack
upside down and taking a drink. This is super easy to do and works like a
charm. We all get muddy and sweaty when mountain
biking, so you can make a seat cover out of an old towel. Just fold it over at the top, and fasten the
ends together with thread, staples, or whatever you want. The pocket at the top keeps the towel in place
over your headrest, and it can still be used like a normal towel. If you use zip ties on your bike this little
piece here can be dangerous, so most people use end nippers or even a nail clipper to
get them really short. I use a knife to get it totally flush with
the fastener. So that’s it, 10 hacks for mountain bikers. If you enjoyed this video, share it with a
mountain biker you know, and if not, click the like button anyway and then spew your
hate in the comments. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll
see you next time.

100 comments on “10 Bike Hacks for MTB & Beyond

  1. another good idea to do if your bike gets stolen is record the serial number on your phone, piece of paper ext and its also good to add little details to it like scratches and stickers ext.

  2. For your zip ties a much safer and cleaner way is to grab the tail end with a pair of pliers as close to the lock as you can. Then just spin the pliers until it breaks off. It leaves it smooth and rounded off.

  3. # BikeHack
    A Bike Hack for holes in tubeless tires is a small piece of leather cleaning cloth (real leather) for the car and in the hole.

  4. Man it was roughly 3 yrs ago when this video led me to your channel and thus to mtbing. I'm not into mtb as much as I used to but still love your videos.

  5. I have one for ya;

    I bought a cheap pair of full gloves then sewed a custom cut palm and hand heel swatch of hydraulic hose protector to the glove.

    I can slide as I’m crashing for a good minute before it gets hot or abrades through. I can’t imagine sliding for a minute can you?

    I bought 4 more pairs and cut out my abrasion and impact resistant pads ready to be sewn.

    I paid $5.00 for the gloves and maybe $8 for 2 ft. of this material. I can one using 4”. Do the math.

    That’s a pretty good hack I think.

  6. Here's another idea when you get new brake pads to wear them in put a rubber band around the brake lever and the handle bar and ride around for a little

  7. Take an old water bottle make a cut 2 inches down from the top BUT not all all the way through so it acts like a hinge – place your tools, tire repair stuff, etc. in it and place it in the bottle holder. Stay thirsty my friend

  8. "And if not, click the like-button anyway and then spew your hate in the comments" – That got an insta-like from me. Good stuff!

  9. Waterproof your MTB shoes (or any other sneaker) by rubbing a tealight on the surface of the shoe and then melt the wax with a hairdryer. It will keep your feet warm and dry during those winter riding days!

  10. Extra word of caution on the zip tie cut off. These are dangerous as hell. I managed to get blood poisoning as a result of cutting myself on one. Either cut flush as shown or put a blob of silicone sealant on it.

  11. here is a lifehack for you: denture cleaning tablets work wonders on water bottles and hydration bladders. Just fill them up with water, drop in one or two tablets, and close the lid with the drinking nipple forced open. Empty and rinse after the foaming stops. They kill anything funky growing in there, and the foam will even clean the nipple. They also remove the plastic taste from new gear.

  12. My dad had a Trek 820 fully pimped and it was stolen…after months of looking for it they finally give it back because of one single paper in the handlebar

  13. For zip ties for them to not come undone or not to stab and poke u just melt the end that is up and it won't come off and it will be flush

  14. If you can't find the right allen for your sram derailleur the rebound knob can be pulled out of the fork easily and used to adjust on the trial in a pinch. (At least my bluto fork dampener)

  15. Another way to remove the sharp part of a zip tie is to melt it with lighter a little bit and push it down.

  16. this will only work if you have hydraulic. disk brakes or any other liquid but you can put zip ties over you brake levers when you leave your bike in a shed or whatever in the winter what this does is it helps to keep out the air out of the system it should feel really good after this if not then it will probably need a bleed or somat 🙂

  17. You think I’m going to return it lol 😂 100% keeping it you must think 🤔 yh I give it to you back then what oh I should take it and learn his lesson so it won’t happen again 👍🏽

  18. Please tell me which bike is best for performing stuns is it hardtail, downhill, MTB, BMX or any other

  19. Seth how about using screws on the tires to give them extra grip in mud, I heard you can do it by placing an old tire underneath the normal tire to protect the tube!

  20. Hi There…I am a bike lover & got my own Giant bikw worth Indian Rs. 36k bike. Video is nice, thanks for the valuable info. Just wanted to check what company bike is that in this video & how can I get that in India.

  21. I’ve always found that the best way to keep cut off zip ties from being sharp is to grab them with pliers as close to the clasp as possible and twist them off

  22. @Seth's Bike Hacks if you have those cheap double lock on grips and don't want your bars to get scratched up from tightening them or they don't lock on properly and rotate when riding use some electrical tape on the bars and then put the grips over the tape and boom problem solved 🙂

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