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10 Bike Hacks for MTB, BMX, and Beyond

10 Bike Hacks for MTB, BMX, and Beyond

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Squarespace. Today we’ve got 10 more bike hacks for mountain,
BMX, and beyond. This time we’ll be doing them in brand new
surroundings, at my shop in Asheville North Carolina. Let’s get started. Not enough riders carry first aid kits, myself
included. To have one handy when you need it most, you
can keep supplies in your seat post. First, we’ll need to plug the bottom. I made a plug from a bar end by widening it
with zip ties. You’ll also need to make sure your plug
doesn’t stick out past the post, so if it’s too wide use a file or grinder to reduce the
diameter. Put your supplies in a bag to lock out the
moisture, store them in your seat post, and then hope really hard that you never need
them. If you crash a lot, like me, it’s normal
to knock a few things out of place. When a shifter or lever takes a direct impact,
it’s actually better for it to move than to stay in place and get damaged. So, don’t tighten it on so much. Start with your lever totally loose, and tighten
it incrementally until it’s firmly in place. No need to go further than that. Keeping it just tight enough will protect
it in a crash. While you’re at it, why not mark your shifters
and brakes so you can always reinstall them at the same angle? On aluminum parts you can safely make score
marks with a knife. Just choose an inconspicuous spot and put
a line on the bar and the clamp in the same spot. Next time, these are your guides. On carbon, or when you don’t want to put
score marks on your bike, you can use a different method. I made these little arrows with my label maker
and then stuck them in place. We’ll see if they stay put in the long run. Sometimes you need to clean or work on your
bike without a back wheel, which means you can’t pedal your drivetrain. Companies like Park Tool make dummy hubs for
this exact purpose, but there’s a hack to make your own. Just obtain a segment of garden hose—your
neighbor might have one. Cut the hose segment to size so it fits between
your rear dropouts. Install your axle, and route your chain around
it just like a cassette. Now you can clean your bike and run your drivetrain
without your wheel in the way. While your rear wheel is off, accidentally
squeezing your hydraulic brake could compress your calipers and cause a headache. If you don’t have one of these chocks you
can just fold up a piece of paper. Make sure you get it thick enough to really
wedge in there. Secure it in place before working on or transporting
your bike, and you won’t need to worry the levers. This simple solution can go a long way. Have you ever broken your derailleur on the
trails? Or snapped a hanger with no replacement? To get home, you can shorten your chain and
go single speed. All you need is a multitool. Just find the gear with the straightest chainline
and remove links to make it as tight as you can. It won’t be perfect, and you’ll drop chains
like crazy, but it’s better than walking home and it’s worth a try. If that’s not good enough you can make a
disposable chain guide to keep things in place. I experimented a lot to figure this one out,
and yeah, it was interesting, but it turns out that all you need is about 5 or 6 zip
ties. They’re lightweight and great to keep on
hand anyway. Find a spot on the chainstay that lines up
with your chain, and secure a lower pulley for the chain to slide over. Now loosely secure a zip tie around it and
the chain. Now make an upper—pulley thing and secure
it to the seat stay. There you have it. An extremely ugly, but functional emergency
chain guide that will actually get you home. Does your hydration pack smell like…bad? You can clean it out with—baking soda, I’ve
got baking soda! Just put a few spoons of baking soda in your
pack, fill it with water, and then whip it through the tube until it’s empty. Rinse it out and leave the reservoir to dry. If you have this black mold in your bite valve
though nothing will get it out, trust me. Just clean your pack regularly or end up like
me, buying a new bite valve. Most of us ride because it makes us happy,
but some people take mountain biking way too seriously. Take a stand against seriousness with a Flask
Cage. Origin8 makes one, and they even sell a flask
for it. I fill mine with iced tea so it looks authentic. You can even get one for your kid. The next time someone’s being too serious
just look them in the eye and take a nice long swig of—iced tea. You can offer them some, or not. Sometimes you just can’t ride, but you want
to play on your bike. Lay on your back and you can have competitions
with your friends in a garage or even a dorm room. You can probably play a full game of bike
this way. It’s almost as risky as riding a real bike. You might want to wear some protective gear
for that one. So that’s it, 10 bike hacks for mountain,
bmx, and beyond. I doubt you found all of these to be useful,
but if they entertained you subscribe to Seth’s Bike Hacks for more laughs. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll
see you next time. Last time I showed you guys the website I
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100 comments on “10 Bike Hacks for MTB, BMX, and Beyond

  1. Hey Seth, great video as always. Being a first responder, I have some recommendations for you. I like that you have a first aid kit, that being said you should beef up your supplies. You should carry a tourniquet (you can strap it to your bike), some compressed gauze (preferably one with a hemostatic agent) and maybe even some chest seals (or petroleum gauze). I don't think bandaids and tweezers will be enough for the kind of riding you do.

    A lot of the times you are riding, deep in the woods. Help may take a long time to get to you. I like where your heads at though.

  2. Seth I made a Bike hack, I stitch my glove's little finger to the next finger , so when I fall my pinky is much more protected, been using it for a while now.
    Once I drank 4 glasses of apple juice on the rocks, I poor whiskey for my friend, he was so happy that afeter a long time we were having some drinks together. Best hack ever, An it can be call a bike hack , becausee I did not want to drink becasue I wanted to ride early next morning. And every one know how hard is to say no , when one of your friends really wants to have a few drinks with you.

  3. excuse me , widen the plug with zip ties …. um hello ,Duct Tape jeared of it ? That zip tie chaing guid is legit tho .

  4. person being serious
    Seth:*Takes a swig of tea*
    Seth: ArE yOu DrInKiNg TeA oN a TrAiL?!

  5. 5:33 why on the front tire a MAXXIS mountain bike tire then in the rear a good BMX tire – is there really a point to the Maxxis tire in the front or did it come like that?

  6. Here's a hack, more like a tip. Presta to Schrader valve adapters can be easy to lose, so keep them screwed on the valve, plus, they will protect the upper part of the valve, and if you have 2, you will only need to take them off to fix your tube.

  7. You can wash your mouth valve woth baking soda and a q-tip if you can get it in. I’ve done that on camelback and others loads of times.

  8. I might be an idiot but My back gear want work like it want swich and i have just been to the bikeshop i bought it in for a normal check up and then this happen can someone please help me i fell dumb for asking

  9. For the brakes, use a small offcut of wood. We use it for transporting the bikes. Works and lasts longer than paper

  10. "- Just obtain a segment of garden hose"
    "- Your neighbour might have one…"
    Seth, – 2017 😂 Love it

  11. You won't get the black mold if after you clean it out it in the freezer until the next time you go out to ride. Hope you found this useful

  12. When i watch people say 'i crash alot' i just think but i do that i just call them gravity tests

  13. Hello i was wondering how you got the bottle cage installed under the frame do you have a video for that or the bike just comes with threads under the frame?

  14. Not really a hack, but baking soda is great for getting odors out of a bike seat. I left a layer on my seat overnight and cleaned it off in the morning, took the odors right out. Also i tape newspaper to the sides of the seat to keep it all in place, also a good idea to cover the chain and crank down below with newspaper to keep baking soda from falling into it.

  15. Back in the days when I took MTB too seriously, I never carried a first aid kit. I just wore protective gear. Of course eventually there comes the time when you go down in such a nasty manner that the EMTs call in a helicopter to winch you out of the forest, because they are afraid to carry you out on a stretcher due to suspected spine and neck injuries.
    Thankfully I only suffered a mild concussion and 6 severely bruised ribs.

    Elbow/forearm and knee/shin protectors are cheap. Like you can get a decent set for about 150 ish euro. Same with a helmet and spine armour. Sure it might add another 400 to your gear bill, but let's be honest, if you ride hard enough to sustain more than a scrape when you go down, you probably realise that your head and spine are worth more to you than a couple hundred euro.

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