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10 Christmas Presents We Really Want | Gift Ideas For Obsessive Cyclists

10 Christmas Presents We Really Want | Gift Ideas For Obsessive Cyclists

(festive instrumental music) – Happy Christmas, everyone. Yes, it’s that time of year
where I have to wear this hat and this outfit again, and feel slightly festive. Yes. Anyway, coming up, we tell
you 10 great gift ideas for mildly obsessed,
slightly eccentric cyclists, by actually asking six of them what they really want for Christmas. Six of us. I’m one of them. – Now what I really want for Christmas is to be seen when I’m out on those roads. Now, it doesn’t happen that often, but you know, those linking roads between stretches of Great British gravel, I wanna be as visible as possible. Introducing the Safety Pizza. Now you attach these to your
saddle hanging down on the back and I think you’ll agree,
they’re pretty rad. But the best thing is you get
to customize them yourself. So it comes with a basic pizzata base, and then, you get to add your mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, whatever’s your jam. How cool is that? – This is something I actually would like. Imagine doing an epic challenge and making some art out of it. This is what I’m talking about. This is from Print My Route, and you can do your challenge, and then put it on your mantle
piece for everyone to admire. I mean, John o’ Groats to
Land’s End, for example, I haven’t done it, but it
will be on my mantle piece, and hopefully one day, I’ll get to do it. Wow, it looks tough though. Woo, Christmas, yeah. Oh (beep). Didn’t really work so well. – What I really want for Christmas
is a wind tunnel session. There are actually several wind tunnel facilities out there
that you can book time in and travel to, and, I mean, wow, I could just spend time honing my position and making myself even faster on the bike. Trying out all sorts of geeky stuff like different bar widths and hand positions, and all sorts of equipment. I’ll have an absolute field day. Except it would be in a tunnel and not a field, and it’s also quite expensive too. So failing that, then I’ll
probably just be happy with some custom name
stickers for my bike. – What I really want for Christmas is some art work,
actually, with 13 legends of the sport sat around enjoying a meal. Yeah. Maybe at the foot of Mont Ventoux. Tom Boonen on the table swigging
from a champagne bottle. Chris Froome having an arm
wrestle with Alberto Contador. No detail left unturned. Yeah, chuck in Peter Sagan as well, being, well, Peter Sagan. The Last Supper. Wow. I asked, I got delivered. Thank you, Santa. Look at them. There’s even little
lamps down there as well. Look where he’s sat. Blimey, I’m happy. – Well, since Santa’s
retirement from road racing, he’s been getting into a
spot of online Zwifting and, well, it’s great fun, but Santa does get a little
sweaty under the beard. So for Christmas, what I
would really like is a fan. But not like this one. I don’t think that’s going to cut the mustard for sweaty Santa. This bad boy, though, oh yes. Oh, Santa does approve. Ah. – I’ve been using tubeless
tires on mountain bikes and cyclo-cross bikes for a while now and I think it’s great. I am genuinely looking forward
to making the transition at some point over onto
my road bikes as well. However, what I would like
for Christmas is a plug kit. One of these. That’s right. You stab the tire with that little thing, leaving one of those gooey
little twiglets behind inside and there you go, job done. These aren’t the most glamorous
of Christmas presents. You can get nice looking ones now, but there we go. If anyone was wondering,
that’s what I’d like. – I don’t want a Christmas
present, actually, because I have enough stuff in my life. And frankly, I do not
need even more chocolate. The whole shopping frenzy in December makes me go all bah,
humbug about Christmas. Not least because of
the waste of resources on unnecessary and unwanted
Christmas presents. So after that rant, I doubt that Santa will
be feeling generous, but if he’s listening,
what I would really like is an experience rather than a thing. So I would ask for a
cross-country skiing lesson. Now I’ve tried cross-country
skiing, and it’s awesome. Awesome fun, but also awesome training. However, unfortunately,
it requires technique and I’m rubbish, so I would love to learn
cross-country skiing. – These aren’t massively expensive. Can I ask for another one? Would that be cheeky? Ah. Hey, happy Christmas. Yes. What I would also very
much like for Christmas is a set of smart lights because although I’ve been riding in
the dark now for six years, on and off, obviously,
seasonally, to and from work, I am still that Muppet
that, once or twice a year, runs out of batteries half way home. So what I think would solve my problem is if my light kindly sent
a notification to my phone to let me know when it needs
to be plugged in and recharged. And yes, these Cat Eye wanna do a whole load of other cool things, but that’s the one I would
really genuinely benefit from. So, please. – And I’m back with Dan’s
surprise Christmas present. Yup, he doesn’t know anything about this, but we thought he needed cheering
up in the festive season. And he has been dropping a few hints. In fact, he told us that he hasn’t had any new pants for four years. I mean, I dread to think what his pants are looking like, frankly. I don’t wanna think about it. In fact, I’m not sure why I’ve been left with the job of gifting
him these underpants, but apparently the boys
all went out for lunch. So anyway, Dan, happy Christmas. Enjoy your pants. (record skipping) Size ordered him extra small. I think that’s a bit harsh. – Now I don’t want you to
think that I’m being greedy, but there is actually one other thing that I would really like for Christmas. And that is a Joe Blow Booster from our mates over at Topeak. And it’s because this
thing really does make setting up tubeless tires a piece of cake, and let’s face it, I could do
with all the help I can get. – Well, there we go then. 10 things that GCM presenters
would like for Christmas. Make sure you get involved
in the comments section and let us know what you think
you would like for Christmas. That actually would also be quite funny. So you let us know what you
think the GCM presenters should actually get for Christmas instead. And if you say something
Celeste for Jon Cannings, I will love you forever. Anyway, also, gotta give a quick mention to the GCN Cycling Club. We now have a gift
subscription on offer there, so you could get your dearly
beloved membership to that where, of course, they
get, among other things, a pair of cycling socks delivered through the post every month. Different cycling socks each month. How cool is that? And then also the GCN
Shop is a constant source of inspiration for gift ideas, not least the new coffee
that is just in stock now. So that’s pretty cool. Right, please give this
video a big thumbs up, and if you wanna watch
another video right now, if you haven’t seen
the GCN show this week, I’d definitely give that a watch. Food for thought there if nothing else. ♪ Jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way ♪ ♪ Oh what fun it is to ride
on a one horse open sleigh ♪ ♪ Print My Route is here to stay ♪ ♪ Thanks for everyone for watching ♪ (fan blowing) (laughing)

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  1. Anyone else think for a moment that Emma was going to ask for a lot of donation to world bicycle relief?

  2. Anybody else notice that Si's and Ollie's ears looked to be about the same size?

    I'm surprised that Dan didn't ask for the Beer of the Month club and Emma the Coffee of the Month.

    Just being mean, a mirror for Ollie so he can see how overboard he goes on the hair gel. He's taken over from Dan in the that department.

  3. Good for you Emma, collect memories not things. Too much plastic waste with novelty gifts that are unnecessary and don’t last much longer than Boxing Day.

  4. Yeah Katherine was on! That was a great gift! But for me: cycling lights, shoe covers, a new helmet and a beer with Dan (and everyone there)

  5. Permission to train Emma for free 🙂
    4:45 Assuming: she wants XC Skiing, not snowboarding. Pardon my English.
    If not: two slices of Light Pizza for me please.

  6. This was a really fun video, so thank you for that. Perfect for when the days are getting shorter. The real answer is of course making a holiday donation to World Bicycle Relief. Happy holidays everyone!

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  8. But… you can get a cheap electric compressor for the same amount, a joeblow booser costs? But i guess that doesn't get you pumped?

  9. Ooh, I might need those smart lights too. I also need a new hand pump for my bag since the last couple times I had to do a patch job on the side of the road I realized I couldn't because I don't have a hand pump any more.

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  12. I need only one thing : Road Bike 😀 or if Santa does some exchange offers then I'd like to exchange my MTB which is not the high end one with a brand new Road bike, Does anybody knows if Santa has the exchange offers going on for 2018? 😀

    ho ho ho 😀

  13. I would love to get one of those nice red bottles from your chimney for Christmas, also helping you to let Santa enter through the chimney 😉 Therefore he might gift you some free Watts when riding on Zwift! 😀

  14. Just ordered the print my ride for when I did LEJOG, spoke to the company & they are now snowed under with work after this video!!

  15. Emma could join the Bike & Beer gang in Ottawa, Canada (us again) for some cross-country ski lessons. We have 200km of the best ski trails in the world right here in the Gatineau Hills! Plus we'll introduce Emma to fat biking in the snow! Also, she can bring Dan along – his beer is waiting. Merry Christmas!

  16. Emma said cross country skiing yet held up a picture of alpine (i.e. downhill) skiing. Is this what you call it in the UK?

    In my world cross country skiing is actually nordic skiing (like hiking on skis and where you only have your toes clipped in).

  17. Love Emma's idea. Time and memories better than stuff. Except for you not to be Seen, so Si's lights are second best! And what about lasty?

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