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10 Hacks You Need To Know About Zwift!

10 Hacks You Need To Know About Zwift!

(intense techno music) – Right, well Zwift is
great for indoor training as I’m sure many of you are already aware. – But what if we told you
that it could be better? – Yeah, because today, we’re going to let you in on
a few tips, tricks, and hacks. (mechanical typing) – As you can see behind us, we’ve got a full indoor bike trainer setup and we have got a treadmill over there too because well, we are
triathletes after all. – Yeah, so today, we’re
actually going to let you in on a some tips, some hacks,
for cycling on Zwift, running on Zwift, and if
you’re fortunate enough to have a setup like this, then brick sessions on Zwift too. – Right then, Mark, so which one first? – Well, I’m feeling quite generous today, you can go first. (upbeat techno music) Okay, so let’s assume
you’re on Zwift already, you’ve figured out how
to get riding on there, you’re enjoying the community, perhaps you’re even fortunate enough to be receiving the odd ride on from other fellow Zwift users. But I’m going to let you
in on a little secret here because it took me an
embarrassing long time to figure out how to
send a ride on back to those other Zwift users. So what I’m saying is, you’re not alone, don’t feel ashamed if
you are in the same boat, I’ve been there too. So with that in mind, I
thought we could start on a couple of the basics to
help you enjoy Zwift more. So starting with that ride on, to give someone a ride on
in game or a thumbs up, you have a couple of options. Click on a name on the right-hand panel, an orange thumb will pop up. Select that and that will
give that person a ride on. Or you can go into you
companion app on your mobile, hit the white circle around
your navigation pointer on the map and it will
give ride ons to Zwifters within that circle near by. Alright, so that’s the
fun bit out of the way, making sure that you’re
making some friends on Zwift. But now, let’s go onto a few tips that actually are going
to help your training. So a fairly small but
actually quite crucial thing is considering the location
of your TV and the fan because if you have that TV too high, you’re going to be craning
your neck to see it and this is particularly important if you’re going to be using aero bars as Fraser’s doing right now. You’re actually going to want
to have that TV really low so it’s a nice natural view sight for you. And then with the fan, you’re going to want to have that pointing straight at your face so that you got a nice,
cool airflow over your body. And a pro tip here is go for two fans. Super helpful, who’d had thought? And that is really helpful
when you’re going to be working hard on Zwift, as Fraser is about to
demonstrate for us now. – What, I am? – Yeah, mate, just leave
the controls with me. So obviously, you can
just roll around on Zwift and freestyle, as Fraser
is doing right now. Or you can get stuck into
some specific workouts. Now you got a couple of options here on how you get involved in those. When you load up Zwift,
you can hit a workout and start off on that. Or you can do, as I often
do, and Fraser’s doing now, is start rolling around
on Zwift, freestyling, and then just E on your keyboard and select a workout from there. Now I’ve actually got a few tricks here that I think you’ll like. So if you’re selecting a workout, you can actually adjust your FTP over here on the right-hand
side using this little slider and that’ll actually change your numbers for that entire session. Or alternatively, you can select a session and you’ll see these little
square icons appear here. And if we click on that,
that then actually loads up a slightly more advanced editor where we can modify individual
sections of that session. Now personally, I’m actually
a really big fan of linking my Training Peaks account
with my Zwift account and what happens then is that
any workout that’s planned in in Training Peaks for that day will automatically appear
within Zwift for that given day. You can select that and
follow that within Zwift. So really handy. If that’s of interest to you, just go over to the Zwift
webpage on your web browser. Go to the connection section and then link your Training Peaks account. But Fraser, I guess we
should probably crack on and select a workout for you. I’m thinking GCN’s Si Richardson
Sweet Spot with Bursts. (upbeat techno music) While I’m not actually finished there because we can still change
things up within the workout. How’re you feeling, Fraser? – Getting a bit sweaty. – Okay, good, sounds like you’re alright because we can actually hit anywhere on the screen with the cursor or the up arrow on our keyboard and that’s going to
display a number of options along the bottom including
an up and down icon. Sure you’re still feeling okay, Fraser? – Yeah, I’m there, I’m okay. – Okay, because if you are feeling particularly good that day
and perhaps want to work a little bit harder, we can select that up arrow and bump the intensity up. – [Fraser] Easy there, Mark. – Want to go down?
– Yeah. – Okay, just as easy. We’ll do that again but
we hit that down arrow. Now you may have noticed that each time I put the power up or the power down, it was instantly changing how
hard Fraser was having to work and that is because he
is using a smart trainer in erg mode which tends to
be how a lot of the workouts are used in Zwift. Now what happens here is whatever
cadence you’re riding at, you have to ride at the power
stated to turn the pedals but we can, of course,
turn that erg mode off by using that option before,
got erg just down here. – Yeah, I’ll be honest, Mark, it’s not really what I thought
I signed myself up for today. – Well, I’ll help you out here because if I just hit tab on the keyboard, that scoots you onto the next rep, which is super handy.
– It does. – I use this a lot actually. Either if I’m really
tired, I’m struggling, or perhaps I’m just trying
to cram a workout in just before work. (upbeat techno music) – But what about the bikes
and equipment in game, Mark? Is any of it any quicker than the others? – Ah, good question actually. And the simple answer is yes, although, not an easy one to answer because all the equipment comes with its own unique characteristics in terms of aerodynamics and weight. I guess a little bit like
out in the real world. So to answer your question, yes, the quickest bike on
flat and rolling terrain for a road bike is the
Specialized Venge S-Works. It’s slightly faster in
terms of its aerodynamics over other frames but it does
come with a slight caveat, it will require 798,800
drops for you to purchase and you must be level 33 and above. – I’m only at level 22, Mark, and what about this fancy Tron bike that I’ve heard lots about? – Ah, very good question ’cause this Tron bike you’re talking about actually isn’t the fastest bike in game. In fact, it’s back down in fifth. Providing the bikes above that
have the fastest wheelsets in game which is the Zipp 858 Front and the Zipp Super-9 Disc Rear Wheel. However, this does come
with a slight caveat. Those wheels are actually
locked at level 45. – Of course they are. – Which kind of makes
the Tron bike the fastest even with its standard wheels. – So how do I get it? – Well, also not the easy, I’m afraid, because to do it, you need
to sign yourself up to climb Mount Everest
Challenge within Zwift. So you climb the 8850 meters of Everest and then you keep going and climb an additional 41,150
meters to finally unlock that coveted concept
Z1, aka, the Tron bike. But if you’re after TT bikes, as I’m sure many of you are, well the Cervelo P5X and the Felt IA come out as the fastest of the bunch with almost identical speeds requiring level 45 and 37, respectively. – But remember, Mark, how
far down the levels I am. That’s like double what I’m already, that’s going to take me ages. – Well, we can be a little cunning here because if you’re not
that fussed about climbs, then target the flatter and faster routes to really rack that mileage up because that is the best way to level up and I do have a little hack for that, which we’ll go into a little bit later on. Or you can, of course, go after elevation and target that concept bike. – Right, talking about hard work, I reckon it’s time we get you
doing some stuff now, Mark. (upbeat techno music) Right, so now it’s my turn
to crank up the pace on Mark. Well, anyway, what I am
going to discuss here is some of the connection options for getting going with
Zwift on your treadmill because we have been made aware of some fairly fancy and new methods for doing so. Now the first method and
probably the simplest one is this option which is the Zwift footpod and it is a good and cheap way being able to track your speed and you can take it wherever you’re going. So that’s a good start. Now by far the way the best option is what Mark is doing right now and that is a Bluetooth treadmill. Now then, if you are using a footpod, what we’ve learned from experience, is that you want to pay more attention to the fast pace when
it comes to calibrating in the calibration dialog. So what I mean by that is in your workout, think of the top end
speed you plan on hitting and basically calibrate to that and what you should see then
when you’re doing a workout is that Zwift and the treadmill are bang for pace and speed on the flat. – Yeah, now what we didn’t touch on when we were talking
about the cycling before but is just the same
for running is the fact you can sign yourself up
for not just group workouts, but some races as well. – [Mark] I see what’s coming here. – Yeah, now don’t worry, Mark. I’m going to go easy on you today ’cause we’re going to
skip the races altogether but what I am going to do
is make you an Olympian. – No way, how? – Well, what we can do is
unlock the Olympian achievement and all you need to be
able to do to do that is run a five minute mile or less. – Okay, that’s quite hard, mate. – Yeah, it is, but anyway, once we’re done with that, we’re going to get the Centurion, which a 100 miles of running, we’re then going to get the Street Cred, which is 500 miles, and after all that, the Pursuit of Happiness,
which is 1000 miles. – Yeah mate, I’m out of here. I’m out of it. – Yeah, now if you do want to geek out and get fancy with stuff, then what you actually can do is load up a really long running hack which is to do with the Worlds. When you load up Zwift, it will give you Watopia as
a default setting everyday plus one other World which
will change day to day depending on the Zwift calendar. However, if you do want to change this default setting of Watopia, then you can do that to whatever you like or perhaps just the one
that you like the most and even better, the one where you can rack up the most miles. So to do this, go to
Documents on your computer, then the Zwift directory, then open the prefs.xml document and add a little bit of code similar to that on screen right now. Just below the opening Zwift tag, near the top of the file. – And of course, we can’t forget the fact that we have a treadmill and
a bike side by side here, which is pretty luxurious. But it’s shouting brick session to me. Going from bike to run, or
vice versa, run to bike. – Yeah, so simply ride your bike as you usually would on Zwift, but then hit end and save
that at the end of your ride. – [Mark] Very important. – [Fraser] And then go
to the pairing screen and select running so that you can then start fresh and get going with the run. – Yeah, and we can make it
even more easy for yourself by having your run shoes out ready, but a change of clothes, so you have a really slick change over. – Yeah, so hopefully you’ve
enjoyed our video today about Zwift’s hacks. So please get that thumb up
like button and hit that. Find the globe on screen to make sure you don’t miss any other videos that we do here on the GTN. And to see another Zwift video about how to train on Zwift, well you can find that here. – Yeah, if you’d like to see our GTN versus Team Charles Barkley Challenge, you can see that by
clicking just down here. And I think I got off
pretty lightly today. – Yeah, me too.

21 comments on “10 Hacks You Need To Know About Zwift!

  1. I know this is a Zwift sponsored video, but I'd like to have a question about bike indoor trainers in general. I have recently started to check out some reasonably priced indoor trainers. I am quite lost. There are so many types and I have no idea which one is good, what are the pros and cons of each type, what parameters and features are important to have. I was also wondering if there are cheaper, or even free applications to train with.
    This might be a good question for the GCN guys, or they can make a video about it.

  2. Choosing a place you like to spin is a winner.

    You have a prefs.xml file in your Zwift user directory (which is in your Documents/Zwift directory on PC/Mac). Open this file in a text editor like Wordpad and simply add one of the following tags to force Zwift to place you in Watopia, Richmond, London, or Innsbruck.

    To ride Watopia, add: <WORLD>1</WORLD>
    To ride Richmond, add: <WORLD>2</WORLD>
    To ride London, add:<WORLD>3</WORLD>
    To ride New York, add:<WORLD>4</WORLD>
    To ride Innsbruck, add: <WORLD>5</WORLD>
    To ride Yorkshire, add: <WORLD>7</WORLD>

    This text should go just after the opening <ZWIFT> tag near the top of the file. (If you place it inside of a section like “<DEVICES>” then it will not work.)

  3. Nice. Companion app Ride On hack – like that a lot. Had wondered in-game how that happened when there was multiple Ride Ons during in a group.

  4. Was setting up Zwift to do a run yesterday with the Zwift RunPod and something glitched out so when I logged into the server I was going 21.6 mph. Ran a 2:46 mile which I believe is a world record. The cyclists I was passing must have felt pretty bad about themselves.

  5. For brick session just hit A after the bike session and start the run session. Otherwise you will stay ages to save individually the bike and load the run. Zwift will safely save the bike session and voila, you have your brick as it supposed to be, with a fast transition.

  6. How do you guys feel about ERG MODE?!?! I was riding with it, but since november i´m riding with my powermeter as the power source and ERG OFF, I think it´s more realist.
    What about you?
    And another question, how long can you handle to stay on your aerobars when riding indoors? I can´t handle more than 5minutes, my tight adductors and lower back start to "complain"…

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