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10 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Triathlon

– Hindsight is a valuable thing. We all learn from making mistakes but what if you can
learn from other people without having to make your own mistakes. Well that’s where Fraser
and I come in handy because we have both made
plenty of mistakes ourselves and we’ve learned from other people’s. – So combining all that
knowledge we’ve put together our list of things that’s
useful for you to know before you first triathlon. – Contrary to belief you don’t actually need to have a trisuit to be
able to do your first triathlon It’s okay to get changed
for each discipline. – You sometimes even see
the pros getting changed for the run event especially
when it comes nieman so they’ve got the
comfort for the marathon. (slow music) – If it’s one of your first triathlons it wouldn’t be out of
the world to assume that a puncture is the end of your race but that isn’t the case don’t worry. However, you do need to
know what you’re doing and that means practising
before hand, changing a tyre, changing a puncture and being prepared and that means bringing spare inner tube, tyre levers, CO2 canister but definitely a spare mini pump and that means you will definitely be able to finish the race and especially if it is one
of your first triathlons. No matter what the distance you definitely want to get to that finish line. And also a lot of the big
racers these days actually have tech support out on the course that can help you too (slow music) – What are you doing? – What do you mean? Putting my socks on. – Why? – You know it’s not illegal
to wear socks as a triathlete. Boadicea ankles my mind you
want everybody to see them. – Each to their own Fraser. – Okay. – There is a lot of stigma
surrounding triathletes and our choice of socks or
more to the point no socks. Admittedly you are gonna
save time in transition not putting socks on and
that is a bit more important you’re doing shorter distance races but I want to reiterate
it is okay to spend a few seconds putting your socks on – And beyond the race
is most certainly okay to have your socks on. In fact I’d suggest you definitely do it to prove a friends over GCN wrong. (slow music) – You don’t need to start a race lean down with all of your nutrition
for the whole event. The tri-suits do have pockets in them but you can fill these up in T1 or T2 and I wouldn’t recommend swimming
with food in your pockets even if it’s a wetsuit swim. (slow music) – However much you practise and train when you get to race day when
you have nerves adrenaline. Things that seem so simple can
suddenly go out of the window so it’s a really good
idea just to have a list to work through methodically. – Yeah and I remember one time
I was doing Olympic distance triathlon and I just figured that the swim would finish where it started. Wasn’t really the case and
I actually had to get myself one mile down the beach
for a point-to-point swim and that was a little
bit of a stressful run. – Yeah so you would obviously check the race situation beforehand and nutrition is another thing
that can go out the window and you get a little bit nervous. As when you’re biking and
you want to ride hard. So to make sure you stick
to your nutrition plan. One tip you can actually write it out and stick it on your top tube. (slow music) – We have the importance of
good sleep and good nutrition drummed into us so it’s understandable when people get worried about not having that perfect pre-race night’s sleep. Don’t be concerned about this. It’s more than common for
athletes and particularly pros to just not get a very good
sleep the night before a race. It’s really that week preceding the race where it really makes a difference and not having the best
night’s sleep pre-race really isn’t gonna make
the world of difference. – Well that leads me onto this next point. Triathlons often have an early start especially the long-distance ones and this caught me out
at my first triathlon. I had to get up at 4
a.m. and then obviously there was no hotel breakfast either. So it’s worth bearing this
in mind and coming prepared maybe to bring your own food
and to be able to travel turn about early in the morning. (slow music) – At some races you need to
check in your transition bag the day before the race and that will include your running shoes. When I first started racing
I hadn’t even considered this so you can end up with
having no shoes to wear from the point you checked your bag in. Even if checking for transition’s
the same day as your race you might want to be able to consider having safe pair of
flip-flops to take yourself from transition down to the swim start. (slow music) – If you are opting to wear a tri-suit you might be wondering what
you should wear underneath. Well for the bottom half
nothing because just like cycling Shorts tri-suits are designed to be worn close to the skin. You do not want to have a pair of pants on that’ll be rather soggy
after the swim and trust me by the time you get to
the bike and the run. You are going to notice the chafing but the top half for women specifically is a little bit different
and I often get asked whether you should wear
a sports bra underneath. Well some tri-suits come
with a built in crop top but if you do want a bit more support then you might wanna
think about maybe wearing a swimming type crop top or a sports bra but just make sure that you’ve checked it when it’s wet that it still
gives you enough support and isn’t going to chafe. (slow music) – Weather and conditions can
change and affect your race and of course your
equipment choices for it. So within reason be prepared
for all eventualities. – Yeah the same case for the swim. If you’re swimming somewhere
where the water is fairly warm come prepared for it to change to a non wetsuit swim last minute. Now even the pros get caught out. Earlier this year, Somewhere in the championship. It was Lucy Charles who was rushing around trying to find a swim skin
when the race suddenly got changed to be a
non wetsuit legal swim. – Can you remember your first triathlon and any tips you were given
before it or more probably any mistakes that you actually made in it and things you’ve learned. Whatever it is we would love
to hear your suggestions or tips that can help other people. So do let us know in the
comments section below. – And if you’ve liked this
video give us a thumbs up. Hit the globe to subscribe and to see a video about
beginner triathlon mistakes click here. – And if you want to know how to train for your first triathlon
we’ve actually made a series of videos on that and you
can find those just here.

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