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10 Things You NEED To Look “On-Trend” Right Now!

10 Things You NEED To Look “On-Trend” Right Now!

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  1. I luv u so much been a subscriber for 2 years most stylish 2 years of my life❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂

  2. I was watching you on instagram just right now I saw the notification and jumped too YouTube I know I’m always having fun and learning watching you have a great day 😘

  3. Hi Shea still loving your channel, been subscribed for ages! 😊 will you be doing any more home videos would be really interested to see your amazing house decor x

  4. The rewind was so cute! 😍
    I love the black shirt-cat woman boots outfit🖤 and the blazer and jeans💙
    Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed Shea!! ❤

  5. I love the floral dress and mini skirt look with the catwoman boots!! I wear biker shorts at home alot when cleaning, love them they are so comfy! I call my blazers Shea blazers because I bought my first one when I first started watching you! Great video! Lots and lots of love Shea! 💕💕

  6. Nice video again girrrl!! Hey, use to live in the Burgh (North area) from middle school to unil recently.! My hubby and kids are born and raised! Anyway, as I have family there we are there a couple of times a month. If you ever do any event in Pittsburgh, let me know as I would live to meet you! You are amazing! Keep inspiring! Blessings.😊

  7. Thank you Shea for making this video a not fall one because I live in Costa Rica and we don’t have the 4 seasons but right now is the rainy season, so… this trends still applied to me. Yeeeeyyyy!!!👍👏🏽😘♥️

  8. OMG!! You're so pretty and classy that everything looks just beautiful on you!! I absolutely love you!!

  9. I just bought that bag! I didn’t see the Panther until I clicked on the link! So freaking cute! I also bought the light blue satin pj type shirt because it was in my basket from another of your videos and had been marked down to 30 bucks! Yay you Yay me!

  10. Not a big fan of those videos on how to be on trend, or stop doing this…. You know what : just be yourself and wear whatever you want to wear!

  11. Hi Shea! Awesome and informative and video as always. thank you! But I have a question – I am desperately looking for a really good quality white button-up shirt. Any suggestions? So many that I find are basically see through or wrinkle terribly as soon as you put them on.

  12. As always great video and tips! I’m buying a few of these items😍👏🏾👌🏾 Thanks Shea for taking the time to share🙏🏾❤️

  13. Love the video and I love doing all these things except cycling shorts because they're not for me. I have a similar leopard sweater I absolutely love! Thank you!

  14. Love your content….
    i use to be able to afford your recommendations before….
    However; your pieces are becoming so expensive now.
    Please make a video for more affordable fashion.

  15. Love them all except the biker shorts. You can pull them off but I am just not a fan in general and hope it is not here in 2020! Thanks for making this video 🙂

  16. Another great video, Shea! You look stunning! Would you believe that, just a few months ago, I gave away about a dozen pairs of square toed shoes and boots? Lol. 🌷

  17. This has been the craziest week. Between work and everything. Let me just tell you that not only are your videos hilarious and entertaining ( you have great style) and you are educational. Which is everything !!! Educational & funny. I always learn something. But I literallly have been like SHEA POSTS ON SATURDAY ALYSSA YOU CAN RELAX THEN. Lol.

    But I am mad at you bc I have a Nordstrom card & a lot of my money goes to the things you recommend. Hahaha! You deserve everything you get & have. You’re so humble ! Have a meet and greet please. I’m from New Jersey!! I would love to meet you!!!

  18. 1' look ok: sweater is too short but ok, the long skirt looks like light texture, for summer..but ok..
    2' look NO: you dont put long sleeves with open toes shoes.
    3' look I LOVE IT

  19. Hi!
    Anyone one know where the plain cream colored sweatshirt that Shea is wearing with the biker shorts is from?

  20. Your content is amazing. Most fashion world stuff makes you feel like you have to go buy new things all the time in order to be fashionable, but yours has given me the ideas to actually be able to go into my closet and create outfits that I thought I never had. I have made sure to have plenty of classic basic pieces in a variety of neutral shades to go with anything, but other than that, I've been able to create so many looks with what I already have. My husband thanks you too 😂 LOL

  21. The last outfit is my favorite! Shea do you ever buy your luxury handbags at They also sell high end make up and skin care. Also I know your busy but what is the mattress that you bought awhile ago. My son has bad asthma and I need a new mattress for him.

  22. I think all those things have been in fashion since the late 80's really. Standard basics most of them. Standard isn't trendy. The biker shorts crack me up. Why do they call them that? Actual biking shorts have padding to protect your bits from the seat. These are just workout shorts. As a dancer, I've worn them since I was a teenager (I'm 56 now, so that's a long time. LOL), but now I mostly wear them for pj shorts, mostly daily, with the occasional trip to the store with a long shirt over it. Wearing them with a dinner jacket as KimK did was pretty ridiculous. LOL She was really just promoting her shapewear line. Maybe we just don't walk around in shapewear as clothes? LOL

  23. Hey Shea!! Love your videos!! You always look so great and put together! I was wondering if maybe one day you could do a video on outfits you'd wear out with your family, I find it hard trying to put together outfits that look nice yet I'm still comfortable enough to chase my toddler around! I'm struggling to balance style yet still being functional lol 😂 I feel like it's simple and maybe I'm just bad at it!! Would love to see your take on it though! 💕💕

  24. pls do a video on how to style dresses/skirts w boots from different legnths! ive been seeing those outfits everywhere

  25. Cycling shorts and square toes are just a no for me, unless I’m actually cycling and I did try square toes when I was 14. That is plenty!

  26. I am still that person that hates square toe. No matter what pair i tried on, They just scream way too masculine, not into it ~ i tried!

  27. Not a fan of those ripped jeans… No. but I love blazers especially over jeans and I've been wearing that since the 80s and I still think it's a classic look especially with a bootie shoe ,with jeans or even any kind of boot or whatever, it's just a very good classic look whatever you are wearing underneath….a tank or a lightweight sweater or some kind of shell, it always looks good.
    And I love thigh high boots but not " so slouchy", to me they don't look right, lol. just a little bit more fitted and I think they convey more class especially with a miniskirt because I love that look I used to wear that look even when I was in my fifties I can't pull that off anymore, I'm almost sixty-five . … but I could pull that look off up until I was 52. Yes ma'am. 🙂

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