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10 Ways To Ruin An E-Bike Ride | Things Not To Do On An E-MTB

– Yo Chris, Chris hold back. Hold back, hold back. – [Chris] Whoa. – Oh no. There’s many ways to ruin an e-bike ride and that could have been one of them. But here’s our top 10. (upbeat music) – All right, let’s go, let’s go. Come on Steve, let’s get going. – What?
– Yeah. – Yeah, just get my helmet. Oh, what?
– Come on. – I don’t believe it, I
forgot my bloody helmet, man. – Oh, I’ve got one you can borrow. – Okay, let’s go.
– Nate borrowed it. Nate borrowed it last night. It might be a bit sweaty
but see if that one fits. – Okay, that’s fine, it’s cool, man. Oh my god, that is hangin’. What the hell, I’m not wearing that. – [Steve] So whatever you do, never turn up on a ride
and forget your kit. – [Chris] Especially not your helmet. (upbeat music) – I was really happy with my
performance on that downhill. Do you know what? I really think that optimized geometry and forward geometry is really helping my dynamic ride on this bike, but I’m not so sure about the 12-speed. I think I’m gonna go down from 794– – Yeah, yeah, whatever. – To 792 and I need some more carbon. I need about 300 grams less. – [Steve] There’s always
someone in the group who wants to talk tech all day long. Don’t be that guy. (upbeat music) – What did you think of that one, Steve? That was pretty good, wasn’t it? – This is the one, Chris, this is the one. – Sorry, what was that? Did you enjoy that trail or– – I’m not about to be
thinking about this all night. Sorry, can we talk about it later. So, this is the one, Chris. I’ve been up all night
studying GoPro for this. – Huh? What the hell are you doing? Are you all right? – Just give me a minute,
this is the track. I’m like literally, dude, I’m literally 10 seconds off getting the fastest time. – Huh? Oh my god. – Ah, right. Okay, do a top time in. – Sorry, what was that? You know the very second it starts? (beeping) (upbeat music) – Whoa, it’s so good,
that trail, isn’t it? You loving that, Steve? – What? Aw man, one second. One second off, Chris. I’m gonna go change my tires,
I gotta do that again, dude. – Nah, let’s carry on, let’s
go for a ride, let’s enjoy it. – What? – Personal challenges are a good thing and strava’s a good thing too, but don’t let it take over
your ride or your life. (upbeat music) – Can I have three pieces
of that gluten-free there, two coffee cakes, two baked tarts. How many coffees you got, four coffees? – Four coffees, two
cappuccinos, one flat white, two flat white slices. – Do you want a bacon roll? – Love a bacon roll. – Okay cool, that’s it. How much is that, chief? – Right, six pounds and 90 pence. Oh, the card machine’s not working, sorry. – Are you serious? – Yeah, sorry. – Have you got any cash? – No, I haven’t got any cash. – You always bring cash with you. – No. – Ah, man. And before you get over-excited with all the cakes and buns, don’t forget to bring your cash. (upbeat music) – Why’s the light on there? – Chris.
– I don’t get that. – Chris, come on, I mean seriously, we’ve been talking here 10 minutes. – Hold on then, hold on, hold on. – Come one then, we’ve
got 30 miles to do today. – 30 miles? – Yeah, come on, let’s go. – Trails any good? – Huh?
– Trails any good? – Oh, trails are amazing, let’s go. – It’s game time. – Come on, what are you doing? – Ah, Steve.
– What? – I forgot to charge
my battery last night. – You have got to be kidding me. Seriously? – I forgot.
– Schoolboy error, ridiculous. – Well, I’m going, see you later. – Really? – [Steve] Forgetting
to charge your battery, rookie error, but you know what? We’ve all done it. It’s either time to stick that bike back in the van for the long drive home or pedal that heavy bike
around the woods all day. (upbeat music) – Whoa, check this rock out, Steve. Can you get a pic of me
on it for my Instagram? – Yeah, no worries. Yeah Chris, I’ll just do it now. – Yeah, but I want my phone. Yours is really quite a
bad quality, isn’t it? – Oh really, pass your phone to me then. – Make sure it’s, you know what to do, yeah? – What if I go here? Is this okay? – No, that’s not gonna
look very big from there. Come back around. – [Steve] Remember it’s a bike ride, not a social media convention. One or two pictures is
good, but don’t go relying on your mates to be your
personal photographer all day. (upbeat music) – Aw. – Oh god. – Whatever you do, don’t
go dropping your guts when you’re leaving the pack. It’s no fun for anyone. (upbeat music) Well, now that was a close one. Totally ripped my tire open. Ridiculous I tell you. Honestly, glad I had that
spare one the back of the van. – Yeah. – Oh crikey, if you got a pump Chris? – I haven’t got a pump. – You’ve always got a pump. – You’re the one with the big van. I’m sure you’ve got
all the tools in there. – Can I borrow a pump please? – Ah, (beep) sake. – I need a pump, need a pump, man. Chris, we better take this with us, right? – Yeah, yeah, for sure. – I was looking at my bars and I think I need to put my levers
about a couple of mils. Have you got an Allen key I can borrow? – You haven’t got any tools, have you? – Chris, you’ve always
got the tools, dude. (upbeat music) All right, I think we’re good to go right? – Yep. – I’ll tell you what, that’s your bag, you want
to carry that, right? Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Come on, let’s go. – Hold up, Steve, (beep). – When you come out for a ride, make sure you bring your own tools and you’re always prepared. Also, don’t forget, you should be the one carrying your stuff. (upbeat music) I know, I know. I can’t believe she did that. Honestly, ridiculous. Hold on, I need to stick
into turbo to get past this guy, he’s absolutely clueless. Honestly, you should see the people here. They’ve got no idea how to
ride a bike, ridiculous. Honestly.
– Hello? Ah, you got the day off too? I’m with this Steve guy. He’s such a bore. Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna come
and meet you down at the cafe. See you in a sec. – Put that phone away when you’re out in the trails. There’s no need to be speaking to your friends or your misses. Enjoy the ride. (upbeat music) And at the end of the day, when all you want is a nice coffee and a big piece of cake,
there’s always someone that’s gonna give you an eye-full. Chris, Chris, Chris. Chris, hurry up, look, look. – All right, all right, all right. – No, no, it’s not about you. I’ve literally just got over that hideous smell you did earlier. Oh my god, totally
ruined my day, that did. Ah god. So there you go, ways
to ruin an e-bike ride. There are plenty. I’m sure you guys have got
loads more to add to our list. But for now, just had some
real ways to ruin your ride. Check out the rock which
we did earlier in the year. – Also, be sure to check out the slab, when we did it even earlier in the year and just as steep, but
pretty impressive too. – Yeah, your ride can be
ruined no number of ways. – If you enjoyed today’s
video, give us a thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe to EMBN and drop us some comments
in the box below, the ways that you can ruin your ride too. – And whatever you do,
don’t drop your guts.

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