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10 Yoga Exercises For Cyclists | Correct Your Yoga Mistakes

10 Yoga Exercises For Cyclists | Correct Your Yoga Mistakes

– Let’s go, come onto your hands and knees, Dan. – I’ll get rid of this cushion. – Cushion isn’t needed now, for a while. (Bex laughing) – I’m not even strong
enough to throw a cushion. (whooshing) As part of getting fit in 10 weeks with four hours on the bike I’ve also been doing about
an hour of stuff off it, including some yoga. And it’s hard to know
where you’re going wrong when you’re doing yoga at
home on your rental video, so I’ve come to find out. We’re at The Hive Yoga
Studio at the center of Bath, not far from our offices. And I find out what yoga
mistakes I’ve been making. Come on in. So this is Bex, who
some of you may remember from a yoga instructor video we did here on GSN a few years ago. Today, though, she’s going to
go through 10 key yoga poses specifically designed for cyclists, ’cause we get tight in strange places like the hamstrings, et cetera. Firstly Bex’s gonna
show you how to do them. I’m then going to attempt them myself and then Bex’s gonna let me know where I’m going wrong. Could be quite a long video. But Bex, where’re we gonna start? – We’re gonna come down to the floor and working two areas at once, (mellow music) into the hips and into the hands. Right leg comes over. And if it’s available, Dan,
get your knees to align. They’re not bad. Flex through the heel. Take your left hand up and as, you know, when you’re
gripping the handlebars, you know you can get really
tight into the hands, so the medial nerves need to stretch. So palm forward, take hold of the thumb and
onto the little finger. So we can get our breath at the same time, breathing into the ribs. As you exhale stretch the hand bones away. Not bad, hips are not bad, Dan. So what we’re gonna do– – Wasn’t expectin’ that. – Inhale, lift up through here. And then allow the shoulders to soften. So we wanna get as much energy through the hands as possible, take hold of your ring finger, breath in, as you exhale really feel
for spreading into the palms. Does that feel tight at all into the hand? – And the wrist, yeah. – Yeah, so that’s where you
get that decompressening, when you open into the palm. Move onto the middle finger. Exhale, spread the hand bones. Onto the index, the pointer. Breath in. And really feel for stretching all the way from the
little finger to the thumb. And then moving to the thumb. Exhale through the mouth and really feel for opening into the palm. So you’re spreading all through the nerves and really counteracting
that hunched hand. Well done, and release. How’s the hip feel? – The hip’s fine because I’ve got quite a hunched back, trying to keep the back straight required as much of my concentration as doing the actual move. – Okay, we can put a
cushion under your bum. Swap over to the other side. Flexing through the foot, taking the opposite hand. So by using the wrist
stretches we want to help prevent compression of
the nerves in the hand. So one leg seated side stretch. Watch for turning the foot up, that has a tendency to
lose a lot of energy through the leg into the hop. It’s active heel. Place a hand onto the inside. So we want to open up through
the scalenes of the neck. Right hand comes to the right
side, level with the hip. Breath in, lift the chest up. Allow the air towards the shoulder. Arm position two, turn the palm around, like you’re screwing a light bulb, and exhale, take it over towards the foot. Taking the hand back towards
the number one positions to open the neck. Support the head, hand
underneath the head, inhale, lift up. Hopefully you’re taller on one side. Swap over to the other side, right leg extends out. And our hips can always feel
a little different as well. Right hand to the inside of the right leg. Left hand reaches out,
level with the left hip, right ear to right shoulder. Inhale into the chest. – I’ve already inhaled. – Have you?
– Wait a second. – Turn the palm up towards the ceiling, exhale, taking the hand all the way over towards the right leg. Release the top hand. Place the right hand underneath this cheek and lift yourself back up to starter. Nice. – Need a break now. – Pose number three, dolphin. One of my favorite ones
to protect the shoulders, just in case you come off your bike and you have that impact. I know people have, yeah, collarbones have been
saved through this one. – I’ve done both. If we could save them in
future, that’d be great. – Okay, let’s go. Come onto your hands and knees, Dan. – I’ll get rid of this cushion. – Cushion isn’t needed now. For a while. (Bex laughing) – I’m not even strong
enough to throw a cushion. Work to be done. – So this is what it’s going to look like. Forearms’ll come down to the floor. You’ll measure your guns, middle finger comes forward. Breathing in, lift up through the spine, exhale, tucking the toes underneath. If you are super flexible in the shoulders and want to advance it you can step one foot in and then take the hand around
and underneath the foot. Dan,
– Christ, oh my gosh. – [Bex] I wouldn’t do this one just yet. And then raise the opposite leg. – [Dan] I can do that. – Dan, you stay with both hands forward. And I’m coming to have a look. I’ve got to say, Dan,
you’re impressing me so far. So what I’d say is that
your elbows need to move in, that’s it, so you do
not lose the strength. Huge thing, look at the neck, always wants to get involved,
so just relax it down, even more, let it go even more. Breath into the back ribs. Keep sending that leg
up towards the ceiling. – [Dan] Christ. – Make sure you’re breathing. And release, take that foot down, Dan. Come down for a break, Dan. – That was very hard. – That was the one I think
you found hard last time. – Yeah. – We’re coming into our fourth pose which is down dog. Shall I demo first, or you can go straight with me. – Yes, well I have been
trying to do down dog for the past couple of months. But I don’t know, again, I haven’t got mirrors inside and it’s hard to see
yourself, isn’t it, so. – Okay, so I’d always say
start with the foundations, like any good house. Hands wide in the palms and if you think, you can think it’s L for loser or L for love and get that strong line from
the index finger to the thumb. You’ll wrap the shoulder blades ’round, so you are turning on your
serratus and your pec. Exhale, and lift up. Relaxing the neck. Equal weight through
the hands and the feet. If you have tight hamstrings you can bend the knees. We would like to open
the hip at the same time so raising the leg, take it open so your heel to the bum. Allow your shoulders to
relax down to the ground. On your exhalation bring your knee to the elbow. Breath in. Exhale. Looking good, Dan, keep it up. Breathing in and exhale. I’m pausing in down
dog, let’s have a look. So watch for the thumbs lifting, ’cause that starts to
close into the shoulders. Take the elbows towards each other so the eyes of the elbows I call them, so they’re facing. Breathing in to the upper back. Breath in. And now raise, I believe, this leg. – [Dan] Yeah. – Open at the hip joint. Exhale through the mouth,
bring the knee to the elbow. Core strength, breath in. Exhale. Raise the right leg. – [Dan] The right leg. – Exhale, swing it through. – [Dan] Ah, (bleep). – Exhale, swing it through. – [Dan] Oh my god. – That’s not too bad. Take the right knee down. As our knees are pressures, it’s great if we use some props. Come into your lunge by
inhaling, lifting the arms. Fell better on the kneecap? – Yes. – Your option is to stay here
and link the hands behind, chest lifts. Exhale, sink forward. Your option is to stay here, Dan. If it’s available, bring
the heel towards the bum. Use your exhalation to deepen to the pose. – It’s immensely frustrating, okay. – Don’t get frustrated. You won’t get anywhere. Wake up this foot. So when you’re alone you tend
to turn off your immunities. So hands and feet, it means you’re really
active in your pose. So push the heel down, lift up the toes of the
foot which is on the floor. Dan, pose six, lounge lunge. This is about sending the right
hip down towards the floor and working into the sartorius. It looks like this, you’ll sink forward. The hand will come about six inches away from the plumb line of the shoulder. Hug the left knee with the left hand. Breath in, scoop the chest forward. Exhale, allow your right rib cage to sort of move closer
toward your right wrist. Can you lower your right hip down toward your right wrist even more? Keep going, keep going, there you are. So what you’ve just found is that your glute has just switched on, so you’ve got the activation in the glute and you should feel the
stretch through here. – Actually I hadn’t activated
my glute, I’ve done that now. – Is it switched on?
– Yeah. – So what happens when you
get the glute activation, the hip has a chance to release. Let’s swap over to the other side, bring the knees unto a cushion, the right leg swings ’round. We’re looking to stretch
these four hip flexors down towards the floor. The left hand moves about six inches from the
plumb line of the shoulder. Exhale, allow the ribs
to come down towards the left wrist. Breath in. And same thing, relax the neck. Dan, this is quite a biggie. We want to open the chest and create a little
bit more spinal health. In the yoga world I use
a rolled up yoga mat which fits the size of my belly. If you don’t have one of these, – Or if you’ve got a bigger belly. – If you’ve got a bigger belly you can always customize
your roll with one of these. (Dan laughing) – Okay. – This is what it’s going to look like. You can always share mine. Cobra over the roll into your first pose. – So what am I doing on straight away? It’s on the belly? – On the belly, how does that feel, Dan? – It’s okay. – It also massages into your abdomen which gets really tight
from being on the bike, I would’ve thought. Breath in, lift up into cobra. Soften the shoulders away from the ears. Let’s have a look. Feel okay so far? – Mm hm. – Your option is to stay here, Dan. Bringing, if you want to open
the quad at the same time, half bow, you reach behind,
take hold of the ankle. Using your breath. – I’m there. – (exhaling) Oh, you’re there. If it is still available, you reach behind. – Oh my god. – And take both. Big pose, Dan, big pose. He’s there, look at that. Relax the neck. Feel into the feet, so at home, the feet switch off, lead with the heels. Release one leg at a time. Wow. – That really hurt my stomach. – You’ve got one of my
favorite poses coming up, Dan. This one I think is in one of
my top, top 10 for cyclists, and that’s why I’ve kept it to the end, until you’ve worked hard. Bridge pose. We’ve also choice of a
block if you want it. The feet need to be underneath the knees. Hands to the side to begin with. Relax the lower back into the ground. Inhale, telescope the ribs. Exhale, carve the public bone up and take it up towards the sky. Staying there, Dan, let’s have a look. So what tends to happen is the
feet are too close together. Move the left foot over towards the side. Root through the heels, lift up the toes. Push the ball of the foot down. So what is lovely is to also offer, lift up on two, oh nice. Come down onto the block. And this’ll help open up the sacrum. – [Dan] Oh, that feels good. – It is a really lovely pose. Breathe into the chest. And just stay here for the moment. So it’s opening up the abdomen, giving it some room. So you also have that chance to bring the breath across the diaphragm. It’s extremely balancing. From here, Dan, to advance the pose walk the left food in towards the center. Inhale, raise the right leg up. Flex the foot, place it
across the left knee. Activate into the bum. So you’re opening into the
hip flexor at the same time. Breath in, take the foot back up. And place it down. Walk the right foot into
the center of the mat. Take the left leg up, breathing in here. Exhale, hook the foot over towards the right thigh. So coming into plank pose, this is a good way to get into it. And we may as well just look at your plank whilst we’re here. Again, it starts with the foundations. Open the hands wide. Wrap the shoulders, now lift up slightly, that’s it. Tuck the tailbone down, that’s it. Shall I keep it, shall
we have a plank off? See how long, who can
hold the plank longest? – Well, we can give it a go. I can predict the winner, I think. – Left knee comes through
to the center of the mat. – Does that mean I won? – Walk the right toes way from you. Pigeon is a personal pose. Some people get the best stretch coming over towards the side. Some people get a stretch by lifting– – Where are you supposed
to feel the stretch? – It’s piriformis, comes all the way though IT
band into piriformis into here. Start to walk the forearms down. Always with me there’s
a stage further to go, if you’d like to. I have to take a breath for this one. You turn around, you call the foot, come on, woo hoo, and stretch in towards the quad. – I can’t even reach it. Once I’ve got hold of it? – When you’ve got it, not bad. Make sure you’re keeping the breath going. Breath in, exhaling, always exhale to deepen the pose. – I’m nowhere near that. Bloody hell. – Don’t worry, Dan. – I’m gonna leave it where I was. – Yeah, this is only if you want to advance it and stretch into the quad. Okay, let’s see if the
other side matches this one. Hands underneath shoulders, downward facing dog. Back into our plank-off. Step through with the right leg. Walking the forearms forward. Using your exhalation
to deepen into the pose. What I’d like to say, just have a go, is that you may want to move this heel in line with the left hipbone. How does that feel? – Yeah, I now can feel
it more on my glutes. – Fab. Breath in, keep scooping
the chest through, and exhaling, softening
‘cross the shoulders. I’ve saved the best for last, what is known, to me, as
the daddy of detoxing poses. – Right. – And also, it’s here to help promote really good energy through the spine. Swing ’round, Dan, so the
feet are in front of you and your bum is on the floor. Seated twist. You may want to keep the leg straight. Right hand will come behind you, left arm reaches up. Feel the spine twisting from
the bottom as you exhale, twist towards the side. Keep the neck and the chin
in line with the breastbone. You may stay here, if this is enough. You may swing the bottom leg ’round. It doesn’t change the pose too much. Let’s have a look. Are you feeling the twist? – Yes, I’m feeling it
in my right glute again, as much as anywhere. – Into the right glute. As it’s lifted off the
floor you want to exhale and let this hip go a little. And watch for this, ’cause you want to make sure the neck is proper, doesn’t move. And release. The left leg over the right. Place the left hand behind you. We have a tendency to close
in the diaphragm here, and try and ’round without
lifting up through the spine. Elongate the spine by
inhaling right arm up, exhale, twist ’round. I would say looking at both
sides of your poses, Dan, it’s better to keep the leg out straight. – What was I doing? – You brought the leg ’round before. Do you want to see the difference? – Go on. – So bring this leg around
to the other side of the bum. – Oh, I see, okay. – That’s it. And you’ll see the difference
of what happens to the bum. Doesn’t want to go. – Okay, there we go. Wow. – It’s not too bad. – It doesn’t feel too bad once I’m there. – Yeah, to be honest,
this side is a bit looser than the other side. Breath in. Lift up through the chest. Exhale, deepen the twist. Nicely done, Dan. And release to center. – Right, well, hope you go on
alright at home with all that. If you would like to follow
along properly to a session, rather than just looking at
me making my own mistakes, we’ve got a few to chose from, but there’s one that is just down here.

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