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11 Things I Wish I’d Known About Zwift

(dramatic music) – There were so many
amazing features on Zwift, are you sure you know the best ones? – Yeah, whether you’re new to
Zwift or a seasoned veteran, here are 11 things you’d
wished you’d known about Zwift. (upbeat music) – Zwift can seem like a pretty big place, so how do you make sure that
you meet up with your friends and ride the same route as them? With the companion app,
available free on IOS and Android stores. And it’s actually very
simple to find them, you simply go on to Zwifters and then you either select
Zwifters that you follow, click on them and then you
will end up next to them and riding the same route as them. – Yeah, and you can
also get a notification every time your friend gets on Zwift. And then you can ride with them. – That’s right and of
course the companion app does an awful lot more besides. You can effectively control the game from your phone, like as a remote control. You can find events that are coming up and then enter them before the start and indeed, perhaps
most importantly of all, you can give Ride Ons,
that’s right, Ride On. (mellow music) Zwift isn’t just a virtual
reality cycling playground for you to enjoy, you can also do structured
training sessions in there as well because built in to Zwift
itself are loads and loads of different structured workouts. You can find them here by
clicking on that workout button. As you can see there’s a
whole load of them there on the left and, if you still don’t find what you’re absolutely looking for, you can just create it yourself. Now, when you click on one
and you end up in the game, the game experience does
change ever so slightly. So for example you have a
little holographic display unit in front of your avatar
so that you are reminded that you’re in a training session and everyone else knows that’s
what you’re doing as well. You can’t draft other people
although they can draft you. You can’t use power ups,
meaning no short cuts in your training session, and it’s also a very good way
of boosting your rider score. (dramatic music) – So what is that exactly? Well, XP points are accumulated
when you ride on Zwift. And the more miles you click
over the more points you get with a maximum level of 25. For one kilometer you get 20 XP points, and for one mile you get 30 XP points. And once the mile has ticked
over you get your points. But you don’t get them
for a workout session until after the ride and you’ll see it in the
top right hand corner of that center console. Let me try and get some
points now. (pants) (mellow music) – What a magnificent
specimen, (bike squeaks) now, are you tryin’ the tens? – [James] Yeah, I’m just
goin’ down hill now. – Okay, XP points aside,
pretty much every thing that you do on Zwift is
governed by how many watts that you produce when pedaling. So whats is a watt then? Well, it’s a measure of your
power so the amount of energy that you are putting in
to the pedals each second. Now once you know what a watt is, you also need to know your FTP, which is your functional threshold power. Now that is gonna theoretical
estimation of how many watts that you could average
for a one hour duration. Now, fortunately you don’t
need to ride for an hour as hard as you can to find out because Zwift will do
a calculation for you and give you an accurate
estimation of your FTP and it’s really important
that it does that. – Yes, so once you’ve got your FTP, that will adjust the workout
intensity which best suits you. And once you’ve got that, you can then divide the FTP by your weight and that will give you
your power to weight ratio. Once you’ve got that number, that will put you in a
group or race in a group that really best suits your ability. Oh, Simon. (mellow music) – If you’re using a smart
trainer as James is here, then Zwift can automatically
control your workout so that you have to ride at the correct intensity
as dictated by your FTP and it’s a setting called ERG mode and what it means is that as you start an interval your trainer will automatically
generate the right amount of resistance so that you
put out the necessary power irrespective of what gear you’re in or how fast you’re pedaling. – Yeah, slight warning though Si, this can be really hard so
make sure you prepare yourself, maybe up the cadence or power just before the effort kicks in ’cause the last thing you
wanna do, is get bogged down which I think I’m gonna
be doing in not long. – Yeah, 720 watts James, that’s quite a, – Yeah. – That’s quite an effort. (upbeat music) If it’s not on Strava
it didn’t happen, right? Well, thank goodness it’s incredibly easy to connect your Zwift account
to your Strava account. Just go into the settings menu and click on connections
either on or using our friendly companion app and after you’ve finished your ride, will then automatically upload. – Yes, and you can also
click on that camera icon that will take a picture
while you’re riding on Zwift and then you can upload
it straight to Strava. Well it’s a win win, isn’t it? A selfie while you’re riding Zwift. – Right mate, you ready?
– Yeah. – Say cheese.
– Cheese! (camera clicks)
Oh! – That’s gonna be a good one there. (upbeat music) – You’ve probably seen
fellow Zwifters riding around on these super cool
futuristic looking bikes and wondered what they are. Well, they’re the Zwift Concept Z1 bike and to get it you need to get signed up to the Everesting Challenge. – That’s right, simply
climb the equivalent height of Mount Everest, so 8,850 meters, and then a little bit more, 41,150 meters more to be precise. So yes, 50,000 vertical meters of ascent. So, I mean it might not be
easy but it is at least simple. Now to find the challenge you simply go to your main menu screen and then select which challenge you
would like to undertake. (upbeat music) – You don’t have to have a
smart trainer to enjoy Zwift. You will miss out on
some of the experience, for example going up different gradients or even riding behind riders. But you do have to have a speed sensor that tells Zwift how fast you’re riding. So that means you can
enjoy Zwift no matter what trainer you’ve got. (upbeat music) – I think that doing a
Zwift race is pretty much the most fun that you can
have on a turbo trainer. They’re also completely free and there are races for all abilities so if you wanna get started here is how. First you need to find a race to ride. So you can do that via the events calendar on your companion app or indeed using the Zwift calendar online. Then you need to select the right race for your ability level. They are split into A,
B, C and D level races and they are worked out depending on your power to weight ratio which you’ll remember is your
FTP divided by your weight. Then you simply click on the
one that you want to ride and you’ll get a notification sent to you when you need to line up. There you go, it is as
simple as that, enjoy! (upbeat music) – [Game Character] Hammer time. – Now if you’ve been riding
Zwift you’ll be aware that there’s a few different
locations or courses that you can ride on including
that new one in New York. But what you might not be aware of, there’s five different worlds that rotate on a course calendar and to check out what’s coming up next go onto the home page
of your app to find out. (upbeat music) – Lastly here I think is one that a lot of people don’t know about, trainer settings, okay? So Zwift sets what it calls
the trainer difficulty to 50%, so that means that the
climbs that it’s simulating in the game are ever so slightly easier than they would be outside
but on the flip side, the descents are ever so slightly harder and so what you experience on the bike is an overall slightly more consistent feeling workout. But, now you know about
training difficulty, why not play around with it? Why not take it up to 75%,
why not take it up to 100% for ultimate accuracy and simulation? And then quickly change it back again. – Ouch, sounds painful.
– Yeah. – So there you have it. Now if there’s anything
that you’d like to know that we’ve missed then
make sure you put it in the comments section below and for a more basic guide why don’t you check out our
how-to basic guide video? – You’re lookin’ at, like you’ve got a bit of a sweat on there James. Shall we have, like, number
12, have a massive fan in front of your trainer so that you don’t – Yeah.
– Get quite so hot. – Yeah.

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