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12 Ways To Ride Your E Bike Faster For Free | Unlock Free Speed With E-MTB Skills

12 Ways To Ride Your E Bike Faster For Free | Unlock Free Speed With E-MTB Skills

– We all love going fast on our E-bikes but are you actually getting the most out of the trails that you ride? Here’s my top tips to
ride faster for free. (chill music) Increasing your tire
pressure is gonna give you a faster rolling tire,
great if you’re riding fire roads and things like that, but if you are riding
proper off road terrain it’s going to be a lot less
grip and a lot harsher ride. Saddle height is really
important on your E-bike too, you wanna make sure there’s a slight dip in your leg at the bottom of the stroke when the saddle’s at it’s highest point, any lower than that and
you won’t be getting the maximum power from your body. Pumping can actually give
you a lot of extra speed out on the trail, just
make sure you’re putting in a lot of effort on every single
feature out on the trail. Corners can make or break your speed out on the trail so it’s really
important to get them right, I really favor slow
in, fast out technique, meaning that you can get your line, your footwork, look around the corner and exit that corner as fast as possible. If you’re coming in hot,
chances are your lines gonna be all over the place, your feet are gonna be in bad positions too, it’s just gonna make a
real mess of the corner. When it comes to carrying speed and jumps, you really need to try
and squash those jumps to keep the bike low, if
you’re popping the jumps up really high it means you’re
wasting valuable seconds whilst your wheels aren’t
in contact with the ground. Keep it low, keep those wheels driving, it’s gonna carry a lot more speed. Riding with riders that
are better than you is a really great way of increasing your speed out on the trails. When you first see those guys ride, you’ll be absolutely blown
away by their skills, the lines they take, how they jump, the way they corner, but
that will soon be you, if you ride with those guys. You really need to look
ahead when it comes to riding the trails, that
way you can anticipate the terrain that’s coming a lot quicker allowing you to select what
power mode you need to be in, what gear you need to be
in, where you’re gonna have your seat post dropper and
what line you’re gonna choose. If you looking down at your front wheel you’re gonna make a load of mistakes and the flow simply isn’t gonna happen. Lookin’ at the lines that you use out on the trail can
actually increase your speed massively, especially on
tear or downhill sections. Here we’ve got a typical section, we’ve got a hairpin, switch right hander, but when I was riding this trail, there’s a route behind me
here which actually pushes you across to the right hand side
of the trail as you enter, but there’s a sneaky
line where you can hop the big tree route to my
left and open up that corner, meaning the entry speed into the corner is going to be a lot faster and your gonna be able
to power up that climb, rather than this right hand line you’re gonna come in,
you’re gonna almost come to a stand still, then have to maintain that momentum up the hill. Any feature that’s out on the
trail that disturbs your flow is in turn gonna be taking
speed away from you, in front of me is a rock
garden with some roots, if I simply roll across
this, my suspension, my wheels are going to be
slowed down a lot by it. But I’ve actually noticed
a nice root in front of it, meaning that if I hit that
with enough commitment I can actually bump jump off of that root and clear this whole section, in turn the exit speed is gonna be almost doubled. When things get crazy
fast out on the trails, it’s time to get aero, you might have seen the Tour De France riders descending, tucks up into tiny little
balls on their bikes, that way they’re maximizing
the air flow over them, getting aero, the same
applies to your mountain bike, if you’re coming down the hill bot upright with your dropper upright,
you’re gonna be acting like a big sail, it’s time
to get down and get aero and gain a few miles per hour. Braking less is obviously
gonna increase your speed on the trail a lot more,
were all guilty of this thing called comfort braking,
sections where we just slightly break and drag
our brakes a little bit is actually not doing
a lot to slow you down, it’s just your brain getting scared and pulling those brakes
on, you’re fine if you just release the brakes the
bikes actually gonna flow through that section a lot faster, it’s gonna increase the
speed a lot more too. Making two trail features into one can increase your speed
massively out on the trail, in front of me here I’ve got two rollers, meaning that if you ride
it at a mediums pace, you’re probably gonna roll
through those tow rollers, but if you come in committed
you can actually make that one double style jump,
increasing your speed probably on the landing by up to about twice. So come in committed, pick up, big jump, linking the two, you’ll
be flying down the trail. So there you go, I really hope
you’ve enjoyed today’s video on how to ride your
trails faster for free, if you wanna see a master at work, I really suggest you
check out Fabien Barel finding flow out on the trail, that’s a really cool video up here, don’t forget if you’ve
enjoyed today’s video give us a thumbs up, drop us
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17 comments on “12 Ways To Ride Your E Bike Faster For Free | Unlock Free Speed With E-MTB Skills

  1. Cool tips Chris! I don't have an ebike as yous know but I can still use this video to help progress! Awesome! 👍😎

  2. I dont want to go any faster…is that all there is?
    I like fun tracks with changing scenery and lots of picnic tables.
    I'll get my coat.

  3. E bikes, know your place, the ill, long term injured and elderly. Any disciplines you struggle with in MTB can be trained on, struggling on climbs? Do hill intervals etc. The reason they are disliked is that they go against the ethics of MTB, a good analogy is steroids in sports, people don’t like the fact someone is gaining an advantage for something they haven’t worked for, be it electronic or anabolic “assistance”. So don’t turn up on your E Mtb thinking you will be accepted as an equal. As Bobby Bouchers mum said “Those E Bikes are the Devil”.

  4. How did you enjoy Dalby?

    This is the place which made me finally decide to emtb rode the red and black on my XC bike then hired a Trek powerfly and rode the same red black route and absolutely loved it

  5. I know this video seems pretty obvious, but you are bang on, we try to put all of these things into practise, but it's easier to say than do, I guess practise makes perfect.
    in my head I want to ride with you and Sam Pilgrim doing huge jumps and back flips, I was born in 69 and the last time I hit a quarter pip was over 30 years ago, so I think I mist that boat, best just stick to trials and trails. Lol

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