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13 Of The Worst Bike Lanes & Cycle Ways In The World

(intense music) – We all want more dedicated
bike lanes in our towns and cities, but not all bike
lanes are good bike lanes, in fact, some are bad, some are very bad and you
have been sending in examples. So coming up are some of the
world’s worst bike paths. (bouncy upbeat music) – First up, Andy sends in this from
Tama River in Toyko, Japan. Yeah, that’s a low
bridge over a bike path. – Yeah, now we’re not entirely sure, but the text on that bridge might say, this bike path is suitable
only for accumbent or it might simply be saying, duck. – Yeah. Looks incredible dangerous, doesn’t it? – Yeah.
– Yeah. (lighthearted rhythmic music) – Next up, Chris has sent
this one in from Lisbon. Now if the previous one was
a case of can’t go under it, this one is a case of can’t get over it. That is a lovely, lovely
looking bike path with a, what? Waist-high steel barrier right across the middle of it rending it, presumably, relatively useless. – Yeah, a big bunny hop
you’re going to have to go over that, aren’t you? – Well, yeah, maybe that is just a bike path for some
seriously skilled individuals. (upbeat music) – Mark sent this one in
from Kingston, Ontario. Yes, quite a few obstacles there, haven’t we? We’ve got a fire hydrant. A pole. Another pole. Another pole and a few
more poles in the distance. – That’s right and if that
wasn’t enough it’s also a shared pathway. Mark actually says that he would rather take his chances with the 4000 pound vehicles
and texting drivers. Personally, I’d rather take my chances
with an inanimate pole, but I do take your point. That is one seriously sketchy bike path. – It’s a serious obstacle
course, isn’t it, right there. – Next up, we have this one sent in from Cascais in Portugal by Bernardo. This is another slightly
sketchy looking bike lane. Straight on the entrance
there we have a drain cover. Now that wouldn’t trouble you too much, but look in the distance, ’cause there right in the
middle of your bike lane is a massive pole. – I mean, it’s narrow
and it’s got even narrow. I don’t think even my
shoulders will get through the end there. – No, no I think, I think the bike lane is
rendered effectively useless at that point, but still,
nice that they thought of us. (bouncy music) – Michael sent this one
from Colchester in Essex. A bike path with a few steps and then as you can see in the distance, you’ve got some more steps to go up. – That’s right, I mean, to be fair I’m tempted by that nice little narrow
ramp on the edge, you know, that will be a test
for any rider’s skills. But, perhaps, that’s not
necessarily what you want from a bike path. – No, I mean, you’re definitely not going
to get up those ones in the distance, are you? – No, no, that is, ill-thought-out bike infrastructure. Next, this is one of our favorites. Piero from Hong Kong has sent in what he thinks is possible the
shortest bike lane in the world. In fact, it might be the
only bike lane in the world that is wider than it is long. Also, that’s a lot of bollards
per square meter there, isn’t it? I mean, I’m not entirely
sure what they’re doing, nor am I necessarily sure where that bike path is taking you. It looks like it’s from one bit of pedestrianized precinct to another. – I mean, it’s an absolute
perfect boules court, isn’t it? – Yes you could play boules there all though, probably not big enough. I suspect the only thing you
could do on that, really, is break dance. – Yeah, you ready for it? – Yeah, when I say the only
thing you could do, I mean, literally the only thing you could do. Yeah, I don’t think I could. (energetic music) (lighthearted rhythmic music) – This one’s sent in from Zuzanna on the Munich Venice bike path and check that out. I mean, weather’s taken
it’s toll there, isn’t it, on that bike path? – Yeah, that used to be one
of the best bike paths in the world, James, and by a cruel twist of fate, it’s now in one of the
worst, which is unfortunate. She points out that not only
do you need a bike for this, you actually also need climbing gear, ’cause apparently the drop to the river is several meters at best. – [James] Yeah.
– That is frustrating, isn’t it? ‘Cause what an amazing bike path, but perhaps next year it’ll be in our top 10 best bike
lanes in the world video. – Yeah, approach with caution. (bouncy music) – Now, Susanne, has sent this
one in from Shizuoka in Japan. Similar to our previous version, the Pacific Coast cycle lane
may well once have been one of the premier bike paths in the world. Now it’s a sand dune. Yes, and once you’ve
successfully navigated that, Suzanne has sent in a
picture of the next obstacle, which appears to be some kind of forest and then, finally, once you’ve got through the
bush you then have to swim. So– – [James] Quite the bike path. – [Simon] Well, yeah, I mean, maybe that actually is just like a special adventure bike path. – I mean, it’s just testing
all of your skills, isn’t it? – Absolutely, yeah. It’s a true survival bike path. I don’t fancy it on my commute to work, but maybe it could be just an adventure. – Yeah, I’d agree with that one. – One for your bucket list, James? – No. Ian sends this in from San Francisco. One day on my commute to
my old job in Concord, I stumbled upon this
enormous share the road sign that some extremely thoughtful
individual had erected in the middle of the bike lane. I suppose, true to it’s word, it’s forcing us to share the road, but I can’t help feeling like, why this misses the point somehow. And I agree. I mean, you definitely
going to have to share the road aren’t you there. – You really are. Well maybe that is it,
maybe it’s bike riders, share the road. Don’t just stay in your bike path, just mix it up a bit with
all the cars next to you. – Share the road, you know!
– Share it! – Forcing you there.
– Yeah! Yeah. Yeah, no, don’t really
understand that one. – No. (energetic music) – Right, Asa has sent this one
in from Leeds here in the UK. Another contender for the
shortest bike paths in the world. This one is a tiny cycle lane around the corner from my parents
house on Nursery Lane in Leeds. It’s been there for many years, but I can’t think what use it is to anyone and I’ve got to agree. I’m not entirely sure what
that bike path is doing at all. – I mean, I don’t think I
would’ve clipped in before I got to the end of that bike path. – No, what a waste of
red paint if nothing else and why has no one erased it? It looks like someone has not only painted that bike path, James, it’s been there for many years, it’s probably been repainted as well. It’s like an example of, like, this is a great bike path. Brilliant. Fantastic. – Let’s smarten up a bit. – You know what? It’s part of me, ’cause that’s not all that far away from us. We should just go for a ride. We should go up to Leeds
and ride on that bike path. – Yeah, I’ll leave you to that one. – Okay, I’ll do it by myself. – Gier Ove in Voss, Norway with this. Now this is a, kind of, what came first the chicken or the egg? I mean, what came first here, the house or the bike path? – Well, yeah, in either
case it does seem odd. Why did someone build
a house on a bike path or why did someone build a
bike path into someone’s house? Yeah, I mean, technically, you could squeeze passed it, but at night you could
probably be forgiven for riding straight into
that wall, couldn’t you? – Imagine it when you’re
sleeping and then suddenly. – You be like, there’s another one.
– Oh, really? (laughing) – Not again. You just go out your front door and then you put your head
around the corner and be like, you all right? Yeah, what’s your house
on a bike path for? Yeah, I’m sorry. (bouncy upbeat music) Michael says that this is the
worst bike lane he knows about and it’s only three minutes
ride from his house in Germany. Now, Michael, I sympathize, but where is the bike lane? I mean, that is a sign
post in a field to my mind. He also goes further and says that in Germany if there is a bike path denoted with a sign, you’re legally obliged to use it. Which makes me think, James, that in that long grass there, you might stumble across, well, I dunno, several cyclists, like, lost trying to find the
bike path and then get out. – Yeah, ride with compass, do you know what I mean? Like, you’re definitely
getting lost through there, aren’t you? – Yeah, yeah, that is
not a great bike path. – No. And the last one in from
Danilo in Santiago, Chile. Now that just has all sorts
of danger written on it, all over that. Because even if you got off your bike and you jumped over the thing, you’ve still got to try
and get over the next one and it’s, yeah. – Why, why would somebody do that, James? I mean, looking at the state
of those barriers as well, I’m no expert, but I’d say they’ve been
there for quite some time. – It also looks like a cyclist has taken some sort
of tool to the bottom of it. – Well you would, wouldn’t you? You’d basically, you’d
try and get rid of it. What on earth, what on earth is going on
Santiago with that poor, old bike path? – Everything. There you have it. That was our selection of the worst bike paths known to humanity. Now what should they do next then, Si? – Well, we want to see more of the worlds worst bike paths.
– Yes we do. – This is just a tiny fraction, so make sure you send them in. You can use the uploader, the link to which is in the description. Click on that and you’ll be able to
send them directly to us. – And make sure you give
this video a big thumbs up. – Yeah, and if you want to
watch another video right now, why don’t you click on screen.

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