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100 comments on “130HP Engine Swapped Odyssey Test Drive

  1. It looks like it needs floor boards. Hate to see you go over a big bump and have your leg drop through the floor.

  2. This is nothing short of MADNESS!!!!!! Got any build videos I can thouroughly study so I can do something similar to mine?

  3. The original odessy had wrist loops on the steering wheel to put your hands through that kept your arms from flailing out side of the cart while barrel rolling down a cliff.

  4. So inspiring to see people actually building and creating cool stuff in the great outdoors even if it's a suicide machine very cool

  5. Pretty cool build other than the fan and radiator being above the engine and your head or I should say helmet will end up smashing the radiator fins.

  6. So glad I found this YouTube channel … subscribed and liking every vid. Just amazing you guys. Rock on. Your instagram account is legit as well!!! Checking ur Facebook page later tonight .. got a few more vids to watch first. By the way I also enjoyed the Q and A vids. Rock on guys !!!

  7. If that has 4 wheel's not an's a Pilot…Pilots are extremely rare. It's an evolution of the Odyssey and the last version of the Odyssey style.

  8. How can you dare you let the Barbie mustang stand in the rain πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ 

  9. Can the Odyssey's transmission handle the rmk? Ive been wanting to do a similar build, just cant ever find an Odyssey.

  10. When this thing is done, you have a serious contender to take over to Pismo Beach California to the sand drags or Glamis dunes.

    Years ago I had friend who threw a 3cyl nitrous powered snowmobile engine in an 85 Honda ATC 250R frame with a 6f long extended swingarm.
    That thing was unbeatable for years even though it was full on lunatic fringe to ride.

    I'd love to build one of these with a Busa engine and 6speed in it. Hmm, one for street and one for dirt…………………………

    Keep up the crazy cool builds.

  11. nice ride gays! I have a 2-stroke twin cylinder kawasaki js650sx i'm thinking about putting it on my fox carbide 150 or my ktm 300..

  12. Every time I watch a video of yours, I am amazed. You have a great engineering mind that seems to have no boundaries; keep it up and stay safe.

  13. Do that with gasoline in Germany … You should upload something here, otherwise there is a visit, seriously, not a nice visit! Other countries different manners πŸ˜‰

  14. Looks like maybe to much pressure in those rear tires? Used to run ours at 15lbs. But you do have some weight back there haha. Nice ride you guys got there though. Awesome job!

  15. Y'all are going to need a larger radiator along with a 8 inch bungeee cord for your ears….. to keep your jaw and mouth closed every time you crack that throttle !! ; )

  16. I HATE the advertising bits in all this content sooooooo GAY cut that shit out an then it would be more enjoyable to watch #GAYESTADDS

  17. Hey guys – great videos but alot of time I just listen to the music. { great arrangements } tinker away. & take this Odyssey
    to the Beach?

  18. Pissing gas, smoking, thinking of catching fire, cut the zip ties, yank it, pour some of it back into the gas cans while still giving commentary without breaking stride.

  19. I really like all the things you do – especially the buggies (Odyssey, etc).Β  You guys are very talented fabricators.Β  It reminds me of the 1000RR sand rail I built almost 10 years ago – still running it every year at St. Anthony sand dunes.Β  Thank you for keeping the content clean (language, etc.).Β  I live in southern Idaho – where abouts are you in Northern Idaho????Β  Just for kicks, here is a link to my first ride in the buggy >>Β ΒΒ  <<.

  20. U joints can where your ass out,.,-() I had those tires on my blaster back when I was a kid they were cheap back then and they were really the best, you can go anywhere back in 1997, got me out of some scary places on my blaster Yamaha 200cc six Speed. it was really 196 cc's. I miss that thing sold it for a thousand bucks, dad got it out of the Hunting magazine in arkansas it was on sale for $4,000. Dad brought it home in the Ford Bronco sticking out of the back with the handlebars glistening blue fenders and orange bright orange rims and tires I came out of the front door of that single wide trailer help my dad get it out of the back of the Bronco 1994 blue 351 Windsor carbureted

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