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15 Survival Vehicles Plan B Ready | ATVs + Jetpack | Amphibious Motorcycle

15 Survival Vehicles Plan B Ready | ATVs + Jetpack | Amphibious Motorcycle

– [Glen] As they say, “Fail
to prepare prepare to fail.” I think everyone has at least
daydreamed about their own personal plan for escaping zombies at least once in their life. Could you survive a zombie apocolypse? I’m Glen and here are 15
vehicles that could help you. – [Announcer] After an
experimental bio-weapon is released turning thousands into
zombie like creatures. – [Announcer] Number 15. – [Glen] The Combat Guard
looks and feels like your own mini tank. Plastered in army camouflage
the Combat Guard is like the lovechild of a truck and a dune buggy. Capable of rolling through
or smashing over all terrain. They won’t be able to
run and they sure as hell won’t be able to hide
with you behind the wheel of this monster machine. Top speeds of 75 miles
per hour on the road, 50 miles per hour off road, as well as gradeability
of 70%, 16R20 tires, a 400 horsepower engine
and ballistic windows will make this your
enemies worst nightmare. And, it can hold six people. So, room to keep the whole family safe. With options for weapon systems available. – [Announcer] Number 14. – [Glen] What better way to
avoid trouble on the ground than to take to the skies. The brand new JB11 combines height, speed and agility with robust safety. It features three smaller,
turbojet engines on each side of the pilot with built in
stabilization technology to avoid engine failure or spiraling. The futuristic jet pack
can reach top speeds of a whopping 150 miles an hour. So, you’ll be able to glide away from those zombie hordes with ease. – [Announcer] Number 13. – [Glen] Another perfect way
to escape the dangers on road, escape to the water. Everyone knows those
pesky zombies can’t swim. (zombie growling) The Biski looks like
a futuristic motorbike and is capable of both
land and water usage. It can reach an impressive
80 miles an hour on land and 37 miles per hour on water but this should still be more than enough for a quick getaway. Just make sure you don’t use up your 20 liters of fuel too fast. – [Announcer] Number 12. – [Glen] Why not go one better
and get yourself an escape vehicle that can travel on
both water and in the air? The FIB stands for flying inflatable boat and it does exactly
what it says on the tin. The vehicle uses an
inflatable boat for water use as well as a hang glider style
design to take to the skies. Fly high and watch the
carnage below with a friend or sail out far away from the destruction. The FIB boasts maximum
speeds of 50 miles per hour and a 4.5 meter per second rate of climb. – [Announcer] Number 11. (dramatic music) – [Glen] The Wildcat APC,
armored personnel carrier, is an MRAP vehicle made by
Israel Military Industries. Its chassis is based on
the TATRA 4×4 platform. It is mine resistant so it
will be more than a match for any explosions or hordes in your path. The basic armor can also protect against 7.62 millimeter armor-piercing
bullets and RPG hits. You can be sure that no one
will be able to even scratch you from within it’s sturdy hull. It has a maximum road speed
of 62 miles per hour too so the Wildcat is no slouch. – [Announcer] Number 10. – [Glen] Like a tank mixed with a supercar and something straight out of James Bond, this billionaire supertank reaches speeds of upwards of 90 miles an hour. It’s able to withstand
assault rifle fire without penetration to the
interior and the Ripsaw EV3 comes with seating for one,
two, three, or four occupants. This is the perfect vehicle
for traveling long distances at high speeds with a range of 250 miles. Comfortable both on road
and off road the Ripsaw is the most luxurious
of survival vehicles. After all, why not survive in style? – [Announcer] Number nine. – [Glen] Another all-terrain,
amphibious vehicle for ya next is the Gibbs Quadski Patrol. A monster both on land and
water the Quadski is designed for police departments to
expand their field of operation. However, it can also be a
perfect doomsday vehicle. It can hit an impressive 35
miles per hour on both land and water using a BMW
four-cylinder engine. Like a quad bike, jet ski and
a police cruiser all in one. The Quadski definitely packs a punch for your apocolypse needs. – [Announcer] Number eight. – [Glen] Before we even get
down to its capabilities the Sherp is a unique looking
being like an armored, metal box on the biggest
and thickest of wheels. The Sherp is definitely the
vehicle built for all jobs. It is capable of clamoring
over boulders, trees and any other obstacles up
to 2 1/2 feet in height. The Sherp can even carve
through swamp areas, snow, ice and can float on water at speeds of around four miles per hour if needed. There is literally no terrain in which the Sherp can not find a home. – [Announcer] Number seven. – [Glen] As the name suggests this monster is built for hunting. Perfect for those of you who
are fans of a seek and destroy method of apocolypse survival. The Avenger can hold six people on land but only four once it
transitions to water. So you may have to leave
your best fighters behind, or weakest, that’s your choice. Looking like a boat on
thick wheels the Avenger is capable of traversing swamps, sand, mud and all kinds of off-road terrain. A 30 horsepower,
twin-cylinder, liquid cooled, electronic fuel injected engine will be just the ticket
to get you from A to B. – [Announcer] Number six. – [Glen] At the end of its
successful 18-month trip around the globe in 2012,
PlanetSolar was the largest solar-powered boat in the world. The $26 million catamaran
style vessel measured 101 feet long and 49
feet wide with a capacity of up to 50 passengers. Some 537 square meters
of photovoltaic panels powered this Swiss designed solar boat during its round the world journey. As long as the sun is shining
your surviving in style and comfort with plenty of
room for friends and family. – [Announcer] Number five. – [Glen] What better
way to avoid the zombies and destruction below? Take to the skies and rarely ever land. The Solar Impulse 2 was the
first ever solar-powered airplane capable of flying
through the day and night. Its huge wingspan is covered
in the latest solar-power technology meaning a
36 hour nonstop flight is well within the realms of possibility. In 2016 it completed a 26,000
mile journey around the world using nothing but solar energy. Perfect for an apocolypse setting where fuel would not be readily available. It has a cruise speed of 43 miles an hour and a flight ceiling of 28,000 feet to keep you well out of harms way. – [Announcer] Number four. – [Glen] The beast of
all tanks, the Leopard 2, was developed in the 1970s
with the specific aim of serving the west German army in war. So imagine what it could do
in an apocalyptic setting. With a top speed of 42 miles
an hour, a range of 340 miles and the thickest of steel
armor, no one will be able to touch the four
inhabitants of the Leopard. It is also fully equipped with a Rheinmetall 120
millimeter smoothbore gun and two machine guns for the ultimate fire
power against enemies. Roll into battle in this
monster capable of eating up all forms of terrain beneath its tracks. – [Announcer] Number three. – [Glen] Like a Jeep on steroids. The Marauder is an
all-terrain, armored vehicle capable of cross country
travel with agility and speed. The vehicle also boasts mine protection and double-skinned spaced armor to protect against kinetic attacks. Extra armor choices can be fitted for ever more stopping power. The Marauder was described as the world’s most unstoppable vehicle on Top Gear which shows the credentials
that this vehicle has. It can reach a top speed
of around 75 miles an hour, with a range of 435 miles. This 10 person beast is the
heavyweight of all vehicles. – [Announcer] Number two. – [Glen] Straight out of your nightmares, or your wildest dreams
depending on your attitude, the ZIL Punisher was supposed
to be the Russian equivalent of the Humvee and despite
weighing a huge 132 tons it can reach top speeds of
a whopping 93 miles an hour. As for armored troop carriers
it’s the fastest in the world. That’s weight, power and speed combined under one thick metal exterior. Perfect for mowing down any
number of zombie hordes. – [Announcer] Number one. – [Glen] The Mantis was
designed by Carmor specifically to fill the brief of
improving survivability, lethality and mobility under one roof. It is a tactical, armored,
fighting vehicle designed for the frontline of battle. The Mantis is all-terrain, lightweight and heavily armored, proving
the perfect apocolypse car. Shielded from gun fire, roadside
bombs and chemical attacks, the designers say the
modular vehicle can take on various battlefield roles. The Mantis looks like
something an imaginative child might create out of
Legos but with the option of a 50 Caliber M2
machine gun fitted on top, this war machine is anything but a toy. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments
below what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the Subscribe
button to stay up to date with all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching,
I’ll see you guys next time. (gentle music)

100 comments on “15 Survival Vehicles Plan B Ready | ATVs + Jetpack | Amphibious Motorcycle

  1. Hi everyone! There was a misread on the script on # 2s weight being 132 tons. The correct weight is 13.2 tons. Sorry about that, I'm on the road traveling and missed the post edit. I'll be sure to dock my pay a beer later tonight. 🤷‍♂️😱🍺

  2. I'll have to go with the Ribsaw any vehicle with tracks is perfect for all terrains including the Leopard tank which also can be submerged in water like a submarine.

  3. Leopard 2a7 the only one i would take into combat! And I'm American! (Sorry m-1 abrams to heavy and terrible fuel mileage.)

  4. I'm a little confused as to why these are good zombie-specific vehicles… the focus is a bit wonky here. Don't get me wrong, these are all extremely good choices for a Mad Max, road-warrior-style apocalypse, but a zombie outbreak?

    Many of these items focus on the vehicle's resistance to bombs, mines and weapons fire – but we're talking about zombies here, a horde of relentless, dumb animated corpses. Traditional depictions show zombies as too stupid to operate doorhandles, let alone effectively use firearms and other military-spec weapons (besides, that would probably spoil the taste when they got hold of you to eat your tasty brains). I don't think you need to worry too much about cunningly crafted and hidden IEDs at the roadside with these guys, is what I'm saying – they're zombies, not ISIS.

    Kit the thing out with light-to-medium armoured plating and some defensive weaponry, sure, but anything else is irrelevant in a zombie scenario and just adds unnecessary weight (requiring more fuel, thereby lowering your effective range and speed). There's more important things to worry about than zombies with guns & grenades ambushing your truck with a claymore mine in the road.

    The most often-seen tactic used by zombies in the movies is a swarm of bodies – it's a simple enough strategy that they can get their rotting brains behind it without having anything more than instinctive reactions. A corpsified battering-ram attack is more important to consider than a munitions-based military assault in this scenario.

    So let's say you're sitting in a huge heavy high-sided murdervan, and an endless swarm of the undead blindsides you from the left – suddenly, they tip you over with sheer weight of bodies, and your vehicle is on its side. You may as well be a turtle spinning on its shell at that point, unable to move with your fleshy belly exposed. Suddenly, your driver and any passengers have been thrown around like clothes in a tumble dryer, causing injury and head trauma as they bounce off the bulkheads, and your turret operator had been thrown clear into a waiting pack of deadheads with no hope of returning to the vehicle while the turret itself is now just an open and inviting porthole at ground level with unfettered access to the tasty brains leaking from your driver's smashed skull.

    Your sweet zombie-killing ride just turned into a nightmare deathtrap with its wheels spinning uselessly in the air in an instant. Far more important than excessive hull-plating which can survive a close-quarters fragmentation explosion is some sort of self-righting mechanism to tip your wagon back on its wheels without you having to disembark and put yourself in danger (or even better, a wider wheelbase than the vehicle's height coupled with a low centre of gravity to prevent it toppling in the first place).

    Another thing which is notably absent from most of these designs is actual living quarters… you could well find yourself holed up in one of these vehicles overnight as your search radius expands beyond the first couple of days, so you'd need somewhere to sleep, rations and a means of preparing them, rudimentary first aid and triage capabilities for bites and broken limbs, and probably a sizeable storage area for weapons, ammo and salvage – all accessible without leaving the vehicle, if possible. When I read the title of this video I was envisioning something more like a highly-defensible RV than a militarised "Dark Knight" Batmobile, something more like the expedition vehicles you've shown elsewhere.

    Unless you're planning for a big tin can to just sit in and starve while the relentless zombies scratch at your bulletproof windows day and night until they break through or wear down their fingers or you give up hope on day 3 and just throw open the doors and accept the inevitable, these vehicles aren't much good against zombies unless you're outrunning them or hitting them at speed. If they catch you with your pants down (that's another thing you'd need in a good zombie-apocalypse build – an indoor chemical toilet!) and you haven't started your engine yet, you had better just pull out a good book and settle in to wait for death by attrition.

    I'm just saying, these vehicles are cool and all – but they're mostly of limited use (with a couple being a downright liability) in the specific scenario of a zombie apocalypse, if you think them through. As far as I can see, the only viable option here appears to be taking to the big solar boat, getting used to a seafood diet and filtered seawater, and writing off dry land forever unless you can find some isolated island in the ocean somewhere that the zombie plague can't reach.

    And pray they can't follow you under the water.

    Don't let testosterone override your common sense, people. If you don't use your brains, the zombies will. 😉

  5. Like the Mantis , but love the Ripsaw, Sherp, & the Turanor PlanetSolar trimaran! However, please also give us the speeds & mass in metric as well as imperial, as it's really irritating to try & keep making rough conversions in my head!

  6. #15 – I Want it. You guys finally started the video with what turned out to be my favorite.
    Very cool vehicle for sure!

  7. So hard to decide which vehicle would be best in a zombie apocalypse but I'm tossing up between the maurader and the mantis. Mostly because they would both be useful for finding parking at the mall 😂😂😂. Items should always be multi purpose 😉

  8. With a good high powered rifle and decent scope and a little bit of practice you can pretty much get what you want if SHTF !

  9. A vehicle that has strong 4 wheel independent suspension that's not stamped steel. Either electric, diesel or turboshaft/electric hybrid.

  10. Some innovative vehicles, but a few were a bit much. But always good to see the latest in line of defense and protection. Thanks for posting and sharing them. Peace !

  11. What i need is that solar air plane so i can live above the ground, a jet pack for me to resupply groceries and stuff and the all terrain short truck that goes anywere to go on land so i can scavenge some stuff for survival and back to my house on the island.

  12. leopard 2 tank??. 4 people capacity? that's a BS. there's a lot of variety of tank. but if I'm only going against zombies I don't think I need a no space cramped up tank, there's no room in a tank to bring more equipment and foods. APC (armored personnel carrier) is more than wise and ideal of surviving zombie apocalypse scenario. you can bring more family and more guns and food/water.

  13. We , the sunni people in Iraq are already living among a nation of Zombies ( the shi'ite ), whom we cannot recognize by figure but they can recognize us by our names and the regions of residency . It was the Americans who strengthened those Zombies and enabled them to rule Iraq , Therefore it's their responsibility to get rid of them ( and we will help ) before they become a threat for the whole nations of the middle east .

  14. some nice stuff there but in an apocalypse scenario none of the ground vehicles would last long due to requiring fuel. I would take #15 adding on a trailer to carry #9 but convert them to electric with plenty of solar panels on the roof

  15. I've always wondered how one keeps their legs from being set ablaze from the exhaust of a jet pack…

    Am I the only one thinking this???

  16. Zombies? laughable. Gangsters? oh yes…much more credible threat.
    Nr. 15: All is fun and laughs until you need to change a tire.
    Nr. 14: please…
    Nr. 13: Yep. Unexpectedly getting into the water can make your day.
    Nr. 12: Very versatile…good for bugging out as much as you plan your route and fly high enough to not receive a bullet from down under.
    Wildcat? oh yeah. With the proper tires though.
    Ripsaw…well, it´s something that maybe Kiyosaki or some other megarich dude would drive to their bunkers.
    Quad Ski, sure, as long as you can carry enough fuel.
    Sherp?…can´t see any space for a spare tire. No thanks.
    The 6×6 Adventure, I like it, but should have a good silencer and ability to carry a lot of gear. Depends on how far into the woods you´d go though.
    Turanor solar catamaran? out of my pockets reach for the moment.
    Solar plane? cool. Until you have to land somewhere to not starve to death.
    Leopard tank? yep. For a while or for some short trips to look for supplies. Maintenance is an issue though…
    Russians finally seem to be much more realistic: armored vehicles with tires are a joke.

    People, a burst will rip off pieces of your tires and they will fall apart until there is nothing but bare metal on your wheels. Unless you spend a ton of money in special run-flat tires hoping that they will be used before their expiration date (meaning with that you´re going to run away to escape while you´re being shot at with automatic weapons at short distance)

    Russian armored car has protection on the tires. It looks as ugly as can be, but it is going to work much better than naked tires. And lots of space, also. That would be my choice, but I would drop a nice Cummins 5.7 engine on that thing, instead of whatever rusky engine it could have.

  17. >survival vehicles
    >only two examples could move without fuel
    Nice joke.
    The ultimate apocalyptic vehicles are:
    – wood gas generator powered trucks;
    – mutli-fuel vehicles;
    – velomobilevelocar with additional energy generator and solar panels;
    – ship with sails, solar cells and windmills;
    – steam powered vehicles, planes and ships;
    – solar-powered gliders.

  18. Absolutely Lvd it!!
    I gr8ly njoy Combat Vehicles: I collected comix n d '80s,njoyin
    Batman's & Punisher's ones.I can't say which 1 iz my fave,az I'm m-presd[impressed] w/all of 'em.Thanx 2 d Contributors & Mbrs [members]hu made dis vdo possible!

  19. Did I see it wrong or in 10:02, Mantis' left front door has a gap which is opening to outside just above the window line? If Mantis has a flaw like this, it would not stand against a chemical attack.

  20. The ripsaw was in GI joe and fast and furious, they're built here in utah and are really reliable, uses a Chevy 6.0 liter LS, extremely reliable motor .

  21. The mantis needs to be a 6×6 for that type of claim with rubber tires. Head kicks or not u have your tires shot with a decent caliber weapon you're in trouble. A 6×6 would give better assurance there

  22. FYI: While the Sherp is a world-class ATV, it isn't armored, and while the wheel treads are solid, the tires themselves are virtual balloons, with soft skins so that the pressure can be constantly adjusted to the terrain. And since you're calling them "survival vehicles," the Leopard tank is only such for its crew – until it meets an anti-tank weapon designed to destroy it.

  23. Ja klar…. Ich nehme den Leopard! ^^ Nicht`s geht über deutschen Stahl und deutsche Motoren, gepaart mit glorreicher Feuerkraft!

  24. There's no steel tire guard in case the enemy shoots the tires from the sides., I have seen an armored personnel carrier tires went flat when rebels shot its tires.

  25. Welcome to the world of make believe! Where your best options include a vehicle made out of kyte and raft and a jetpack, which we can all get our hands on and know how to use. This is just entertainment, nothing useful at all.

  26. Excellent video presentation and same types of latest vehicles designing, manufacturing, testing, developing, selling under government licence always done by one of our child hood unmarried richest healthy wealthy bodybuilder friend's developed luxurious living country and city area multi vehicles manufacturing companies +91 8624874187

  27. 9:15 132 tons? That's more the a locomotive. I think something got lost in translation. Move the decimal to the left maybe?

  28. 7:21 "using nothing but solar energy" – that is not the complete truth… It also uses several teams of technicians, engineers and meteorologists
    around the route to stay in contact.

  29. Good vid, but I wish you had shown more interiors; for example, what is a survival vehicle without a toilet!?! (lol)! Thanks anyway!

  30. The day you need a survival vehicle, will be the day all gas stations will run out of fuel.

    The best survival vehicle you can get is a bicycle with runflat tires.

  31. You know …, when people presents you an idea in a formal way, very excited , right. But the only thing that you can extract from the entire idea while they talk to you, is fantasy bullshit and an absolute ignorance. And you don't know why you slightly draw an involuntary smile, because you are actually feeling frustrated with the level of fantasy, ignorance and the lack of logical reasoning of the human race. Have you ever encountered yourself, in such situation in your life?

  32. With the right survival gear, you could live on that solar boat indefinitely. Find some place sunny and calm, have a hydroponic set up to grow food, use the electricity to distill drinking water and separate the sea salt. That thing would be the ultimate luxury house boat.

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