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2 Chainz Gets Tattooed with Ink from a Motorcycle

2 Chainz Gets Tattooed with Ink from a Motorcycle

Hey, man, what’s up? What’s up, man? How you doing? What’s going on? I’m 2 Chainz. Ryan Jenkins,
Hart & Huntington. Yeah, so this episode of
“Most Expensivest,” we discuss
finishing touches. I’m in Vegas,
I’m ballin’ hard. I’m doing
outlandish stuff. And before I go back
to the city, I need to get
a piece of ink, something to remember
my time out here. I have three kids — Heaven, Harmony,
and Halo. I got Heaven name,
so I’m thinking about getting Harmony
and Halo’s name, and I’m, basically,
running out of room. So I’m really stuck between
a rock and a hard place. We can go with, maybe, a halo over something
to represent Halo. Maybe a music note
for Harmony. Yeah. So just something real small,
something… Yeah. You know, represent
both of them. Yeah, I like that. Yeah. Maybe fill up this area
right here. Yeah. Okay. What kind of ink
y’all got now? Special ink —
What this is? So we got this
Indian Ink here and this is from
Carey Hart’s burn-out, his exhaust from
his Indian motorcycle. ♪♪ So, basically,
what he did is, he just set there on the gas,
did a burn-out, and then Franco Vescovi from Vatican Studios
in Orange County, extracted the carbon
from the burn-out, ’cause carbon’s
a main ingredient in ink. He sterilized that,
purified it, put it into an ink form, and then you got
Indian Ink here. Oh. I love the packaging. I’m into marketing a lot. That is so dope right there. I love it. There’s only 10 bottles
in existence, and we’ll never
do it again. Man, this is crazy. So how much for this
whole thing? You know, right now,
we’re doing like $300 a cap. Like a cap? A cap. $300 just for that? $300 just for that. Jenkins: It’s probably about
30 caps in there, so that’s like a $1,000
bottle of ink. Man, that’s a very expensive
finishing touch, if I may add. How much is a regular
bottle of ink? Probably get something
twice that size for $20. Twice that size for $20? Yeah. Regular ink. Yeah. Narrator: Tattoo ink has
come a long way. The earliest evidence
of tattoo art was found on a 5,300-year-old iceman
named Otzi. All of his 50 tats were made by rubbing charcoal
into fine cuts in the skin. Yikes! Today, we’re much
more civilized. Capture a little bit of carbon
from motorcycle burn-outs to make really expensive ink. We don’t know how many goats
Otzi paid for his sweet-ass body art, but here’s what we do know — the iceman rocked a banging
lower-back tattoo. Was it for medicinal acupuncture
like scientist believe, or was our man
just getting amped for a Cabo spring break? This all right for me
to use? Y’all let black folks —
put this on black folks — person before? Swear to God, man. I’m serious, man. I don’t want to break out
by this shit. It got to react good
to brown skin, or we gonna be having problems
and stuff, man. I haven’t had any problems so
far tattooing up anybody. You done tattooed somebody black
with that stuff, man? I have tattooed somebody black
with this. You got to put a lot of ink
on there. I got some $20 ink on me, man,
staying for a long time. So you gonna put Halo and
Harmony right there? You want me to write it
or you want me to dr– I was gonna draw like a little,
couple music notes with a little halo
over top of it. For something you gonna
symbolize. Something to symbolize. Exactly. You gonna — Let me see what
you got in mind, man. I’m concerned about
this motorcycle exhaust system. ‘Cause when I hear exhaust,
I hear… [ Laughter ]
…I think emissions test. All right, you ready? Yeah, I’m ready. ♪♪ I’ve got tatted in Vegas
before. But I actually flew
my tattoo artist out to Vegas. A lot of people
can’t take it. A lot of people
can’t take ’em for the area
that they’re in on the body and the length of time that
it takes to do it. What’s the most sensitive area
to get a tattoo, in your opinion? Well, for me,
personally, it has to be my feet…
or behind my knees. The back of your legs. That hurts for me. I ain’t never thought
about that. What you think about
the back of the elbow? You don’t think
that got no fire to it? It got a little fire to it
back there. It hurts. It stings. Okay. Got a little fire to it. Yep, that and underneath
the armpit really hurts me,
too, man. Ooh! Shit’s like that baby skin,
you know what I mean? Underneath the armpit. Yeah, like right up in there. That’s got to hurt. [ Buzzing ] Be talking on the shit,
be like, aaaah! No, I’m just playing with you. How long you been tattooing? 10 years. 10 years. Longest I’ve done anything. I guess I should’ve asked you
that before I let you tattoo me. [ Laughs ]
Yeah, right. You’d be like, “Six months,”
I’d be like, “Damn.” Yeah, right. This is my first one, actually. Have you tattooed
a celebrity? I’ve tattooed
Bob Burnquist. I’ve tattooed Rich Homie Quan
a few times. Okay. Couple NASCAR drivers, couple of, uh…[Clears throat]
adult performers. Okay. How you feel about
what you got going on? Everything coming out
all right — Everything’s nice and crisp
right now. I’m putting a little bit of rays
around the halo to accentuate it. Yeah, man. ‘Cause that’s my son, man. Yeah, make it strong, Yeah. Halo. How old’s Halo? He’ll be 2 next week. Oh, man, that’s such a fun age. Yeah, man. ♪♪ Ooh, that’s pretty much
a wrap right there. Oh, he made the halo
look crazy. $300 cap of ink, man. That looks pretty good, man. I appreciate you, man. For sure, man, any time. Thank you, man. We here at Las Vegas,
Hart & Huntington, the most expensive ink,
$300 a cap. That’s how you do it. Blam.

100 comments on “2 Chainz Gets Tattooed with Ink from a Motorcycle

  1. This is by far one of the top 5 most scammy, stupidest, most ridiculous reasons to charge that much for something. And the quality is NOT even worth it.

  2. 300 for a cap for 30 caps or the whole bottle for 1000 fuck it I'll buy the whole bottle for 1000 and my 8k save to hire an actual good artist lmao

  3. To call what utzi had tattoos is stretching it for me. The locations they were in were acupuncture points. So it's more like primitive acupuncture than it is a tattoo

  4. Does the Bike has ANY history at all? Lake say "A burnout of the last bike Evel Knievel drove" ??
    Is it any spacial at all?
    A neighbor has an old Harley Davidson, can I extract ink from that and just sell it?

  5. Think the "note" on the left was supposed to be an H/note for halo and harmony. I could be wrong, shit was weak regardless

  6. My first two tattoos I got in 2006 were golf ball size designs one on top of each foot. I know the pain well.

  7. He said it's worth a thousand but three hundred a cap and there's thirty caps that's ten thousand not a grand lol lol is it there math or me

  8. This dude said it's $300 per cap and that there's about 30 caps per bottle. Then he said maybe $1000 for the bottle.
    I hope his tattooing is better than his math

  9. Watched this again and damn that tattoo is still bad af. The left note isnt even a musical note and that halo's shine is so wack its like a kids drawing

  10. Lots of generations have alot of jail tatt

    oo's, that means somelike in 2019 or 2020, getting a tatto in jail in a normal thing… then theres also having friends who do tattoo's.. one of my good friends did tattoo's, he did alot of them from home at his house… mostly on chicks, did flowers and stuff… but also wrote on people who come over to party… but you can kinda tell the difference…

    Whats the differenee from a jail house body covered intattoo's with some much completetion it makes since and kinda look cool, the person is owning it… to the person proud or fancy of a tatto artist with color in they got from a certian place…
    to me one says , they answer is there owning it, there proud of it, there cool and honest…. One says " I payed alout of money, and want to talk about what it means, or you look at my art instead of my body… Its like a shell… some people see it some people dont in the past.

  11. For example… Take a Hood Rat, or Gangster … on the Posterior or AP bac side of there hand… They should have or want a MASTERS DEGREE, of social or Physchology inked on there hand,, with there name on it. Think Harvard, Purdue,Berkey,LA or IU, ( the side of the hand with nuckles on it.. they should have a masters degree, or bachleors if they choose in the past. (something to talk about all the time with hunnies, something that will be there forever TGB the way i mean it, get thought flowing and influence TGB the way i mean it, maybe een lawnforcement or whatever there thinkin science for the cool nerdies. or people intrested in agriculture "AGRICULTURE MAY BE A COOL tattoo to hae in the past… or Radiology in the past.

    Why i a barried or sead i burrid something… No piece of paperwork, has ever mean anything to me.. For example honestly.. In highschool, i used to get referalls every single day.. they fill out a piece or paper, and so go to princibles office. ( i was jokester, there were some teachers who liked it, there were some teacher who already had the reeralls filled out, before class started they would ust put your name on it, and say go to the princibles office…. " it was just pieces of paper, had no monemtal information on who anybodyor anything was, just dicks heads so to speak,unabl to take a joke or really lazy teachers that were dickheads"… So at certian point in life, during highschool i realized.. the best place to skip school, was in the princibles office… I mean that.
    I would litterly go to princibles office, sit in a chair talk to people and the girls everybody who got icked out of the class, talk the secretary, bout things going on in her life, it was a fun place to skip school at… the princibles lobby.( i would say, my teacher is sending a reeral, told me to come up here ). it was fun, i hacked the truency center, by going strait to the princibles office and hanging out for 4minute to an hour… becoming friends with the people worked there.. the bell would ring i would go to my next class or meet up with friends who had a car, to go surfing…. So skipping school in the princibles office that was my stradedgy, there was school officers and police coaches in the hallways… the princibles office was un and had snacks… I still ended up graduating when i was 17…got in the cool dangerous minds class…
    So when i became older so they said in the past, i joined the airorce right out of highschool or after a semester of ollege, you know it was boring, my body was growing , i wanted to do some supernatural… Special ops, joined it did it, maxed it out it was cool.
    So when i got there… they came up with these rules… " no drinking beer or any alchol beverages, a curfew you to be back at time, you have to clean your room to be spotless pluss some weird demerits things i had no idea how to understand… My bedroom had a red stain in the tiles, and some wanna be UFC fiighter or MMA guy with a mohawk who basically our genator or dorm chief, but wannted to intimated people…… I got demerits my first week or so they called it… I said fuck! bro, this is a blood stain from 1990 there is no way you can give me or take points from us for that… he was like holding his clip board, saying some shit like intimatding.. your going to get he points…. So fuck you man, i wake up at five or 4 am tommorow with my wing man to go training, do you want to come with us… you can bring your fuckin mohawk….. He said some shit laughd put or released his clip board… said and looked at the stain again… that could be ther for awhile but you getting the dermits,, i said fuc yo…thats bullshit, he said " you just got here… and my roomate said "yes we just got here" i looed at him and gritted my teeth alittlebit.. Long story short… i mouthed off… fuc you write it all up "ITs jusT paperwork"…

    I got sweated and smoked the next day, cuz he sent a email or a report… and when i heard why the smoking session was being named " Barker, and my whole class was laughing.. that was the first time i felt family and support inth fuck paperworkk, we knew we were going to get smoked no matter what… most of us some people bitched but they were pussiess.. but most people were glad, and that fucker backed off our rooms for a long time int he past.

    So anyways, later on in life.. lots of cool shit happend… but Pararescue… was something awesome but i wanted to do more… Like iw as cussing out these mother fuckers all day long in my own mind, and surrounding by people who are truley baddass by the name or core military, that where alaways trying to keep me in the badass mother fuckers saying cool off, they would try to officer me or call me a shit bag, i would talk to them for ten minute or wrestle and fight on the weeend in the dorm, laugh and play, they would get it, i would talk to them whole way, like is the only way to prove my point to uckin drowned you in your own blood or rap your around your neck… it was fun… long story short we prove ourslves to each other, all politics aside and good influnce, become friends, that talks, it really does.
    My brain is was alaways running..i had the hardest time, listening to other peoples bullshit, and they would try to smoke me fore it, but end up laced up in verything isaid…

    Somebody died… somebody was killed.. in class above me… it was a officer going for CRO…2 weeks later i sprained my ankle and twisted my nee needed 2 weeks off per the doctor.. that same month, they shut the dorms down, the ancient dorms we lived in or had been there from 1901 as far aas we were conered the pararescue dorms, people where life lighted out for staff infections…. My sprained knee or leage was al iability, the best bet or option was for me to sit or wait for months, or go to another MOS thingy, I picked going to Bioenvirmental enggeriing..for some reason.. i just did it, half my team was gone everybody was mied up, lots of people got hacked in Marine diveschool in florida… its was just blah blah blah, i was young i saw it as bullshit in the past.

    So bioenviroemental engeering, i learned more about influnce, technology and intellegence, than was even on the radar, but it was kinda gay too… i felt disrepected about how te fitness was and had no idea how to understand the politics of it at the time… in th past. I graduated.. but was written up on IMORTANT " pieces of paper" multiple times, i got LOR's a LOC, all for mostlyhaving fun, broke no rules or law, disrecprected no one, but shit on policy, i was basiclly the best man for the job…… So first person to go to a court martial and get a honarable discharge, the judge guy showed up said basically, this a fucked up plan or place… but i did have my ticket out.. For the first time i had to think about what i was going to do with my life. all the motiation the world…

    Broke my heart my heart a little bit, in no ways many people can understand.. but rocked it… i could be a fifty yourold vetran pissed off, but i kinda learned some real life stuff.

    Very Important IMPORTANT all tatto artist… this is worth millions. I need you study Diplomas.
    Look at the writing on diploma's from universities… what the letter and ink looks like… I need you giving or teaching MASTER DEGREE"S on peoples bodies… so people with masters degrees or college people who have it hanging on the wall, think about it what it means
    when they see it, or reconize it as a tattoo or some someody else has on them in the past so tos peak..

    So i have had my diploma Barried or burried… But i got a copy sent to me,I looked at it, a school or job wanted a copy of it.. i sent them transcipts instead.. beuase the diploma cost money)… So long story short..
    I got a copy of diploma… I opened it up, i was like imprintd, choeregraphed or chromeographed so tos peak, lookin at all the letters or wrting on it, plus the seal, and the things it ment…. IF you guys tatto artist can make diploma's on people, that other people can see, or read, or try to figure out, look deep with famalaarazation the influence wiill be pretty baddass on culture TGB the way i mean it.

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