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20 Minute Intense Workout: Indoor Cycling Training – Passo Campolongo

20 Minute Intense Workout: Indoor Cycling Training – Passo Campolongo

Welcome to our 20 minute functional
threshold session where we’re going to be working very, very hard. Working at or
around your FTP. Session is broken down into five parts. First up, as usual, is
the warm up, three minutes of spinning your legs, gradually building up the
effort level. And we’re just starting in the beautiful town of Covara,
in the Alta Badia region of the Dolomites. We’ll be climbing
the Passo Campolongo, absolutely beautiful. Tops out 1,875 meters, and
this session should really help with your climbing, help with your power, and help
built your FTP as well, because you’re riding at on it for the whole session.
Now, once the warm up has finished, and we’ll gradually build the effort
through the warm up, so start off nice and easy. Effort level of two, and, as you can
see, on the flat, preliminary part of the climb before it starts to kick up through
the town, the first effort is going to be a perceived effort level of nine
for around about a minute. Then we’re going to drop down to riding for
just over a minute and a half at around a perceived effort level of seven, then back
up to nine again. Back down to seven, back up to nine, then it gets even harder.
You got three more minute or so efforts. In fact, the last couple of efforts
are nearly two minutes long, but when you drop down, you drop down to
a perceived effort level of eight which is essentially riding a sweet spot. It’s a
brutal session, but thankfully it’s pretty short, and it won’t be long before we make
our first effort. And If you can’t keep an eye on the screen, it’s getting a bit
difficult. It’s going to be very, very hard. Just take a look at how beautiful
this countryside is, absolutely stunning, but stay focused. Think about your
position on the bike. Although it’s only a 20 minute session, try and make
sure the place that you’ve got is nice and ventilated. You’ve got plenty of fluids
on board, and make sure you try and take a sip in between the harder efforts. So, the
climb is just starting to ramp up now, so let’s just start to ramp
things up a little bit, effort-wise as well just so you don’t
hit that first effort cold. And remember, perceived effort level of
nine which is kind of riding at your FTP. In fact, just over, just under, as long as
you’re hitting that sweet spot FTP mark, this is what it’s all about. Little bit of
recovery and back up again, and then we’ll slow things down at the end
with a nice warm down, but again, this is a session that gives you real bang
for your buck. Although they are brutally difficult. So, still yourself
now. It’s under 20 seconds for the first effort. The first effort
is a minute and four seconds long, replicating a sort of race effort. I’m
going to count you in. Two, one, go! Because it’s a climb, slightly lower
RPM. This isn’t nice at all but… During these bits, I’m not going to
do too much talking, I’m afraid. Just focus, if you can, on
keeping your body still. I don’t have
a hairpin. Last few seconds, keep it smooth. And off,
okay, spin your legs. Keep the effort on. Just below the sweet spot. Effort
level seven, so, over a minute of this. Spin your legs around to recuperate,
get your breathing back to normal or as normal
as it can be at this effort. So, it’s basically riding at
FTP, just below sweet spot, and back up again.
Effort two coming up. One minute, 23 seconds long. A little bit
longer than before but same effort level. One more quick sip, because
these efforts don’t get any easier. Keep those legs spinning and drop it down
to between 75 and 85 RPM for this next effort. One minute and twenty three long.
Stay focused, keep with me. It’s going to hurt, but it’s going to be worth
it. Three, two, one, here we go! A minute and 20, gear down
slightly, gear up, sorry. Just find the right one, get
into your rhythm and hold it. What a location as well, beautiful climb.
If you’ve nt been here before, you need to check it out. Keep focusing on your
effort. Just going to slow my cadence down slightly so it’s
more like I’m climbing. Effort level
nine, remember. Coming into the last 20 seconds.
Keep it going, try not to fade. Stay focused. Keep the form on your
bike. I’m losing my ability to speak. Last 10 seconds,
come on. Okay, done. Back done to seven,
increase that cadence. Try and recover. One seventeen of recovery but still
pressing on, remember. Don’t let it go completely. Not a lot of time to
recuperate but this session is all about running at or around your FTP, and
that’s why it’s so short. This is brutally difficult but well worth it. Quick sip,
don’t forget to keep sipping, little sip is all you need. Spin your legs, think
about yourself on this climb. From the [inaudible 00:07:51] or something. Tapping
out your rhythm, gripping from…trying to close the gap, trying to
gap your mates, perhaps, but in fifteen seconds time, I
want another effort from you. Effort three, one minute
and seven seconds. Okay, three,
two, one. That’s it, find your rhythm. Effort
nine again, sustainable but brutal. I think I’m going
to shut up now. Come on, only two more hard sessions
after this. You’ve broken the back of it. Keep focused, keep your form
on the bike. Think about the transmission of power. Look at
the clock. Focus on it, focus on the way you’re pedaling.
All about efficiency, power. Three, two, one, drop it down but now to
eight. So still, essentially riding now that sweet spot, and please forgive
my lack of speaking for a moment. So, keep it there. So, the jump next
time through is going to be more subtle, because, already, we’re adding a quite a
hard hit tempo. Increase the cadence of it before putting a bit more torque
through next time. Next, is effort four. Okay, this is a long one. 2 minutes
and 43. So, get to a point where you know you can hold it. Don’t fade at
the end, just keep pushing through. This next effort, same
perceived effort, but for longer. A bit of a plateau here on the climb that
I thankfully enjoyed when I filmed this. Even a slight descent, actually,
and you can that now to spin your legs before the next brutal part of the
climb. The timing’s perfect because look at the road ahead. Campolongo, we’ll
just have to rear it’s head once more. So, we’re nearly there. Just want you
to ramp it up one effort level to nine and hold it for 2 minutes, 43. Go! Okay,
knock down the cadence. That’s it and just roll it. And make sure every
pedal rep counts. Don’t go too hard too early Don’t put
yourself in the red. Two minutes to
go, come on. Plenty of time to think about how you’re
pedaling. I know this is painful but just think about what its doing for you.
It’s such an efficient session. You’ll be burn out after this. Feet up
time, under 10 minutes to go now. One minute, 35 in this sector. Level
nine, around 80 RPM. Remember, doesn’t have to be bob on. Could
be around 90, try and keep it slightly lower so you can spin
your legs in between. Really feel this
climb biting now. The Passo Campolongo, 1,875 meters
long. Lovely views from the top. It’s one of the most stunning
regions in the world. Of course, the Dolomites in Alta Badia are
absolutely gorgeous. Fifty seconds now, come on. Let’s keep it focused. After
this, only one more hard session. Under 20 now come
on. Don’t flag. Just keep it going. All in the bank,
physiological and psychological benefits in this sort of training. Two, one, off
the gas, off the gas. We keep the effort level at eight. It’s the sweet spot
time, got around two minutes. Use this time to take a drink
but keep your legs spinning. What I often do, just for fifteen, twenty
seconds, take the pressure off your back side a little bit, off your
glutes, gear up, same effort. Just roll around for a bit. Okay, just
use your pure strength. Use your body weight. It’s often referred to as
torque training. Puts more strain on your muscles but actually really is
quite relaxing at the same time. Your recruiting different muscle groups.
Muscles are being recruited differently. We’re going to sit down in five seconds
and spin again for the last minute. Here we go. Believe you
me, that helps so much. So, back into the zone now. In the final
session, another two and a half minutes, I’m afraid. Think about that a moment.
Let’s get comfy. Passo Campolongo is nearly yours. It’s quite a straight
section. Well, the hairpin’s come in the first half of the climb. And we can see
the road ahead gradually rising with the valley heads up, and you can see the snow
line now up ahead at around 2,000 meters. Fifteen seconds, then it’s back up to
nine for the last section of this climb. You ready? Three, two, one, here we go.
Two and a half minutes. Climbing cadence, that’s it. You should be hurting.
Keep it smooth, concentrate. Put the power through your pedals. You
need your top tip center of your feet. Upper body still as you can. Don’t grip
the bars to tightly either, too tightly. Just rest them firmly. You should
be relaxed, no tight gripping. Steady grip on the bars and think about
moving forward as efficiently as you can. I can’t pull on, but now I’m really
starting to bite but don’t give up. Minute and a half now, and you’ve done
it. Then, we’ve got a nice warm down. Come on, keep it going. In the last 30
seconds, give it a bit of a nudge as well. Just take it to near a ten. Squeeze
the last bit out. To a nine, last minute. That’s
fantastic work. Okay, when it hits thirty, lift it
for the last thirty seconds. Go. Passed a sign
on the left. All the way
now, come on. Enough, okay. Well done, absolutely
wonderful. Gradually keep pedaling. Don’t let it write off, get to about
a six, so, keep pushing and then we’re going to graduate this warm down
which will see us cresting the climb. Great workout there guys. Fantastic,
and what a place to do it in. I imagine your home’s quite nice,
but look at where we are here. Stunning. Just coming up to the
ski resort. There’s all the lifts. Much of the air, of course, this climb is
covered in snow. And then of course, the giro will thunder
through in May. And the Maratona soon after, in July.
Two more minutes now, drop it down a bit. Just keep spinning those legs, just
gradually take off the pressure you’re applying through. Back
on to the tops, cheers. Here’s to electrolytes, eh. A minute
and a half now, just tap away. Do a couple of those sessions per week,
it really will set you in good stead, as long as you combine it with the
structure training program, and you’re disciplined, and most importantly, you
rest. So, these sessions are hard, but you can’t just arbitrarily bang them out one
right after another without thinking about recuperation so make sure you rest after
one of these. And I would never recommend, unless you are on top top of your
profession, doing back to back sessions like this, because they take a lot out
of you. This is the nice part, isn’t it? Warming down with a beautiful view and the
knowledge that you banked a great session. I’m just going to knock it down., knock
it down to the small ring, actually. Middle of the block.
Rather chain a bit nice there. Last thirty of seconds, level
two, breathing back under control. Yeah that was pretty brutal, and I hope
you enjoyed it. In a strange way, I did. We’re coming to the
last few hundred meters now. Oh, a bit of a
stretch. [inaudible 00:21:30]. Well, that was fun. All right, well, hope you
enjoyed that video. If you haven’t already subscribed to GCN, which I hope you
have, if you haven’t, you can do that by clicking on the globe. It’s absolutely
free and please of course tell your friends as well. Now, for another couple
of training sessions, for our 20-minute HIT session, high intensity, you can click
here, and for a 30-minute endurance and strength workout, you
can click just down here.

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