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2011 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo | First Ride | Review

2011 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo | First Ride | Review

hi guys nothing to prove here today is a beautiful day cuz any day one can be on two wheels is a beautiful day and today’s a special treat for me because I’m on the Ducati Monster but not just any Ducati Monster the 11-hundred Evo I hope you stick around and enjoy the ride I said this bike was special it’s special on many levels not just to Ducati the monster community butterflies love it too in 2011 they changed the 11-hundred from the dry clutch to the wet clutch they which was good and a slipper clutch which made it much better the engagement and that is finicky or fickle or grabby the exhaust they moved from underneath the seat to the side let’s take a look at that in the drive by hmm I don’t know if I like it I think I still like the under seat exhaust better than the side mounted exhaust but hey it’s a monster what can you say [Music] also this bike was special is this is when Ducati introduced with the Brembo brakes the Bosch ABS system and also the ride by wire the four different traction control settings that you can put in and back in 2011 not too many manufacturers were doing this this is this is really interesting as far as a bike having the latest greatest text and in fact the Ducati Monster still have those say yes they’ve been updated but the same systems throughout since 2011 let’s take a close-up view of some of the specifications on this bike with the hand held camera so let’s right away let’s go down to the engine so of course this beautiful beautiful 90 degree L v-twin 2 valve desmo desmodromic motor it’s only a 1078 not quite 1100 but it produces a hundred ponies at 7500 rpm and 103 Newton meters of torque which is 76 foot-pounds of torque at 6000 rpms out of an air-cooled engine that is awesome an air-cooled engine that has that much power back down here let’s go back down to the Chasse I love this tubular trellis frame that they have down here that cradles this beautiful motor in the suspension look at the fronts there the 43 millimeter marzocchi is fully adjustable and if we take a look at the rears there’s axe which is progressive with preload and rebound dampening fully adjustable and then of course the brakes down here are the Brembos there to 320 millimeter discs with four piston radio mottely mounted Brembos and the rears have the 245 millimeter discs it’s just two piston Brembo okay and then your front tire is your typical 17 inch 120 and your rear is the typical 180 17 inches also okay now let’s take another look I love looking at the tail end of these bikes and coming in and down from the top as we skirt over the tank and look at the instrument cluster okay let’s get back on the bike and put all the gear back on and go on down the road where this bike belongs now we know what it says on paper let’s see what it feels like riding it okay Ducati as far as aesthetics and color and design and that Italian flair thumbs up and another thumbs up two thumbs up love this look and so far the handling is is excellent for a hundred and eighty eight kilogram I mean almost wet wages right there is right there at the 400-pound this is split bite territory okay let’s get the gloves on and go down the road shall we okay let’s start her up your haptics this will control your menu options in there you know where you can check set your four levels of traction control trip and so on highs lows left right turn signals horn kill switch toggle starter that’s it that’s all we need oh yeah listen to that crank we’re over no cars are coming dipper and good [Applause] yeah this bike likes to be ridden hard so the three pillars powertrain chassis and economics let’s talk about engine and transmission and the powertrain I love this 1100 I love the torque delivery down low with this bike okay let’s play around with the transmission shall we since we love the motor and the down load torque this motor gives let’s Blippar [Music] she will move so sums of the engine and transmission you get her a little below a little bit below right around three grand she uh bogs out though look at that shake oh my hero says like you sorry I can’t take it Dave wants to stay above three grand right around 35 but that’s the same thing with mostly review twins my super dukes the same way okay here’s where I like to check the turning radius can we throw this biker over or Turner Turner sort of yeah it’s a roller over laughs today I’m in a mood okay let’s see oh that’s not bad well that’s pretty good I liked it okay pillar number two chassis the brakes are pretty solid of course to Brembos let’s try them real quick oh yeah nice nice nice feedback continuous feedback [Music] all the way through the rear brake also nice yeah it’s it’s your traditional style in here or traditional Ducati and so your suspension yours marzo keys on the front fully adjustable do an excellent job of course on your rougher roads it’s gonna be a little rough and your is that a sax on the back again fully adjustable again it’s it’s good but this bike is set up to go faster to keep up with your sport bikes and I can feel that in the hot these rougher roads as the bugs are staying they’re smashing my helmet and the third pillar economics get your traditional monster versus what’s that well you take your standard we’re gonna sit up straight then you lean forward about 15 degrees that’s your traditional monster oh yeah this is likes to lean right so a thumbs up on the ergonomics to Ducati thank you this is this is not a machine you want to to around all day but you know your half-day rides did you see her she’s got red hair but your traditional so I would I want to ride all day on this now I would want to get off of this after a while but a half day ride four-hour ride will be doable on this bike no problem for this suspension in this performance here you’re getting sport bike performance and a little bit more comfortable position just get Pirelli Rosso to Jean here so they’re not as sticky as what I’m used to but so that means I can have a little fun with slide in the back tire around a little bit another are gonna have a question would I want to ride this air-cool 1100 in the city the answer my question is yes it’s so skinny the mirrors are pretty much worthless though but that means you won’t be hitting them against anything in the city you don’t have to worry about a minute at all okay let’s see what she can do let’s Blippar okay yes you can blip this bike up no problem going down use a clutch yeah if you guys are looking for a naked that is air-cooled and can ride like it’s on Rails this be it this is a really bumpy corner okay guys I hope you’ve enjoyed the review of the Ducati Monster 1100 Evo this bike is seven years old but it’s still got spunk it’s still got sport if you want to take this bike for a ride give Bayer lager a call and show up in your gear and they’ll let you go and for seven grand I think seven seven something like that this is a great deal if I had seven grand burning a hole in my pocket I would be on this bike like white on rice so as usual guys ride safe and ride like there’s nothing to prove Cheers would I buy this bike for seven grand I think it would six grand I really would five grand I do it right now but that’s the whole purpose guys of this used bike series is is that if I find a nice bike it doesn’t matter it doesn’t have to be new it doesn’t matter how old I’ll take it for a ride and let’s have some fun [Music]

7 comments on “2011 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo | First Ride | Review

  1. Good video , do some HD videos to. You have a very calm and relaxing voice and attitude, always waiting for your next video, greetings from Norway

  2. What's your take on the shaking below 3k revs? I'm thinking of getting one of these, but a bit worried it's unusable down low.

  3. Got my 2012 here in aus for 10 grand Australian 9 thousand ks great bike punchy engine suspension is a little shity but

  4. First of all, great video, i really enjoyed it. But i do have a question. Im a beginning rider and im looking for a first bike. Would you recommend this one or its little brother the 796?

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