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2012 Jeep Wrangler JKU || Behind The Build

2012 Jeep Wrangler JKU || Behind The Build

– My is Nick Schrader, and
this is my 2012 Jeep Wrangler. (intense music) I originally got into Jeeps
probably about eight years ago, I had a 2007 two-door. Bought this one, I’ve had this one for about five year, six year now. Started with 35s, now I’m sitting on 37s and they are on spider
lock Spyderlock rim. And it is a 17 inch, it’s on
a six-inch TeraFlex lift now. And Rock Krawler’s Long Arm Kit. Did a lot of research, and just started upgrading here and there. Wanted to find the best of the best, and so I started kind of with Rock Krawler because they come with a
lifetime, abuse-proof warranty and they solid rod, I
can bash it off a rock and I’m not going to have
any issues whatsoever. And then it’s the TeraFlex Springs with their Tuned Fox Fox 2.0s. And their TeraFlex’s SpeedBump
Kit for the front and rear. It does have a custom front
bumper made by Legend Auto. We designed it together
and built it together. Full tubular with aluminum inserts with Smittybilt winch in
front, it’s a 10K winch. Then I progressed into doing axle swap, so now getting a little
bit more customized. I’ve got F250 Front End, it’s 2005. And then it’s a Chevy
14 Bolt Rear End 2003. And gear ratio’s set at about 5.13, just because it’s a manual. And Artec Industries’
full weld-on truss kits all the way across. Both front and rear
pumpkins are shaved down for better ground clearance. So first thing I did
when I got the axles done is me and my buddies had a trip planned to upper Michigan,
always a last-minuter, so axles were done and in the Jeep literally the night before
leaving to upper Michigan. I had no idea if everything
was going to work after the axle swap. The air lockers, front and
rear from ARB worked great. I had two-month window and
everything from the front end to the rear end, everything
fought me tooth and nail. Welding issues with
casts and missing parts. The pumpkin on a F250 is farther to the driver than a Dana 30 is. So doing this build, it’s just
been such a learning curve, and a lot of issues along the way. Finally, after checking everything over, staying two nights in a row until one to two in the morning,
sleeping at the shop. Making sure everything
was in order for the trip, for the thousand mile
roundtrip to upper Michigan, and finally got it done. Still working out some
tweaks here and there, but with any type of custom
fabrication build like this it just takes a lot of time
and a lot of knowledge, and a lot of free time. (laughs) – My name is Nick Schrader,
and this my 2012 Jeep Wrangler. And remember guys, if
you like the sweatshirt check them out on Trailbuilt, and you can order right off their website. (upbeat music)

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  1. Got to meet the Owner a Teraflex years ago along with his family. Amazing people who make a quality product. I will say Jeep guys gunna be trip'n when the New Bronco comes out.

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