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2014 Scott Road Premium Shoe Review

Hey Bart Miller here with Cycling Strong I wanted
to bring out this new amazing shoe that Scott just came out with
It’s called the Scot premium and the reason I like this shoe is most
you know I rode my mountain bike which was a Scott this year in Leadville 100 and absolutely loved it I wore their
Scott shoes also which worked perfectly for me so
when they came out this brand new shoe I had to have it and so I got a pair for
myself and I got a pair for my son the thing I
loved about this you the most this new shoe and the reason I had a to have it was because I love this bow system so
the bow system is so easy the way they’ve got it this year
they’ve got this thing down to where you can click just tiny tiny bit and adjust the shoe which is ultra awesome because I love my
feet feeling just perfect and this gives you the capability to do that I also love the fact it’s just one pop out
and then you’ve got everything released and it makes it really simple to get in and
out of this shoe I also like that they’ve give you some
flexibility up here in the front of the actual shoe itself so that you can move your foot and do
that kinda stuff now the other component of this shoe that’s
really really cool is the insole they give you a really
good in soul to adjust and make minor adjustments so that your feet
feel comfortable while you’re ridinglove that and I
think they did a really good job thinking that through let’s move on to the next part of the shoe I love any
mountain bike shoe that you get while you’re looking at ’em I like to
have as much capability to walk in because if you doing Leadville 100 you
know there’s a couple hiker bikes in there and you want a shoe that’s going to be able to
grab the ground and be able to get you up the hill you don’t want something that’s gonna slide it all
I think Scott’s done a great job on that the other part of the base of the shoe that I really
like is they’ve put this grid on there so you can
adjust your cleats if you have any problem with you know
figuring out where your cleat needs to be or where you’re If you had a bike fit done
where that cleats at this gives you the capability to always remember that and keep your cleat exactly where it was
supposed to be I love that feature the other thing I
love is it’s even stiffer I really love stiff sole shoes when
when I first started cycling I think I did this in one of my videos I had a really kind of a flexible shoe I
didn’t think much of it as soon as you go to a really stiff shoe
you’ll notice power just like that you’ll also notice that
your feet feel better after a good ride so it’s kinda like
wearing a ski boot you don’t want a lot of flexibility in
that ski boot except in the places that you need it which is what they’ve done
up here not down here which is awesome so I love that feature
also so I’m gonna give Scott on this shoe at 10 outta 10 I think they thought it
through extremely well and the rides that I’ve done in this shoe so far
have been absolutely amazing my feet feel great
and i kinda to give up on me last year’s model
and totally gone to this year’s model just because they’re that much better so
if you haven’t got the new Scott premium shoe go out check it out would love to hear
your thoughts on it what you love about it and what you don’t
like about it there’s probably only one thing I’d say I’d do i mean I’d give it a 10
outta 10 but there’s one thing I don’t like about
it is for me personally and this is not against Scott I have a
really narrow narrow foot so to get that shoe tighten enough for me I really have to clamp it
down that’s not their fault they’re trying to fit as many feet as they can but if were to pick on this shoe for me
personally I have a real narrow foot I would narrow it up just a little bit
so checkout the Scott video on this we’ll put a link to it or we’ll have it here for
you and Scott you hit a home run with these shoes
absolutely love them go out get ’em try em out I want to know
the reviews post ’em below let us know what you
think about him but as far as Kobe, my son and I this is the shoe we’re riding this year
for mountain biking talk to you later

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