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2018 Honda CB1000R    | First Ride | Review

2018 Honda CB1000R | First Ride | Review

hi guys nothing to prove here today is a beautiful day because any day one can be on two wheels is a beautiful day and today I ride the brand new for 2018 Honda CB 1000 our Honda say that it’s minimalistic retro and radical let’s see if that plays out I hope you stick around and enjoy the ride alright let’s take a look at how this radical retro minimalistic according to Honda bike looks while riding it let’s take a look at the ride by that I always like to do at the beginning of my videos and one thing I like to point out is this slash cut exhaust as you can see that’s pretty interesting actually I that’s one and a single-sided swingarm those are the two characteristics and the fender eliminator kit here with the license plate over the way the rear wheel mudguard I like those I like that good job with the looks Honda would throw it with the minimalistic retro styling here very good job thumbs up on the styling what I would like to talk about next is where does this bike belong is it in the super naked classes that a middleweight is it uh is it a retro and when you think about it and I look at what Honda has done with its price with its performance with its looks it kind of said you know what there’s already enough super nakeds we’re not going to make another super naked there’s already five bikes in there between the Ducati the Aprilia the BMW the Yamaha KTM Subaru car etc there’s already enough super naked so we’re not going to make another one and if you look at with the pricing that twelve thirteen grand you know you’re there right in the middle between the the middleweight pricing and the super naked pricing they’re right in the middle there because you’re not in super naked territory you know now you’re talking 15 16 17 18 grand depending on which options and so on but then your middle weights are this started like eight nine ten grand and Zuccotti monster will go to eleven grand so they’re not quite down there to the middle weights and so it’s very interesting that Honda position this bike right in the middle of both groups and as far as the retro scene it is a little retro but it doesn’t go all the way so it’s it’s kind of in between a normal standard naked and a retro kind of in the middle and for pricing and super nakeds and normal middleweight nakeds it’s kind of in the middle of all of that and it’s kind of interesting maybe Honda screen in a new niche market I don’t know but I do like it Honda whatever it is you have done and established and and whatever part of the market segment you’re aiming at which I haven’t quite figured out I think you’ve hit it all right guys now it’s time for the handheld walk-around let’s get in up close in 4k with this bike on let’s take a look at this Honda’s version of retro minimalistic approach okay so let me get around here okay let’s switch over to the hero4 and right away you notice the slash cut muffler the tail tidy kits fender eliminator kids single-sided swingarm oh yeah look at this seat the etching the stitching the red stitching on there to match the tank and by the way this this tank here you can get in three colors this color red silver and then black and unless you’re from the US then you can get it in any color you want as long as it’s black okay so now let’s go down to the motor here as you can see down here this is the 998 cc motor with 145 ponies at 10,500 rpms and 104 Newton meters of torque at 8250 rpms now this is not the current Fireblade motor this is the Fireblade motor from the 2006 the reason why they’re using this one is because it’s got a longer stroke and we all know when you lengthen the stroke you’re going to get more download tor cumbers and that’s why they’re using this for its street ability now along with that let’s go past this beautiful aluminum itched you can see there the etching of the CB 1000r and there that’s just gorgeous good job with that Honda and also here to the covers there and also the the brushed aluminum down here this is also just gorgeous they did a lot of work here and as you can see here with the Showa suspension it’s it’s only what is it a hundred and eight millimeters of travel I believe now sorry I’m wrong 109 millimeters of travel with the Showa forks and as you can see here it is fully adjustable this side is for the preload and if you go over to the other side you have your rebound and compression over there that you can adjust let me see if I can get in there better there I like that and that’s on the front and the rear is adjustable also for preload and only for rebound as you can see where the rebounds way down there and the preload of course is up there so that’s the the show us and now let’s move over to the Tico brakes as you can see duel disks 110 millimeter as you can see there and these are your radial mounted four piston floating as you can see there so now let’s go to the rear and with this beautiful single-sided swingarm you can see it right down there it’s your two piston it’s a 256 millimeter single-disc as you can see there and since we’re down here where honda put on the traditional yeah Dunlop’s the sport max d2 for teens as you can see there did traditional tire for honda and their agreement with dunlop and as we fly over so that we can see the curves of the bike I love this access here with with the silver metallic and red metallic too bad you guys in the states aren’t going to get the red yes this neoclassical OBE for lack of a better word I don’t know what to call this really this LED display it’s uh I just don’t know what to call it it’s here you have your RPMs here you know you’re redlining at a little at 11 there you have your abs traction control neutral right now in the rider modes I’m in standard and you can switch around these these rider modes so you can switch terrain mode and each time I do this you’ll notice that each in the the engine braking the traction control and abs are changing so now you can go to user-defined and if you go to the website you can see Honda’s how to use these three parameters if you want to go into user-defined you can define these three parameters down there or go into sport mode and as I change over to sport mode you can see each parameter change see how it’s changing now I’m in standard mode rain mode and then user-defined mode this light here is a little annoying or a little distracting in my opinion I don’t really care for it that much I’ll leave it on standard since I’m not in our sport bike mood today and then you have your time your engine temp of course most important things and your fuel gauge and I do like how they integrated that and then also what gear I’m in I’m in the neutral right now so I have mixed feelings about this LED display it’s kind of small and I understand a look that they were going for this this retro inspired look that they were really really going for all right so you can control all these controls over here with the controls here with your mode and selecting up and down then you have your flipping for brights then your highs and low beams horn left right turn signals off and then your start kill switch there that’s all you need and yes if you get the plus version of this you get the quick shifter and heated grips and along with more aluminum accents but everything we step back and look at this bike it is one thing Honda did do it is a gorgeous bike Honda I do give you accolades of praise for that I mean you can just look at this thing and all the the machined surfaces here they did a really wonderful job and I love this this is what all manufacturers to do I think go to single-sided swingarm slash cut muffler so that you can see that and also this good job pond a thumbs up on the tie detail kit that is wonderful I absolutely wonderful okay you can tell I like the looks of this bike a lot I give it two thumbs up on the looks now let’s go ahead and get back on the bike and get on down the road and see if the looks match the performance do we get that down load torque so let’s take a look let me get up and get back on the bike okay Honda looks like you did a great job with the styling with the minimalistic approach if you just brought the price down a little bit but but this is a gorgeous looking gorgeous looking bike I do love it two thumbs up Honda okay I’m all geared up let’s go ahead and get on down the Road and let’s turn okay the four is on good and the six yes it is he hello Aries on now let’s turn the bike god I’m in standard mode so let’s get on down the road now let’s check the turning radius let’s get her in gear and let’s see how she turns oh it’s not bad ok I felt a little bit better but for the size of this bike 212 kilograms this is pretty good and yes this is not the Plus version so there is no quick shifter but you can blip it and down so you can’t have some fun with this bike alright let’s go ahead and do the three pillars of motorcycling powered train chassis and economics ergonomics already talked about the hep ticks and also the economics the seating position you are a little forward maybe 10 degrees lean forward on this bike the mirrors work although about half of the mirror is taken up with your shoulder or arm and it kind of feels like a Ducati Monster riding position if you guys know what that is if you don’t you’re about 10 degrees 1015 degrees lean forward and your feet are kind of tucked up so you’re not going to have any ground clearance issues on track days because the suspension is fully adjustable you can do track days with this bike no problem I would imagine but let’s talk about powertrain engine it’s it’s the 2006 Fireblade motor flawless if that’s what you want if you’re familiar with an inline 4 this is it it’s got some low down low torque although it peaks at just over eight grand the torque but the sound is not that bad for an inline it one thing you will not mistake that this is definitely 100% Honda when you ride this bike you will know that you are on a Honda no if ands or buts about it this is a Honda and so the engine thumb up in the transmission it again it’s it’s the close ratio it doesn’t matter if you’re fourth or fifth or third or second oh yeah if you drop it down like if I drop it down to two here and in this corner yeah that low hum sounds pretty good actually and then grunt out there I don’t like this led it’s it’s another distraction although now with the Sun hitting the LED it really shows up whoa look at that that is good good job Honda I like that no glare that’s good Honda the looks of the parts the fit and finished the paint everything Honda nailed it good job Honda now let’s talk about the chassis the brakes and suspension the suspension gets two thumbs up fully adjustable so trouble you can tweak this thing all day and set it up for track riding no problem the brakes are very good let me try the rear oh yeah traction control kick down there never the sorry the ABS kick down in there so two thumbs up for the chassis for brakes and suspension and the ergonomics package it works I would not want to all day rides on this if I was 20 years younger in my 20s and 30s no problem let’s do it smoothly at 70 books although that is a nice sound Honda good job there there is nothing surprising on this bike if you want a good stable naked with a little bit of retro Flair and styling but you don’t need the super naked performance and you want that in line for this is it guys okay let’s see what it’s like to get some fuel in this bad boy let’s see how I pull the visor up how difficult or easy this is right here turn the turn signal off let’s get her in neutral let’s put the kickstand down let’s kill it and killed and let’s take the gloves off it looks like it opens up this way towards you I can already see that I have the traditional I do like that that it goes in that way okay good job on this so far let’s try some super yeah I might be able to get a little bit in there okay full up okay good here we go and there let’s try this Oh perfect a Fiji Honda thank you let’s get on down the road shall we all right let’s start her up [Music] [Music] all right alright guys after riding this bike I think Honda has done a good job you get two thumbs up Honda have you hit that retro middle ground yeah I think so have you hit that module eight and and super heavyweight middleweight crown as far as naked class yeah I think you have so two thumbs up on him good job with the styling with the looks with the performance everything seems to be right where you wanted it to be good job alright guys I hope you’ve enjoyed the review if you want to take this bike for a ride leave the link for Hanukkah down in the description below give them a give them a call and they’ll set you up to take this bike for a ride if you want this particular bike and as usual the most important guys right safe and ride like there’s nothing to prove truce

37 comments on “2018 Honda CB1000R | First Ride | Review

  1. Cool video bruv ! I absolutely love the way Honda went with this bike. So beautiful! If I were to get one myself, with some extra money on the side, I would load this baby up with Rizoma goodies !

  2. Really enjoyed your perspective of this bike. Mine will be delivered on the 3rd Sept and I chose the Candy apple red. (Who wouldn't!). Unfortunately we do not get the + model in Australia, but I will definitely fit the quickshifter and the rear seat cowl. Once again thanks for the review and I have subbed. Stay safe.

  3. Nice review, I went to see the bike in store today. I'm located in Japan and got it quoted at 1636200 yen (12613.11 Euros). I'll book a test ride soon. Might buy it.

  4. In my own perspective this naked retro bike is the best bike I've ever seen, it's a packaged bike, looks, power, electronics etc.. nice review.

  5. Thanks for the nice review! My bike is from Huneke, too. I'll have to check out the Altenbeken countryside for some winding roads… beautiful. 🙂

  6. What a thorough review. I grew up on Honda’s (v4s) but honestly they have not stirred my soul in a long timel. It’s been Ducati’s Aprilia’s and BMW’s in the garage. I had a Tuono Factory that was amazing but I always worried about life past the warranty and it’s heat. I miss that sporting street bike ride and this Honda has me thinking about a purchase. Looks great. But does riding it leave you feeling meh? Too refined or does it have character?

  7. I really hate German guys review things cause you guys have high standard and perfectionist when it comes to bike,cars and engineering stuff, but great review though

  8. Thank you for this review. I have now subscribed. I have a gsx-s1000, but I feel I want this Honda. This review really helped.

  9. For me if I wanted a retro bike that bases it’s looks on its history it would still be the Z900RS most beautiful retro on the market.

  10. Hey man – if you could have one bike – what would it be ? I’ve had so many. Currently I have a 2017 explorer xcx – but the heat off the engine and weight of the bike is not confident inspiring – is it work changing to new tiger or Gs

  11. nice review, this is another bike I have considered, in Australia we don't get the plus version, to add the updates requires the sale of my left kidney, anyway I have 2, comfort, ah yes maybe an issue as I am older than I want to be, well time for a test ride to answer the final question and I will ride like I have nothing to prove

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