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2018 Honda CB1000R    | First Ride | Review

2018 Honda CB1000R | First Ride | Review

37 comments on “2018 Honda CB1000R | First Ride | Review

  1. Cool video bruv ! I absolutely love the way Honda went with this bike. So beautiful! If I were to get one myself, with some extra money on the side, I would load this baby up with Rizoma goodies !

  2. Really enjoyed your perspective of this bike. Mine will be delivered on the 3rd Sept and I chose the Candy apple red. (Who wouldn't!). Unfortunately we do not get the + model in Australia, but I will definitely fit the quickshifter and the rear seat cowl. Once again thanks for the review and I have subbed. Stay safe.

  3. Nice review, I went to see the bike in store today. I'm located in Japan and got it quoted at 1636200 yen (12613.11 Euros). I'll book a test ride soon. Might buy it.

  4. In my own perspective this naked retro bike is the best bike I've ever seen, it's a packaged bike, looks, power, electronics etc.. nice review.

  5. Thanks for the nice review! My bike is from Huneke, too. I'll have to check out the Altenbeken countryside for some winding roads… beautiful. 🙂

  6. What a thorough review. I grew up on Honda’s (v4s) but honestly they have not stirred my soul in a long timel. It’s been Ducati’s Aprilia’s and BMW’s in the garage. I had a Tuono Factory that was amazing but I always worried about life past the warranty and it’s heat. I miss that sporting street bike ride and this Honda has me thinking about a purchase. Looks great. But does riding it leave you feeling meh? Too refined or does it have character?

  7. I really hate German guys review things cause you guys have high standard and perfectionist when it comes to bike,cars and engineering stuff, but great review though

  8. Thank you for this review. I have now subscribed. I have a gsx-s1000, but I feel I want this Honda. This review really helped.

  9. For me if I wanted a retro bike that bases it’s looks on its history it would still be the Z900RS most beautiful retro on the market.

  10. Hey man – if you could have one bike – what would it be ? I’ve had so many. Currently I have a 2017 explorer xcx – but the heat off the engine and weight of the bike is not confident inspiring – is it work changing to new tiger or Gs

  11. nice review, this is another bike I have considered, in Australia we don't get the plus version, to add the updates requires the sale of my left kidney, anyway I have 2, comfort, ah yes maybe an issue as I am older than I want to be, well time for a test ride to answer the final question and I will ride like I have nothing to prove

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