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2018 teacher strikes explained | IN 60 SECONDS

2018 teacher strikes explained | IN 60 SECONDS

This spring has seen the first statewide
teacher strikes in recent memory. Teachers have a legitimate complaint: For
college educated professionals, their pay in many states as mediocre, and has
declined nationally by two percent in real terms between 1992 and 2014. But the
notion that taxpayers are defunding schools is just wrong.
Even as teacher salaries fell across the land during that period, inflation-adjusted per-pupil spending grew by 27 percent. But much of this funding has
gone to non-instructional costs. While student enrollment was up 20 percent
over that 22 year period, non-teaching staff was up by more than twice that: 47 percent.
Teacher benefits are also more generous than those of the taxpayers who pay for
them. School teachers receive more than three times the retirement benefits per
hour of work than the average civilian employee! Look, there’s a deal to be
struck here, but if teachers want sustainable pay increases, school
spending needs to be tackled in a way that addresses the concerns of teachers,
students, and taxpayers. What do you think about the teacher strikes? Let us know in your comments. Also, let us know what other topics you’d like our scholars to
cover in 60 seconds, and be sure to like and subscribe for more research and
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16 comments on “2018 teacher strikes explained | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. If you choose a profession that is unionized, then stop bitching about your salary. You CHOSE to give away your ability to negotiate a higher salary to someone else. You CHOSE a career where you are paid based on the value of average worker. In any non-union profession, you're rewarded for working harder, knowing more, or being better than your peers. Unless your salary was REDUCED since you took the job, just shut up. No one OWES you more money. I'm so tired of teachers acting like they have the hardest job in the world and are so under-paid. Most teachers are garbage, work a fraction of the time everyone else does in a year, and get still get a fucking pension in the 21st century.

  2. More Per hour of work? Does this guy take into account that many teachers work hours after their official work day is done? Prep work, reports, grading, follow up… How many hours did he calculate in that figure, very important.

  3. How can anyone of these so called teachers demand a pay raise? For the past 30 years the level of literacyhas declined by as much as 40%, the level of mathematics has decline as much as 63%, sciences down even greater than that- some 85%, our national history knowledge held by the children of the 70's and since then is remarkably down. Only 5% of the US adult population can't site the 4 elements of the First Amendment. Women who just graduated from homeschool can't even state what the 19th Amendment is, and yet can't figure out why Hillary wasn't elected. Teachers are not teaching children how to read, write, math, actual biology. In short, teachers are not doing their jobs. In stead of doing their jobs, they are indoctrinating our children as young as 4 with dragqueen stripdancers, normalizing mental disease of gender identity disorder as young as 6, "educating" elementary children as to the "proper " sexual acts of homosexuality, techniques of oral sex (my own daughters were litterly taught that in middle school in the state of Georgia), pseudo science homosexuality/ transgenderism, our nation is evil because of sexism, and that our nation was built on slavery, and that WHITE people are ALL evil because of slavery (yet out of all the races in all of history, it is the whites, and whites only, that first abolished slavery). Teachers for the past 70 years have increased their inhumane, nonfactual, inaccurate ideology of regressiveism and yet these nonhuman "teachers" are DEMANDING that we pay them for what I already stated above, but have the gall to demand more payment? No.

  4. When people assume that a teacher is only working the number of days of school + teacher work days the math is always gonna get stupid. Last year, while teaching in California, I worked 6 days a week most weeks, I worked during spring break, half of the holiday vacation and worked all but one week of summer vacation. To top that off my work day usually started about 6:30 AM and ended closer to 5pm on an average day.

    I used to be a truck driver and despite being an industry where the average employee doesn't even have a high school education I was making about $20,000 (I was a little on the high side earning wise) more a year with no more hours of work than I am teaching. Though I continue to teach because I love it.

  5. Teacher benefits are so high because teacher pay is low, it has been a tradeoff by local governments who have always avoided any expenditure they possibly could, and simply passed the buck on to future taxpayers. And instead of putting the pension money away, they left pensions unfunded.

  6. This video seems to have an Anti-teacher a fellow teacher I do a lot of off hour work and sometime weekends. The salary does not reflect this at all.

  7. It’s not just the swelling numbers of non-teaching faculty, it’s also about maintaining high staff counts in rural areas that are drying up. Consolidate, cut, then pay raise.

  8. Most parents outside of urban areas, have little to no sympathy for the "teachers". We realize that they have systematically and increasingly failed our children for almost 70 years now. Ever since the formation of the Department of Education and the subsequent teacher unions, parents have seen the decline of their rights to educated their own children, their right to have a say in what is taught to their children and the way it is taught. Furthermore, parents are constant and increasingly being persecuted for trying to stand up for their rights as parents, for taking the education of their own children into their own hands (i.e. homeschooling) (look to NYC prosecuting parents for not having their children in public schools despite the requesent state laws the year before in order to homeschool just last year it was repoted). Parents are not sympathetic to the teachers due to them KNOWING, KNOWING, of the decades of declining education competency levels of their children. And, parents nonsympethetic of teachers plites due to children being indoctrinated into inhuman, and frankly, abusive, regressive ideologies instead of being correctly educated in reading/writing, mathematics, and TRUE sciences (history being one of them). Until teachers get their act together and start teaching (which they should've been doing since the mid '70's) they will constant, mad increasing so, receive hostile feedback as to their plights.

  9. No wonder so many teachers are socialists as their overhead treats them in a way that assures this will be the outcome. As pointed out this normally doesn't fly with other professionals. So, again, just a Bill Clinton clearly showed the problem of government over business and thus rejected socialism, so to do we have the same thing here. The schools are allowed to operate in a way that would not work in the free market. Government consistently create ecologies for their friends that would not normally exist outside their protection. This setup also exists in medicine, where competition needs to be carefully introduced as well.

  10. The education racket started 40 years ago with the mass consolidation of districts, to sell it they opened all kinds of trade schools, magnet schools, Montessori programs etc. After getting their consolidation of power, they let everything go to shit, ignored their communities and doubled down on the "needing funding".

  11. I understand teachers striking and wanting higher salaries, but some method must be place that does not reward or award people acting in the capacity of teacher who feels free enough to curse kids out or mistreat children they claim not to understand.

  12. The US ranks 4th to 6th (depending on the metric) in teacher salaries in the world, so they're fairly well paid in most states.

  13. Teachers don't have to worry about job security. You can be the worst teacher in the nation and you cannot be fired. As we say in English English, American teachers are on a very good wicket.

  14. have an idea instead of complaining about money, why cant teachers strike in a new way by throwing out there lesson plans and teaching the kids the truth abuot America, its evils and the corporate nazi agenda. this way the next generation will rise up and make life affordable for the people and regain our democracy from the orgarths who are hording all the wealth.

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