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2019 Pro Cycling Kits – Hot Or Not? | The GCN Show Ep. 314

2019 Pro Cycling Kits – Hot Or Not? | The GCN Show Ep. 314

– From somewhere in Oxfordshire, ever so slightly lost, welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show. Brought to you by Wiggle. – This week, it’s back. We play Hot or Not, with the 29 Team Pro Cycling Team Kits. – Very much looking forward to that. We’ve also got crap
tech that you don’t want from the Consumer Electronics Show. And my next installment, of Zero to Hero. (laughs) – Hero. Yeah anyway. We also have an exclusive
with Peter Sagan. (snaps) – Doing what? – What? – What’s he doing? – (sniffs) He’s … He’s playing table football. (playful yelling) (cheerful bossa nova music) (energetic music) (rumbling) – This week in the world of cycling, we learn that Alexander Vinokourov, can rap! (foreboding piano music) – Wow. – Seems Astana means business
this year don’t they? – They sure do. Now we also learned this week, thanks to the annual Consumer
Electronics Show in Vegas, about some bike tech that
we really don’t want. Like the FlexiSpot
All-in-One Desk bicycle. – [Dan] Oh I like that. It’s good isn’t it? – [Si] What? – More crap tech coming up
for you later in the show, you’ll be very pleased to know. But first, as promised, it’s time for our annual
rundown of the new World Tour Team Kits. Now over the last six years
Si and I have built up quite a reputation as being
quite the style gurus, so we’ll be passing judgment
as to whether they’re hot or not. (sizzle sound) – Yes and just as we make our
race predictions you’ll know, that if we say hot…. It’s probably not. – And vice versa. Now the World Tour’s
kicked off in Adelaide with the Tours Down Under, and as such, most of the women’s team
and all of the men’s teams have been strutting their stuff
on the catwalk Down Under. – That’s right. Jon Cannings fitted right in didn’t he? – He did. Yeah with those shorts on, my goodness. (romantic guitar music) (laughs) Anyway, let’s play Hot or Not. (energetic dance music) Firstly let’s go through a
few kits that have remained essentially the same. AG2R.. Still brown. – [Si] Yeah. CANYON//SRAM… Still super cool. – [Dan] Bora Hansgrohe… still pretty much the same. Although you might not know that, because Peter Sagan has
frankly never been able to wear a normal Bora Hansgrohe kit has he? – [Si] No and he still can’t either, just by no longer being World Champion, he remains Slovakian National Champion, so he’s wearing that kit instead. – It’s pretty hard to
recognize him this year, with the difference in kit isn’t it? Who’s that guy finishing second at the People’s Choice Classic? – Well yeah. And more to the point, who’s that guy playing table football? (calm bossa nova music) Okay back to the team kits, Movistar men’s and women’s… still cool. Mitchelton-Scott, men’s and women’s.. still a bit boring. Yeah maybe. Is that why Caleb Ewan left? Really? Because they say he looks pretty fast in his new Lotto Soudal kit, which technically remains
pretty much the same since last year. Classic.. Maybe not cool. – [Dan] Could be that reason couldn’t it? Meanwhile Quick-Step have
obviously changed names. Their Jerseys changed, they’ve now put Deceuninck across the top. – [Si] Classic. Not cool. But good to know that’s how
you pronounce Deceuninck. I had been wondering, since James had a stab at
it in that video last week. – Des-uh-nack. – Right then. What about the more important ones then? The kits that have actually changed. – Well let’s start with Astana shall we? Almost a complete redesign, as you can see. – [Dan] Wow it’s gonna take me some time to get used to the differences there. – [Si] Yeah. – [Dan] Hot or not? – [Si] Because it’s Astana it’s hot. What about CCC Dan? Men and women… firstly orange or red? – [Dan] Oh … Orange. – [Si] Yeah. Hot or not? – [Dan] Not. Alright and we look at Bigla, which we took a look at last week, didn’t we? We decided that one is definitely hot. – [Si] Yeah. Trek women’s team is
smoking hot if you ask me. And the men’s team, definitely hot as well. Although you gotta look
twice at the sponsor across the back of the shorts. – [Dan] I see what you mean. They’ve done a good job though, Trek, happy with both teams there. And then we’ve got Team Sky, who you’ll remember last
year wore mainly white. This year they’ve gone for a sort of navy blue to black fade, which actually six teams
have gone for this year. It’s in fashion. – [Si] Oh yeah. Very on trend. I’d say that’s hot, if I’m completely honest. Sunweb, the men and women of that team, have gone from a kind of black and white, to red and white, which I think that’s hot. It’s bright. U.S National Champ Coryn Rivera has totally lucked out, slash nailed it, with a U.S National Champs kit, and smoking hot in it. – Agreed. They’ve done an amazing job, on Rivera’s jersey for
this year haven’t they? And then finally we have
got the one that people have been waiting for, and been talking about a
lot over the last week. It is from the EF Education First… Team. – Yeah. Why the pause? – That team name used to be much longer. It keeps catching me up isn’t it? – [Si] Yeah. True that. – Anyway. We have got our grubby
mitts on their new jersey. Or at least Si has. Although unfortunately it appears they’ve sent us one over that
went through a hot wash with a Bic barrel in it. – (laughs) I will not hear a bad word said about that jersey Dan. I think that is super cool. – [Dan] Alright well we disagree on that. I do a bold saying that that’s hot.. Although it does seem to be, as I said, polarizing opinion across
social media amongst fans, and also here at GCN Towers. Ollie for example, when he saw it, said it looked like a poor
attempt at a tye dye t-shirt. – Some people just aren’t
ready for the return of tye dye Dan. Some people have never seen it before, I would imagine. But anyway, let’s not go into conversation about us being middle aged again. One thing I do really hope about this kit, is that EF, Education First, can re-back up Rapha’s fairly bold claims about disrupting professional cycling. It will take more than super cool jerseys, dodgy mustaches, and ironic hats, of which there were plenty on show, at the Tour Down Under. – Yeah I know we mean that, it was a slight anti-climax
when they announced their alternative race
calender for 2019 last week, which only included four events didn’t it? The Dirty Kanza, fairly obvious one. The Leadville 100, the Taiwan KOM challenge, and also your favorite, the Three Peaks side cross, which was also fairly obvious. Although let’s hope they add some more, in the not too distant future. – I’m sure they will. I’m sure they will. One thing I am really hoping, I think it will be super
disruptive to professional cycling, if they had a women’s team as well. Because in those events, the men and women will
race shoulder to shoulder. And that would be super cool. Imagine that. – That is very true, yeah. Yeah all of them, they could ride shoulder
to shoulder couldn’t they? There are a few teams obviously, that have got a men’s and a women’s team within the same structure. I’m thinking of
Trek-Segafredo for example, Team Sunweb, and Movistar, but you rarely see them together do you? Although to be fair to those teams, they did have their
presentations all together, and the team photos all together too. – Well yeah, and the race program doesn’t allow them to race together does it? But it would be great if it did. CCC there’s another one. – They do.. There’s a lot of them actually
isn’t there these days? Anyway it is time for you
to give your opinions to us. Do you agree or disagree
with myself and Si, the fashion gurus, probably not. I think we’d be the main
opinion in the comments below. But let us know which kit you
think is the hottest of 2019. – That’s right. We’re not leaving Hot or Not
completely right now though. Because last week, Dan took his top completely off, (wolf whistle) to find out what his
body fat percentage was. Do we know what the outcome was? – Not hot. I wasn’t apparently. (laughs) – Now in the body fat percentage– – Oh right! Well watch the video and you’ll find out. It is now Thursday. The 10th of January. So I’m in week one of
week 10 of my training. Two bike sessions down, so I thought that before
too many physiological changes take place, I’d get some more health
baseline tests done. So I’ve come to the University of Bath, where Johnathan Robinson is kindly going to test my fat percentage. And a few other small tests, which I haven’t found out about yet. Let’s go on inside. (calm contemporary jazz music) Pull. You may well remember Jonathan from some previous videos on GCN, and also more recently on GTN, and Jonathan’s going to be doing some baseline health
testing on me today, which involves, what exactly? – So we’re going to
measure a variety of things that we would hope might change over a ten week period. So we’re going to look
at body composition, or body fat. And height and weight. We’ll also look at some really
simple strength measures, upper body and then ones that
are more likely to change. So the lower body measures. So leg strength and then also jump height, which is really good for leg power. And then we might do blood pressure. And also basic lung function type tests. So a kind of baseline set
of data to start off with. – Well let’s get started then. See where I’m at. – Okay. (calm contemporary jazz music) – It’s been seven years since
I’ve had my fat measured. I haven’t put loads of
weight on in that time, 2.4 kilos heavier, but I might well have lost the little bit of muscle I did have. So composition could have
changed quite significantly. I don’t think too much
on the arms and legs. Wait and see.. but see what the difference
is on the stomach. What was my percentage
last time you worked out? – Six. – So 6.15 (calm contemporary jazz music) – So the fat on the abdomen there has gone from 7.2 to 23.5. – That’s millimeters. Not percent. (laughs) – I’ve done a bloody good
job there on the old abdomen. (calm contemporary jazz music) Results are in. I was 6.1% in 2011, and I’m now– – 11.9 – 11.9% not too bad. That’s quite a healthy
percentage isn’t it? – Yeah. Anything under 12 is fine, in terms of general population. Man on the street is
probably somewhere between 15 and 20 percent so, twelve is still a pretty good score. (forceful blowing) Next one is a force file to capacity. So how much air you’re breathing out. So from fully inhaled to fully exhaled. So kind of lung volume, essentially. And that’s 7.15 liters. Which is good, high score and also
130% of what we predict. So pretty good. So basically it’s kind
of like a bench press. So you sit there and you push– – Okay. Oh it thought it was gonna be legs. – We can do legs.. We will do legs afterwards. (calm contemporary jazz music) (labored breathing) (machine clicking) 171 average. – [Johnathan] 171 average in 177. – Not a good score, just a better score relatively (laughs). – No it’s a good score. It’s a good score. Somewhere way off the mat.. (laughs) (loud stomp) (sighing) – It’s hard to not bend them when you land if you’re trying to keep them straight. – So it’s 25. (loud stomping) (sighing) 26.8 We’ll give you that. – Jonathan has just
created a bar chart here, which represents my fat
percentages and millimeters now, versus previously. They’re not too bad
actually for the most part, until you get to this abdominal bit again, which is still making me laugh a bit. Anyway. We’ve got all of the baselines
and health parameters now. What would you expect to
change over the next ten weeks, and what would you expect to stay roughly where it is at the moment? – I think that the skin
folds and the body fat, we’ll probably see a little
bit of change in that. And probably around those higher scores, we’ll see that drop down a little bit. And probably won’t see
much change in your weight. You might see fractional changes, but quite often if you lose a bit of fat, you might put on a bit more muscle, and they kind of balance things out. Strength-wise, we might see a bit on the legs. Don’t know how much we’ll see on the arms. If you’re not gonna do much work there. There might be a little bit of carry over, of you know, a little bit more physical
activity generally. And we might see a bit more explosive power in the jump test. Depending on what sort of
training you’re undertaking there. – That was pretty poor wasn’t it? Was it 26.8 centimeters? Room for improvement there, for sure. Alright thanks Johnathan
– Pleasure. for your time. And hopefully we’ll come in ten weeks, see if anything has changed. – Yeah. – Ten weeks you say. The beginning of January. Now I’m currently performing
some complex mathematics. Lloyd-y you sneaky bugger, you’re getting fit for
the GCN event in Majorca, aren’t you? – [Dan] Funny that isn’t it? I’m gonna be flying for
our first ever GCN event. It’s actually a reminder
that we have got our first GCN event taking place this March. The 20th to the 24th. In Alcudia on the beautiful
island of Majorca. – Yeah. Four days of some of the
most beautiful riding you can possibly imagine. We’ve got groups for all ability levels. And the final day is a
KOM challenge of sorts, on what of the famous climbs out there. – Yeah thoughts on that. – We’re waiting to find out
exactly what that entails. And there’ll also be
entertainment on most evenings, and on the other evening
there’s gonna be my pop quiz. – Oh yeah! How’s it going? – Hopefully that will be entertaining too. Well I’ve got a couple
of questions written, but I’ve mainly been
concentrating on the drinks menu. And there’s an extensive list of.. Well it’s a lot of who’s who of beer, on my menu basically. – (laughs) Nice. – Percentages that you
wouldn’t wanna ride on. (laughs) – Right. If you fancy joining us, and if you fancy the sound
of Lloyd’s beer menu, then you can get a bit more info by clicking on the link in the description and heading over to our events website. (electronic percussion music) – Next up it is time for
our weekly GCN Inspiration. Your chance to win one of
three Wiggle voucher amounts, 50 pounds for third, 75 pounds for second, and 100 pounds for first place. Each week to spend on whatever you want over on the Wiggle online shop. – Better than a poke in the eye that, isn’t it? – Yes. – Right then. In third place, this one from Cycling_Sam on Instagram, which I absolutely love the photo. And I also like the
caption that goes with it. “Exams done, time to get back to some proper training.” I remember that very sentiment Dan. – [Dan] Oh I love that. Yeah. Kind of you know, makes me want to go ride my push bike. – He’s gonna have to
split it with the person who took the photo there. Richard Lindsay. Isn’t he? 25 pounds each. Do you know what? I bet after he took that, he kept going back to Richard and saying “Let me just check it. No that’s only gonna get a third place”. (laughter) Let me just check it..” Anyway you got third place. So well done to the both of you. Let us know what you
spend your vouchers on. In second is Colm188. Sunrise on Dollymount Strand in Dublin. (applause) That’s a cool shot isn’t it? – [Si] Super cool shot. I mean technically riding on beaches is pretty bad for your bike, so that bit’s not very inspirational. But– – [Dan] The sand looks
very hard packed though. – [Si] It does look hard packed. – [Dan] You can’t even see
how he’s got there look, no wheel tracks or anything. – [Si] Okay. So I’m inspired by that
particular beach as well. But also, I mean any bit of sunlight
in the minute is great, as you can see, but that does look super cool doesn’t it? I love it. Very well deserved second place. But– – [Dan] Yeah could we have a drum roll Si? (drum roll) Thank you very much. This is an amazing photo. – It is isn’t it? – I don’t normally look forward
to riding through tunnels, but if they were all like this one, I would. It comes in from Kenny Innisleigh on the Old Road just below Claviere. – Wherever that is. Anyway it’s a very aesthetically
pleasing tunnel isn’t it? Like you said, probably horrible to ride through, because all tunnels are. But anyway, that is wicked. And a well deserved first place 100 pound Wiggle voucher to you. – Yeah make sure you let us know what you spend your voucher on. A reminder of how to enter each week, there’s an uploader link in
the description just below, or you can use the
#GCNINSPIRATION over on Instagram. – Yeah all you have to do is
give us an inspirational photo. Why it’s inspiring, well, we’ll find out. (comedic horn music) – It’s now time for Cycling Shorts. – Cycling Shorts now. And we’re gonna start
with some more crap tech, from the CES. – Like wearable air bags from Helite. These are called B’Safe, without the year at the start, to make the name look a bit cooler. And are essentially, inflatable life jackets, which well they inflate when they sense that you are about to have a crash. – [Si] Yeah not a terrible
idea you might think. Except I don’t know about you, but whenever I’ve crashed, then all the injuries have pretty much exclusively been to my
appendages you know? Like so my hands and wrists and elbows, and knees and– – [Dan] You did once break
your neck though didn’t you? – Yeah. It’s that an appendage? It does stick out the
top a bit doesn’t it? But it’s fairly critical. – Yeah yours is quite long… Neck that is. Also you want a bit of protection around your bum these days don’t you? If this picture of
Lucas Pott that people– (sounds of disgust drowning out talking) Ouch! – [Dan] How sore does that look? – [Si] That does he needed
a big air bag didn’t he, to cover that? Lucas I didn’t mean it
like that I promise. Just that it was a big cut. Honest. – Imagine the weight if
you had ankle protectors. – That’s a good point, I see. That would be big. Anyway, moving on. Some tech from the CES now that actually might be quite good. Check out this new E-bike, which was inspired by a
design from Jean Prouve, from 1941. It’s called Coleen. And it’s designed and made
exclusively in France. – [Dan] It actually
looks alright doesn’t it? And then also something
that could be pretty big. This from NordicTrack, who are a really big
indoor training company, they developed an indoor bike, and in conjunction with the company Virtual Reality software, basically made indoor cycling into a game. – [Si] That’s right. Including one where you
pretend to be an airship. Which actually seems to
be quite a good idea. We all have those days, you know where you feel
a little bit bloated, a little bit slow, and you can just kind of bimble around, being an airship. – Maybe it’s because you’ve
got a Helite B’Safe on. – (laughs) Good point. Alright from high tech to low tech now, you remember a few months back now– – Handily under the desk. – Yeah people go wondering how much stuff we’ve got under there. Check these out! Yes we had a Kickstarter
that we mentioned, and now we’ve just been
sent our new gloves. So there we go. (shuffling noises) yeah. High-five Dan. (loud slap sound) Boom! Right! Oh hang on a minute. I heard there might be some action over at the Peter Sagan table football. – Is that definitely Sagan in that jersey? (playful chatter) (upbeat bossa nova music) We’re gonna move on now to a little bit of race related news. And it looks as though Team Sky’s future could be looking a little
bit better if reports in La Gazetta dello Sport were
anything to go by last week. They claim that the owners of
Sky the broadcasting company, Comcast, are set to pay 70% of the team’s wage bill in both 2020 and 2021. Quite a considerable investment, and particularly important
because it will really help team owners try and find a new sponsor. Because instead of having
someone who will need to invest that 30 million pounds a year, they only need to find nine million. So that will make a big difference. And also Gazetta in that same article, they agree with me Dan, Garaint Thomas will
ride the Giro d’Italia. – You did say that didn’t you? – I did yeah. – But he hasn’t said that. He said he’s focusing on the tour. So it’s going to be interesting to see who’s right about Geraint’s race program because it’s still a sport on the side, or Geraint himself. We shall wait and find out
in a moment’s time I’m sure. Also something else we
found out last week, through Cycling Weekly website, was that the start of this year Edvald Boasson Hagen did
a quite epic indoor train. – Yeah the stats, a cool six and half hours indoors. 212 kilometers. 4,500 calories burned. I mean indoor training has come a long way in the entertainment state hasn’t it, in the last ten years or so, but the thought of that
still fills me with absolute dread. – Likewise. I mean he did do it on that
Tacx Magnum indoor trainer that’s like a treadmill, but still, that’s gotta take it’s… What’s the longest you’ve ever
done on an indoor trainer? – I confess I did three hours once. – I did exactly the same. When I was 18 the only thing I could look at was a shed door, and it was enough to put me
off indoor training almost.. I’m just getting over it now in fact. I still have recurring nightmares. – Yeah I’ll tell you a
thing about indoor training. Your coach at Sufferfest, Neal Henderson, a man to be respected and also feared, because I’ve heard it
said that he once did 13 hours on an indoor trainer. And also qualified for a
Sufferlandrian Knighthood. I don’t know what one of those is, but it sounds quite impressive. Sort of an initiation test. Do you think you’re gonna
qualify for knighthood? – On Sufferlandria? I’d be lucky to get a rosette, if that is how you have
to get a knighthood. – Well you’ll be lucky
to get your 300 watts if your training is anything like what we caught you doing
the other day at lunchtime. (foreboding horns) – Are you rolling? – [Camera Man] Yeah. (whir of bicycle) – I’ve got a right sweat on now! I’m deep into the session. Point taken. I won’t be cheating for my
ten week training program. – Yeah well you’ll get found out! In Majorca. Anyway let us know what you’re longest indoor session has been, in the comments down below. No snickering. – Yeah. I’ll stick to my four one hour
sessions per week indoor– – Well that would be quite a good idea. (drill sound) – Before we get on to
this week’s Hacks/Bodges, a quick reminder of how you
submit your hacks and bodges. There’s the uploader
just below this video, in the description. Or the hashtag is #GCNHACK, which you can use on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And we’re starting off
with a hack this week. You might remember a few years ago, Drew Wilson of CycloCarbon, made a fatbike, road bike, out of a Trek. And it was quite the
masterpiece wasn’t it? Anyway– – [Si] It’s a Fat Time trial bike, if I remember correctly. It was a time trial bike yeah. – [Dan] Here’s a picture
of it so you can see it. Anyway he’s been back in his workshop beavering away, and he’s made a couple of very
cool bikes here hasn’t he? This one with the Strider bike, the bike that’s back there, the front was made out
of an old bottom frame that was cracked. And then what’s he done with this fork Si? – He’s made a kid’s suspension fork. It took me quite a while, and I’ll be honest, Dan telling me what it was, because that looks like
a normal sized bike. But no it’s a kid’s bike. How cool is that? – [Dan] I mean other kids are gonna be jealous of his kids aren’t they? – [Si] Grade A hack from CycloCarbon. Very good. Alright moving on. From high tech to low tech now. Bikemor, one of his bicycle hacks, it’s to cover his disc rotors
when he’s cleaning his bike. With some Saran Wrap there. Now I’ll be honest with you, I’m less persnickety about my disc rotors when I’m cleaning my bike. But if you are worried
about contaminating them, it’s a great idea. What do you do to your pads though? Where do you put those to keep them safe? – [Dan] I’m as lazy as
you are when it comes to covering rotors Si. But they can get quite noisy can’t they, if they’re contaminated by oil. – That’s the thing yeah. – Right. Next up this from PaulKujath. Always wanted some proper
deep section wheels, and he’s gotten them for free there, just from riding in the snow. – [Si] Nice. Arrow snow fairings. Good stuff. Colm_D1 on Instagram, has made his own bike rack, for quite a lot of bikes I think. For a team car. I like that, that’s very cool. – [Dan] That’s a very good job. Because actually they’re rare aren’t they? Those team car bike racks. – Super rare yeah. – They’re like hen’s teeth. Making one your own way, is pretty the only solution
if you want something similar to the pros. Next up, sort of a weird one here, from Gary_on_a_bike. The trainer keeps jumping
around when doing sprints, so I try to keep it in place. This bungee works so far. Gary that’s a bodge. If your trainer keeps jumping around, attaching it to a single piece
of elastic is a bad idea. If you get really enthusiastic, it’ll ping back and fling
you out your French windows. I’m not gonna lie Dan. – Just to make sure it stays in place, maybe pull the bungee back a bit further, attached to something further away. So there’s a bit more tension on there. And then see what happens. Bodge. I think we’re gonna say to that. Jeffrey has uploaded loads of photos to our uploader. And this is his garage space. And it’s a limited space there, so he has made a very neat job of creating a work stand
complete with lighting and lots of storage and
plenty of other stuff there, and that it something
that many people out there are going to be jealous of. – [Si] Super cool. Yeah that gets a big thumbs up from me. – [Dan] It’s a hack. – [Si] Right. And then next up we’ve
got this funky bit of kit. This is Matthew’s Merida Reacto. And he’s mounted his STIs
in all the wrong places, but when you think about it, that should work. – [Dan] Yeah you see, he couldn’t afford flat bars
for his one bike conversion, so he made drop bars flat instead. I think that is hipster. I think hipster’s not a cool word anymore, but you get what I mean. – [Si] Do you think they’d
work as bar ends as well? – Well possibly yeah. You just couldn’t brake or
change gear at that point, but you can’t on bar ends anyway so– – Good point. – I’m just thinking now. We’ll finish with my favorite though. This came in from Cape Town. And Sean was the person
who uploaded it for us. – [Si] I wonder why that’s your favorite. – [Dan] I love recycling bicycle equipment and I used a cracked rotal rim
to create a beer tap system. Perfect for after every ride. – [Si] Why limit yourself to after ride? Dan has it all the time! – I want one! If you’ve got anymore cracked rotal rims, please send one of those things over. Looks amazing! (energetic beat) – Caption competition now. Your opportunity to get your
hands on a GCN water bottle. All you gotta do is put
a caption onto a photo, and then stick in the
comment section down below. Before we get started on this week, we’ve got results of course. This was last weeks photo. (laughs) – [Dan] Yeah Michelangelo is there, lacking the central part to any bike, which is the frame sit. The winner is Greg_Mid_TN, who put caption “New
definition of clincher”. (laughter) which made you and I chuckle, but 21 others who liked
it in the comment section. Well done to you Greg. Get in touch with us on Facebook with your address, we’ll get that sent out to you. This week’s photo comes from
the traditional animal visiting at the Tour Down Under. This is Astana rider Yevgeniy Gedich, not sure how his rapping is, but I’m gonna get you
started with some rap. Ain’t nobody messing with my Clique, Clique Clique Clique Clique. Cuz he’s got Clique written
on his t-shirt there Si. In case you didn’t get that. – I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t get the pop
culture reference either. Is that a rap? – It’s a rap yeah. – Like a — – It’s Kanye West. – Oh is it? – Yeah. – I’ve been listening
to The Ramones all week, I haven’t had time for Kanye. – Alternatively you could have had, Bear with me. (laughs) – Ah more up my street. Anyway. Say what you’d do down in the
comment section down below. (laughs) I’m gonna listen to Kanye
West on the way home. (energetic beat) Before we get onto our
favorite comment of the week, which in itself comes before we get onto what is coming up on
the channel this week, should we just check back in with Peter? – Yeah. Let’s. (playful bossa nova music) Still going. – That’s an epic foosball
tournament isn’t it? – That’s longer than a
90 minute soccer match, or football, for English people that get
annoyed if you say soccer. Right. One of my first favorite
comments is this from MidtownSkyport, which is in last weeks GCN show about sacrificing speed
for style and vice versa. “To be fair if us roadies
wanted to look cool we’d be mountain bikers. There ain’t nobody in
this for style points.” Fair point. Unless you’re in EF Education First, that too. – Yeah. To be fair Rob Hayles was
quite please wasn’t he, last week, for his shout out– – Twonk? (laughter) loved that. Absolute twonk. – Yeah. Sorry Rob. It’s only kismet. Still smarting. – I’m slightly jealous. – Been getting smashed all year, because he was skin suiting it. Anyway nevermind. Cycling Enthusiast said
under the Lunch Hour video, “Emma could have done
all five of those things and win a world championship
and get back with 15 minutes to spare!” Yes there’s a reason why she wasn’t invited on
that particular video. – Yes. And then underneath the top Neo Pro, a new pro to look out for in 2019, we had this from Steve Wiltshire. “Dursenank? Yeah Pat’ll love that” Should we listen to it one more time? – Let’s do it one more time. – Durs-en-ank. – I’m starting to think
perhaps we shouldn’t have told him that’s how you pronounce it. – Oh yeah. – It’s been great material for
this week’s show hasn’t it? Sorry Hank. Right. Coming up on the channel this week. On Wednesday we’re going to show you how to commute in winter, and on Thursday we’ve got three killer winter training sessions.. It’s quite a draw here
in the UK at the moment. – [Si] Isn’t it? – You could go and do them outside. And then on Friday, as ever, it’s Ask Do you see anything
with Hank and Chris. – Speaking of Hank, on Saturday we get a meet the presenters. That’s right. And you get to know who James
Lowsley-Williams really is. Is it James Lowes Williams, or is it Jams Lawsley
– Walliams? There we go. And then on Sunday, I’m particularly excited
about this one Dan, we’ve done a little bit of research, is cycling in the city
actually doing you harm? Is it killing you? There we go. – And then on Monday we’ll be back with the racing news show, and Tuesday back on the
set for the GCN show. It’s unbelievable Si, that we’ve got to the point in our careers where we can make fun of
other people’s pronunciation. – (laughs) I don’t
think we can really Dan. I suspect there’ll be
some comments underneath. (laughs) (energetic electric guitar) Now before we get onto Extreme Corner, I think we should probably
check back in with Peter Sagan, to see whether or not
– winding up now. Yeah do we need extra time? (uplifting horn and drum music) (laughter) – And he lost didn’t he? – Didn’t he, yeah. – Maybe you should stick to
bunny hopping up staircases. – Yeah well it doesn’t look
like he’s accustomed to losing. Doesn’t take that well does he? – No. Punching his teammate or opposing teams is the case for us for
this particular match. Alright we shall get
onto Extreme Corner now, which is wheelie good Si. – Oh it is isn’t it? Now you might not think that a wheelie is traditionally that extreme, but if you do it for long enough, not only is it extreme
it’s also a world record. Congratulations to Kurt Osborne, who has set his third world record. This time he’s wheelied across America. That’s right. All the way from Santa
Monica in California, right over to Florida. He basically did a Forrest Gump didn’t he? He wheelied until he ran out of road. Obviously Forrest Gump ran, whereas he did it on his back wheel. But nevertheless. Mighty impressive isn’t it? – [Dan] I was about to
use exactly the same term. I’m glad I stopped myself in time. Well done to you Kurt. Before we finish completely this week, we’ve got a sale going
on over in the shop. up to 50% off certain items. And there is also 10% off our
Australia World Tour t-shirt, to celebrate the fact that the Tour Down Under is going on as we speak right now. – That’s right. Now we mentioned earlier on, our Lunch Time challenge, that Emma would have smoked us all. If you haven’t seen that one yet, then do make sure you check it out. The link is onscreen now. (rumbling)

100 comments on “2019 Pro Cycling Kits – Hot Or Not? | The GCN Show Ep. 314

  1. Longest Indoor Session:

    I regularly do >7hrs on Zwift at a local shopping center raising money for Tour de Cure, Australia. Each ride normally exceeds 200km and 1000m elevation.

  2. What about Ale-Cipollini? By far most improved. You said that last year, but it was still hideous last year and I hated your rating for it. Other news: is that picture of the Astana women new? I wouldn't know because we still can't watch women's races. If it is, it sucks. What's with the white sleeves? You made no mention of that. Men's kit is good. Trek: women's bad, men's good. Sky, along with Movistar: teams showing how the fade doesn't suck. I like the Sunweb change. EF grew on me and is now my favorite because I feel a strange surge of happiness upon looking at it. Must be the tie-dye. Come on people now, smile on your brother.

  3. Anybody hear about the robbery at the Rapha store in London overnight? £20000 of kit stolen.

    They caught the thief but are still looking for the 2 jerseys, 2 bibs and 2 pairs of socks.

  4. I originally thought the Coleen was modelled on an S-Bike but I woke up in the middle of the night and it's a Trimble, and yes I need to get a life

  5. I just thought that this video of Anna Meares doing vertical jumps may give Dan some inspiration.

  6. In my younger days, I rode a spinning bike for 36 hours, at a minimum speed of 18kmph. Having a 9 minute toilet break and mini massage every 4 hours. It was done in London with friends riding at 1 hour blocks along side of me. We were raising money for a kids charity at the time, and also aiming for the Guinness World record at the time. Unfortunately I collapsed with exhaustion and was unable to beat the record of 42hours.

  7. My longest session was last year on the SuperBowl. I watched the Game on my Tomahawk Indoor bike, eating chips and drinking root beer all the time. Overtime. A very hard word ;-P
    4 hours 30 minutes. From 11:30 pm to 5:30 pm with half time pause. I will repeat this year. Cheers

  8. Must disagree about the Mitchelton Scott kit, It isn't the snazziest but I'd take it over Lotto Soudal, AG2R, maybe even Sunweb any day.

  9. Longest indoor trainer session: 5 hours! My wife and I BOTH did 5 hours while training for Ironman Texas in 2016. It was disgusting.

  10. The longest indoor trainer session I made is "The GCN 60 minutes session". For beat that you must do a longer indoor video 🙂

  11. I’ve done 4h32 100Km IDT on Zwift….. in a cow onesie this was on 28 July 2018 which was my 22nd day of riding every day of TDF all in the cow suit.

  12. I don't own an indoor trainer, so my longest indoor session would be about fifteen seconds, when my seat post had slipped and I wanted to check I'd put it back to the correct height.

  13. On a sentimental note, here in the States politics are super depressing and you guys are an excellent antidote. Dorky, funny, and with silly cycling perspectives I can totally relate to. Thanks!

  14. What does it mean by a 2900 mile wheelie! He never put the front wheel down in his entire trip? How could that be possible? What about eating, or going to toilet etc? Did he not sleep either?

  15. Did the Rapha „L’Etape du Tour Sportive“ Challenge (The „Four Horsemen“ Route in Zwift) 30.12.2018 took me 8 Hours 59 Minutes to finish the 90.1 Km Route and 2124 Meters of climbing 🙈 could Not get back in the saddle for three days…

  16. Hi guys! I wanted to tell you that thanks to that video of (Super) Matt & Emma in Spain, I was able to convince my girlfriend (just an everyday bike commuter) to do a 3-week cycling trip from Lisbon to Sagres to Sevilla to Málaga last October!
    As a matter of fact, she wouldn't watch the channel if it wasn't because I insist. However, she loved the fact that you've introduced a woman in the show but she misses Matt ( and I do too).
    Keep it up boys!!!
    p.s.: we hail out of Montréal.

  17. Let's agree to disagree on the team kits. I diasgree on almost all the jerseys with you guys. 🙂 EF is horrible. SKY makes the fade work, the others not so much.

  18. Nung napanood ko ang rap ng ASTANA team.agad ko siyang nagustuhan,natawa lamang ako sa simula pero.Naalala ko ang kinanta ng koponan ng "Orica green edge cycling" na "call me maybe". Para sa akin kanya-kanya lamang tayo ng gusto.
    Nagagandahan din ako sa "jersey"ng ASTANA,TREK at CANONDALE.(mahilig ako sa pink)

  19. #askgcntraining Do you think it's a good idea to try cyclocross if I have bone spurs? I have spent >6 months recovering from plantar fasciitis, and took up cycling as I was advised not to run. Cyclocross requires me to pick up the bike and run, that's the reason for my question.

  20. Nothing about vino surprises me. He's definitely killed a man. He looks like a KGB poster boy and he definitely lives the thug life.

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