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2019 – Riding Bikes in Japan!

2019 – Riding Bikes in Japan!

this is going on ahead it for sure enough you’re gonna be part of it I’m down best meal I’ve ever had was still mr. Williams I don’t know even sake I mean [Music] your she go to our show that we want white we want to write today 100% so this is lean back men this is Shirley Mick if I’m honest I’m not feeling their bed [Music] right but um when we dare it’s dark or not so why are there so many people lizards the highway is closed because of the disaster mm-hmm stuck maybe could be [Music] yeah think about 30 minutes of daylight left and it’s night so the kids didn’t go to school today because we were coming that’s cool you know warm up straight into it I’m a little bit nervous a little bit [Music] I never follow people first Shriver now I wanna know the speech I don’t want to jump 5 meters too far that was fun [Music] [Applause] [Music] haha howdy gotta go Street it’s a little tight Yoshi left is okay good and then humans who can see yeah this place is so cool so we spent eight hours in a car today for a forty minute session but it was good it’s just a bit oftentimes that’s what the bedrooms look like I just planned that thank you see your rooms ready [Music] I feel like I hold on that’s pretty good then I’ll give you were to start on TripAdvisor [Laughter] [Music] Oh conceived in the back and they know it okay rotten random stop right is ready watch the gate I done there no gotta go sitting outside hi so we were supposed to do clinic but this trick was soaking wet I think we did good yeah twenty minutes five twenty minutes per station on the reduced our skin without kids riding no gay arigato thanks for translating we just must have good diversity [Music] [Music] [Music] we respected in Osaka we just watch the semis what are you expectations for the main who’s gonna win it well Renato JB who’s winning the main yeah sukhiya mas I was winning the main home track I think the guy in yellow the Japanese guys got a hole shot yeah and I think he’s gonna slow down or another guy and I think assumed was gonna win assume our money’s on you yeah this first turn is so weird everyone [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah pull pull as hard as you can [Applause] I thought they had wins I need to cool [Laughter] [Laughter] maybe the best of three Oh point four or even so the last is the final final I’m nervous now how’d it go [Music] Yoshio your feeling on a scale of 1 to 10 how are you feeling I think I feel like a 2 [Laughter] [Music] you see your own for the first time in six months ten months like a psycho I’ve been in some of the ninth and biggest cities in the world but for me nothing beats countryside how do they do the last 10 months they’re good this is from Meerut yeah and then David Herman from what year is this Susie thousand seven i think 2007 when he came to Japan and then no it’s one of my um I don’t know yeah yes I call Miss Japan I like the blue Japan Jersey to that 2004-5 you live so close to the track thanks for [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] don’t drink sake the 94 you gonna write I’m sir [Applause] [Music] and go Yoshi get the time to beat your time [Applause] go shaking feet I think was the fastest one right you know you’re only getting slower ten gates ago what keep trying I think I’m done arigato so this is what you she showed me just before we came to the trick so scared the first laps for a jump unbelievable yeah I didn’t want to crash twice two days in a row no more riding in which is a five [Music] [Music] you

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  1. Just wondering what's your favorite gate and starting lights you have ridden, progate? Pro start? Or another kind, just wondering my dad manufactures progate products and I was wondering what a pro thought

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