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39 comments on “2020 BMW F 900 R | First Ride | Review

  1. Nice evolution of the F800r. I absolutely loved my F800r and only recently traded for an R1200r. This could very well be my next bike. Great all round bike especially combined with the BMW Luggage. Will be tough between this and the F9 XR

  2. I get the dash in that position allows the rider a better read without loosing visual connection with the street but god is ugly as hell!

  3. I’m clearly gonna get a BMW…People get wedding gifts I promised myself that once I’m divorced I’m getting myself a divorce gift and it’s going to be a BMW 1200 or 1250 or 900 it’s going to be a BMW

  4. Hi Scott,
    Nice video as always
    Not sure about the 900 R
    I think I prefer my Shiver 900…just a thought…
    Take care

  5. A really clear and honest review .I think people can get wrapped up in how much horsepeower is there . For me personally it's always been about great torque in the lower rev ranges .

  6. I tried flat 4, flat 6, in line 4, flat 3, in line 3, v twin, parallel twin, horizontal v Twin, flat twin, single cylinder most in four stroke but some in two stroke. I found gems and stinkers in all of them and most were just alright.

    My favorite engines so far in order Triumph's 1200cc Twin, Yamaha's 2 stroke twin, BMW's air/oil cooled twin, Kawasaki's and Triumph's triple, Suzuki's V twin, Honda's Flat six. Unfortunately I haven't found a single cylinder two or four stroke engine I fell in love with yet.

  7. Good review Scott!
    Peak torque at 6500(chart) or 4500(said)?
    I prefer 270 degree parallel twins over the big, wide fours. Simple valve adjustment, more ground clearance, lighter, no handlebar buzz, more chug per fire, so much better…except maybe the sound.

  8. Great review on a great bike Scott. My pick over the XR. Also love your new “off-board” camera; looks fantastic. The only thing I didn’t like was all the tree chopping. I thought only 3rd world countries like 🇦🇺Australia (where I live) cut down forests these days. I always see Germany as the benchmark in environmental practice. Look forward to the long term review.

  9. Again Scott a great review. Question… why do you think the R is better than the XR? I’m looking at the XR here in Oz as a better touring based version. Cheers mate👍🏼

  10. I cant believe what the level of production you reached with the on the road external camera! Its following you around, shooting from various angles, turns to show the points of interest as you re talking about them! Since day one, the video quality was top notch but you re evolving, setting the standard! Love your presentation too, but I would like more on the road captures! Thank you for the review!

  11. When comparing prices, one should visit the BMW configuration tool first to add stuff like cornering ABS and blipper function.

    As you're always pointing to safety, I'm surprised you're recommending the distracting electronic gadgets that much without a dedicated comment.

  12. I think BMW nailed it with this bike. It's cheap, in a good way, and she looks good too.
    She is everything I expected the 85p GS to be.
    I'm looking forward to your second video.
    Take care Scott!

  13. Excellent video, very full and very well explained 👏👏
    Like a lot of variations with the cameras and in this use 360 makes all the sense and results in a great job. It is something I am seriously thinking to do in my videos, my TethaS just does not have an acceptable resolution to use, I must do the upgrade 😉
    Strong embrace ✌

  14. Well done! It's a lovely looking bike. You mentioned the Speed Twin 1200 as a stronger bike…but that is not the case, really. Not in horses anyway. Maybe in torque? Anyway, a welldone review by your one-man-team!

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