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36 comments on “2020 BMW F 900 R | Long Term Review | BMW F900R

  1. Very nice review. Thanks very much. I want to rent it when I'm coming over to Berlin in June. I didn't quite understand what you were saying about the navigation in the beginning. Did you use the BMW app or some other app? Is the app free of charge? Thanks.

  2. thanks for all of your videos, as always great content!!! would you consider buying this bike as your first bike? ofc the A2 version!!

  3. Nice vid! You do have a SuperDuke, what about the hp? Did you miss the huge power difference at any time or when exactly? 😉

  4. Loving this F900R more and more, your reviews too. What tech you use for filming? B'coz you ride alone, nobody shoots for you!?

  5. Thanks Scott, will be checking it out at the Toronto Bike show today to see how it has improved over my beloved F800r I traded for my R1200r after 6 enjoyable years. Have to agree that ESA should be on the front too.

  6. Props for riding Monday. That hail storm was a serious weather event. Going out to connect my phone to my new GSA using the app.

  7. How did u like the sound of the f900r?
    U think it will be okay as a beginner ? I mean it has a lot of electronics and even different driving modes.
    I’m 30 and want to buy the bmw or Cb650r!

    Thanks for the review

  8. How would you compare it to Shiver 900? The bikes have (nearly) identical power/torque/weight and price. This seems to have slightly better multimedia, but Aprilia has fully adjustable suspension. Which one would you go for?
    I am 193cm tall and looking for a fairly powerful and agile naked for the twistiest but also able to do some occasional touring.

  9. I am always a bit surprised that a 900cc twin is a middle weight. Didn't middle weights used to be 750's? My Buell XB9 is small, but I never really thought of it as a middle weight. I felt that it was closer to my Z1000 in displacement if not power. I guess that is what happens when heavyweights grow to 1200 and 1300cc. Nice review.

  10. Hi Scott, great review as usual. I wonder if you had a chance to test ride the F900XR, and how does it compare in terms of "feel" with the F900R?

  11. Thx for another perfect presentation 👌🏻✨ … questions:
    1. feeling in higher speed > 100 km/ h compared to the r1200r (mine is 2015th) – how is the wind pressure on the thorax/head ?
    2. Is the bike comparable to the r1200r as a “smaller brother”, or is it competitive to the 1200 ccm, also concerned to the whole packet of the R1200R ?
    3. By 4.2 l/100 km only 220 km all over ? So, it’s the average ? Is 13 l-tank a minus-point, or enough for this All-condition-all time- middleweight-bike ?
    Well done, two 👍🏻s 😂🌞

  12. the bike not very responsive to partial twisting of the throttle? example with the mt09 u only need a little throttle and the bike goes nuts but apparently with this bike its the opposite?

  13. Hey! Do you know if it is possible to remove that tail tidy? I’m not sure on which bike to get for daily commute, either this or a MT-09. Having in account I like power over anything on a bike and a good rocking sound what is your advice?

  14. Thank you for a great review. Happy that wasn't Texas hail you were in! 🙂 I saw a triangular tab sticking up on the left bar controls with the universal symbol for cruise control (tiny speedo). I'm sure you would have mentioned cruise if it were so equipped. Is cruise optional? Website doesn't say and my dealer didn't even know. Do you agree that with some aftermarket wind protection and a set of cases, it would be a good weekend sport touring buddy? Looks like it. You really gave me a good feel for it. Many thanks for your hard work.

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