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2020 International Motorcycle Show

2020 International Motorcycle Show

I’m here with representatives from Honda got a lot of R’s. got a lot of R’s in
it so I guess we can start with that… what does the third R stand for, or mean? like alot of things it doesn’t have a specific designation… 1,000 RR like that in here
that we are now calling it at they use everywhere else applied the fire fire
that was kind of a big deal for us because a number of us in the company that’s kind of what it’sknown as while competing with the other JDM
manufactures and some of the euro with technology with
aspect of it you know it’s kind of a little bit a Fireblade was our main focus that it be an all around great streetbike AMA racng, and in Superbike around the world one thing that look at our history
It’s pretty special. In fact, we celebrate two pretty significant anniversaries in 2019 California we also had sixty years of racing in Internationally history of a Honda itself is very
competitive, even in with the cars they started off with the S 500 s the yeah that’s 600 prior so I mean that was
their first car so that and I gave the DNA for the s2000 so in reality Honda
Honda Honda Honda’s focus really is motorsports and even with motorcycles
back in 1992 they had the NR750… was a v4 electronic fuel injection in 92
upside down forks single-sided swingarm Undertail exhaust before Ducati had it… whats good, whats revvin, its godspeed of Laugh Now Ride Later Jon Seidel of Honda Marquez’ bike, 2013 right? just like that oh I forgot about the satellite teams Celebration very kind of Honda like in how theypackage it that was also Mr. Honda’s favorite Because of the way it delivers power this motorcycle has been
extremely successful Blessed to have Marc Marquez riding it Look at this 2013 machine, look at the 2019 machine… so much of it is still the same Like they’ll have weight saving… Carbon brakes, things like that yeah very next year what
we have 750 half so happen that year to change to 750 from 1,000 started racing the V4 in 1983 with Freddy Spencer is that exactly the same as this? GP bike replica exactly but that bike with the architecture, frame
we’re not the same as on actual race bike two years ago when we brought out that s version of this motorcycle built-in the same place where
Marc Marquez & Cal Crutchlow’s the frame the materials every pieces
of that motorcycle was the same like how would you robot heart
maybe I’m dr. Bray live not twin mattress like me it’s like the human
element like if I can share that information nobody gave me you don’t learn that much
surprise like by the way you know or like when something the person it’s light is really light in this feels
like a 600 you can feel the lower lower attention
at your back or minutes when the ops knocking here every day not every day
but long riding time motorcycle toran type this antibody the new Ducati
I forget the name before before this and that would dare not come city
I can’t imagine his riding for longer its
and it’s definitely in a range position and be scoot all the way back seen the
worst and up here this the most comfortably can get but on the Honda
Suzuki gets it on there really well you know one arm in it just sitting so I
mean I can’t imagine riding this one off the time it needs I get crap with your
wrist not you know feeling fatigued or your lower back or have some type of
winter as far as like a light like throw around
you want a fast light rain fight that Golf Estate you fit in that it is a I’m we call
there’s no all of this whole ain’t there
who knows I mean you got that you got that wine I need and feel interact-as at different
lengths of years and he is feeling logical I got some let’s things

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