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2020 Silverado 2500 HD – Under the Hood and Behind the Wheel

2020 Silverado 2500 HD – Under the Hood and Behind the Wheel

Perry Mack, 4WDrive Magazine and here I am in Bend, Oregon driving the new 2020 Silverado Heavy-duty. We got the 3/4 ton out today but it’s got the new 6.6 litre Duramax engine mated to the 10-speed Allison transmission and that’s what’s brand new. Not too many changes in the engine this year versus last year just a few tweaks but definitely that new Allison makes a huge difference in how this truck drives and how the truck tows. Say that 10 times fast. This is the inside of the engine, now we haven’t got it on, so you can actually hear me talk but quite a bit of thought has gone into this and some things that I really like. There’s actually a fair bit of space inside for doing some maintenance if
you’re the do-it-yourself guy to buy this truck and run it and one of the
things I’m going to show you from here and then we’re going to close the hood
to show more. But they’ve actually done a good job of the cold air intake and so what you can see is it flows and I’ll show you the flow part next inside, underneath that shroud there’s a water release over here and it comes through and drives all that cold fresh clean air right down into the cold air intake system. So let me show you what it looks like from outside. All right This is your cold air intake. Now that’s smart to me. Smooth air, cold air, it’s not coming through the grill swirling around getting heated up and then going into your cold air intake. It’s going in right here. Now the other thing you might notice is I am a towering 5’8″ tall and as you can see this hood is up to my shoulder already. I’m personally gonna have to be suspended from the ceiling on a sling in order to get inside the engine compartment On the whole I like the look of this and I know it’s personal preference. Some are gonna love it, some are gonna hate it. But it’s bold and it’s big and it looks good. The truck actually is a little bit higher than it used to be. So it almost comes with a 2″ lift compared to the old Silverado and that’s pretty solid. While it’s not an off-road truck – you do get some tow hooks in the front end, which is nice. LED lights. I’m not a huge fan of these mirrors. They do have cameras integrated. You get a ton of view down the side of your trailer and your truck. But personally I’d like to see somebody rework these so that cosmetically it blends more with the truck. I like the running boards, I would rip those off on my first trail ride but again that’s not what this truck is for. If you love to tow this is what the truck is for. The step here is nice.
Again, being 5’8″, I need a ladder to get inside here. Some of the 6’4″ guys they make it look really easy. I’m not even gonna attempt to throw my leg over. The only thing I don’t like about the step is the plastic is already a little loose and that looks like something that’s gonna start to collect water. But other than that it’s pretty solid. Most of the features in the
bumper you’ve seen before in the Silverado including a larger step for work boots and getting in. One of the nice things they’ve done is they’ve added quite a few hooks in the back end. So you’ve got three here, three in the
back corner and actually they have a sliding track system as well. So you’ve got plenty of tied on points to put your toys in the back. The only other thing I’m going to talk about differently and some of the other aspects of the video, is the 15 camera system and as far as trailering goes, the number of views that you get in your dash, is gonna make this truck and this system much safer to tow than anything you’ve ever done before. We are in the new Duramax 6.6 litre diesel
towing.. What do you say we got back there? 14,000 pounds and I’m here with Rich, Rich what do you do? We have a youtube channel called Deboss Garage where we build our own trucks and GM thought it’d be good idea to get me behind one of their new ones. Well this is pretty cool because actually you swap diesel engines in and out of trucks so, you know.. I currently have a Silverado with the Cummins in it. But our next build that we
started it as a 64 C10 with a Duramax in it Older pre emissions engine but pretty cool. So we do these reviews
to see what we’re gonna be doing ten years from now Right, when we can afford these trucks. Cause beautiful truck but I’m not at that point of my life yet when I can drop this amount of coin that this truck is. But tell me for the people that can, actually afford this truck, what do you think so far as far as come out of the staging area and hiting the gas? So 15,000 pounds 14,000 pounds and yeah, kind of told us we really want to make it seem like you can’t tell if there’s a trailer behind you and I gotta say they’ve pretty well hit it on the nose. My old ’05 with Cummins in
it I put 10,000 pounds behind it I know what’s back there. Right. At 900 foot-pounds of torque an invisible trailer, this is really cool. You really don’t know that it’s there so so right off the bat fairly impressive. So I know we have some anti-sway bars back there but the truck
still feels pretty stable in the back end. Yeah we’ve got cameras on there keep in mind that we also have professionals hooking up the trailer that have the load placed perfectly over the tires. The truck I can tell is squatting just slightly in the back meaning we have
enough weight on the back tires but a little wiggle straightens right back out again. So there is no fix to an improperly loaded trailer but I’d be happy to cross the country with this and not think twice about towing Yeah yeah. So we’re doing 70 miles an hour I’m not sure what the speed limit is, 55 the heads up display is telling me that. I think we’re coming up to our first directions
here. Turn right on FS 45 at 3.9 miles. What do you think? Well we’re committed now if not we’re
gonna see what the turning radius is 15,000 pounds. We’ll start from a dead stop or just hammer on it Yeah let’s see what happens This is the new 10-speed Allison yes they were always 6-speed and there’s somebody safeties on this that I don’t think you can actually hurt the truck. So, me foot to the floor, has and we’re at 65 me hammering on it it really engages first gear very slowly gets the truck rolling. So you’re not busting new joints and whatever
else so I’ll try this exhaust brake as we’re going down the hill. We also have trailering going down the hill Just coming on, but that will keep
you in a certain gear and the exhaust brake is a nice touch, I really want to hear it though.. Are we right? Are we going the right way? We are 100% not sure and you’ve done a lot more of these reviews than I have, I think, right? Uh yeah they do put me in a lot of
trucks that’s true you know and sometimes I’m impressed and
sometimes I’m not very impressed. Okay. Which makes some people very unhappy. You gotta be honest. I do have to be honest and why wouldn’t I be right? Exactly. So far I’m impressed you know this truck drives nice. It drives nice I was very happy that the transmission doesn’t seem to be hunting. My biggest fear with that many speeds is that the transmission is constantly trying to find the best gear to go with and you don’t really notice it unless you’re on long drives and we’re in mountains and changing speed and that. But there were a lot of flat roads. I didn’t notice it constantly like it’s like.. Yeah. So that’s a real plus. Not crazy about these seats. They’re a little hard for me I don’t know if
that’s the new thing. Or maybe it’s just because I’ve been in my truck so much. I love my truck and it’s like, these seats aren’t my truck seats. From the number of different trucks I’ve driven these do seem hard and I sat in
the LT edition of this truck yesterday and yeah it feels like they should put a
little bit more cloth over that plywood I was sitting on because it’s hard. Now the High Country is a little bit nicer obviously the leathers nice. Yeah. Yeah, I don’t know if I could be in these seats for like an 8 hour drive hauling my RV. Yeah. Alright so I’ll drive for a little bit now Rich, how long your legs?
Like.. I’m in the big chair. You can almost reach the pedals! Hang on! I’m going. Ah made it! Yeah lots of room in the
back though. Especially now. So I tow trailers all
the time, all my life. Yeah. I’ve been backing up wagons since I
was 13. Dad’s tractors I am like.. If it had an engine I’ve driven it. Sprayers, combines, excavators, transport trucks. You don’t pull trailers that often? You know my business is always, my business, my business is recreation and it is recreational pulling you know so it’s the boat down to the boat ramp, boat
launch on the weekends. It’s towing the RV around again more weekends sort of
trip but you know in that respect you know while I have done quite a bit of
trailer towing I’m not that guy that does it every week or every day and that’s why I really appreciate the way this truck drives. You know for most of us our truck is our daily commuter right. So I got to drive this every day and the fact that I can tow 15,000 pounds and it feels like when I’m not towing you know it just makes it such a smooth thing. Makes it comfortable. Yeah and I think like a lot of people you know I usually end up maybe because
it’s my daily driver a lot of half-ton towing and a half-ton truck and so when I start towing stuff I really feel it in the back. You know the suspension
probably isn’t beefy enough. You know it really it should have had sway bars on
the back end to keep that but this truck is solid with that trailer back there.
I’m not getting yank around, Not finding it bounce up and down over the rough roads. I’m not finding it’s there at all. That’s confidence-inspiring it really makes it
quite a bit more relaxing. Taking the drive. I find it nice that on a
long drive I’d feel comfortable letting somebody less experienced drive it. People like couples, where maybe one partner really is not comfortable
towing the trailer because of all the things that are happening out in the back end Now you know behind the wheel here they’re gonna be feel very comfortable right and you’ve got a backup driver now. Cabin is quiet.
There’s no buzzing from the dash, the construction seems pretty solid. Yeap. Pretty cool that you can see the bikers. You just pick your signal on and you can
see the the camera automatically switches. One things they did do well in the truck is for people that do have to tow the 15 camera system and the
different views you get in there and you should play with all of that in a
parking lot before you get on the road because it’s too entertaining. If you hit something, or you scrape the side of your truck, or you back into something it is
100% your fault. But I believe once these cameras are optional right, they give you the system in the truck but you do have to purchase them separately. Okay now go back to this one. There you go. Which shows us left and right sides of
the trailer and that is actually a slick view where it makes your trailer invisible. Using that camera mounted on the back of the trailer so it’s actually
a split screen or a dual screen. We’ve got one camera on the back of the
tailgate that gives us this part of the view and then the camera on
the back of the trailer gives us this. Stitch them together and yeah it’s an
invisible trailer. Yeah super cool. This is the same interior more or less than
the predecessors. Most of the layouts are fairly similar I think Well sometimes it’s like it’s chintzy because yeah you grab it and that’s yeah So when it’s right out of the lot you don’t care but a hundred thousand miles
later everything squeaking and rattling. They’ve done a couple things in the last
couple years one is that trailer brake controls are
down on your right hand side they used to bury that over on the left underneath. Okay. So that’s good and I think the exhaust brake position is new they used to have it on the right hand side now they’ve moved it to the left Those are kind of panicky things like right away you’re like it’s got to be right there. Yeah. What I was disappointed about was that you don’t get the fancy tailgate. I know and that’s what makes GMC special you’re gonna have to go to the Sierra to get
that fancy tailgate. Yeah, I don’t understand it’s the same truck because like you’re
bragging about this tailgate put it on all your trucks. I was disappointed about that, not gunna lie. Well talk counterpoint here GMC is not the same truck Okay. That’s why So the box is not exactly the same you
can’t take like if you get t-boned and it wrecks your box you can’t find a GMC that was mucked up in the front in the scrapyard pull the box off
and put it on your Silverado? It’s completely different? Well you wouldn’t
walk into a mosque and start praying to Jesus.. What kind of talk are you making
here? That sounds like blasphemy! The tailgates should be interchangeable because it’s a really nice tailgate. If you’re spending
$90,000 on the truck I want the freakin tailgate with the step in it. But we did
notice something with the tailgate this does have a power tailgate and you noticed
a little mess up So these tailgates aren’t cheap they’re not
interchangeable like you said and they’re not cheap. But we’ve got this button here that automatically drops your tailgate and if you have a trailer
behind you you can drop the tailgate right on top of your heads and that was all you. You found that. We’ve got our first Silverado upgrade or
recall where they have to reflash the computer that if it knows that the
trailer is plugged in you shouldn’t be allowed to power drop your tailgate. Why would you want a 2020? Allison Transmission I was gonna agree 100% Yeah This transmission is the best thing about this truck. I do not know that it’s
shifting I don’t know what it’s doing it’s just doing what it’s supposed to do and to me it’s doing it right. Yeah like 60 mile an hour, I keep
forgetting what is 60 mile an hour? I did the same thing. I looked
down at the dash I’m thinking km/h, 80s fine. Oops That’s it! Perry Mack from 4WDrive Magazine. If you enjoyed this video smash that like button please share it with your friends and if you want to see more please subscribe. Till then stay
safe we’ll see on the trails.

81 comments on “2020 Silverado 2500 HD – Under the Hood and Behind the Wheel

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  4. He is such a gentleman when he doesn’t come right out and tell this guy worshiping at the Delco cult
    When he mentioned that he had a Silverado with the Cummings. You cannot take something made of extremely low quality extremely poor design and package it in different shapes when on the inside it has the Japanese V8
    Delco and Ford need to realize The best diesel engines in the entire world are in line.

  5. Rich just knows that these trucks only last 10-15 years before they are rotted out. The suspension shots tell me all I need to know, the front is riding on the bump stops, and the back is dam close. And that's with a load leveling hitch. Don't look any better than the last series of trucks.

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    People like him should NOT PULL TRAILERS.
    And I agree the tailgate should be Absolutely available on all GM trucks

  7. Cool but I prefer the 2019 truck because of the look that it has on the outside in my opinion but the 2020 truck has the allison transmission that is a big upgrade from me 2019 truck

  8. All those gee-wizz electronics are going to be a service nightmare in ten years or so, right about the time all that pretty plastic is shattering, GM built their last decent pickup in 1987…

  9. i had a 2015 silverado for a while when i first got it i thought the seats were too hard , but after a year they were perfect they soften up as you can imagine. go sit in someone's truck that about 2 years old who does alot of solo driving sit in the driver seat then the passenger seat and try to tell me there isn't an obvious difference in stiffness. point is , i think the seats are stiff so they slowly break down to a comfortable level vs a initially soft seat becoming too soft.

  10. But its an ‘Allison branded’ transmission – thats a GM in house trans with an Allison sticker – not the same thing as a real allison trans.

  11. Good to see a working man getting a chance to review the truck and not just another journalist who writes and just happens to have an interest in the product. Rich seems like he knows what hes taking about.

  12. I hit like because I thought the video presentation was decently done. I'll keep fixing my 96 thank you. I don't have cameras on my truck. It came with windows that give you a view of the world outside so I don't need them. This seems to be a feature forgotten by every OEM today on every model. Also a truck that doesn't need a built in ladder to load simple things into might be nice for the future. I can only imagine what kind of economy gains would be made with the modern powerplant in a truck the size of a truck from the 90's.

  13. Tell the real truth about head gasket replacement and EGR change. Personally prefer the older diesels Ford 7.3 PowerStroke and the 12 valve Cummins diesel, for me it need a longer bed .

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  15. I’m a old school diesel guy! I got lots of vids of my diesel on Chanel if anyone is interested! Thanks yall

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  19. No pick up made nowadays is worth close to what they cost. Just proof the saying is true. A sucker is born every minute.

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  22. DeBoss thanks for being completely honest about everything. Looks like your passenger/co-pilot doesn't like that honesty though; he's probably expecting more gratuitous praises of the GM truck to make sure he keeps getting something to review.

  23. 4WD Magazine >>> The truth of the matter is that the overly-praised (15) fifteen-camera system (for towing) is nice but not as useful as Ford's trailer backing up system which simplifies the most difficult task of towing a trailer, going in reverse. Does one need (15) fifteen cameras for driving forward? Not at all. It's just more electronics that's going to fail and cost money to repair.

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    Also, I have an 01 2500 HD crew cab with the 8.1 and 5 speed allison. When that transmission finally goes (my truck has 280,000 miles on it), the transmission is going to cost more than my truck is worth, just to rebuild it. How much is an Allison 10 speed going to cost to rebuild in 20 years?

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  30. Forget the Chevy 2020 2500HD gas version!, they dropped

    4.10 gear option which has been around since the

    beginning of time.

    2019 and earlier versions offered 4.10 rear gear

    ratios. Here is the difference in performance in max

    trailer weights for 2019 and older crew cab short bed

    models with 4.10 was 14200#, and 3.73 were 9700#.

    It would have been ok if they changed the transmission

    ratios but they didnt on the gas version!

    From 14200# to 9700# is a huge difference, saying you

    make up for it by increasing the engine torque wont

    make up for it on the hills. You need the extra gear

    ratio on the hills because the RPMs will drop too much

    when it shifts. Also the 3.73 will put more stress on

    the clutches that engage when the transmission shifts.

    I love my 2012 2500HD with gas, but the gears on the

    hills are barely acceptable and I cant afford to make

    them worse. Time to go to Ford that offers 4.30 gear


  31. My annoyances with my Silverado (2012)…..and I see that they haven't changed it even with the 2020 model…….why don't they make the Tow/Haul Mode and Exhaust Brake switches proper ON/OFF type rather than momentary contact type?
    Everytime I start my truck I have to select both TH and Exhaust Brake switches……!!! GRRR….hahaha

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