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65 comments on “2020 Triumph Street Triple RS | First Ride Review | TripleRS

  1. Enjoyed the review. I am an admitted Triumph fanboy and owner. However, I will completely agree with the screen criticism, though I'd go further with it. I don't like that display 'layout' at all. As you went through the different 'styles'; they are just variations on a flawed theme IMHO. Dear Triumph, look at how BMW does TFT screen layouts. Copy that as much as possible. Signed, Triumph owner/fanboy. LOL.

  2. Hey, been watching your reviews for a while now and really enjoying them, but could you clear one thing up for me please… Are you an American in Germany, or a German with an American English accent? I’m so confused 🤣

  3. Thanks for the review. Personally I’ve seen both colours and prefer the silver flake on that one. Really pops in the sun ☀️

  4. Love these bikes. But I'm not a big fan of matte finishes. I know, having a matte finish is all about having a stealthy look . But there harder to keep clean. And even when they are clean they still have a dirty look about them. Call me old school but I'll pick a deep lustrous high gloss finish every time. And the cheesy decals and graffics they put on this bike aren't doing anything for me either.

  5. Those Triumphs with the smooth whispering Triple engines should be protected by the government as an endangered species.

  6. The bike is starting to look better:, the headlights are improved; the vile red sub-frame has gone. But, although it's the best value bike for bucks available, the looks of it still don't stir me. And, living near London, the cheapest insurance quote I could get for the R model was a third of the price of the bike for a year's cover. Which, to me is not acceptable. Why on earth don't Triumph just copy BMW TFTs, they're so much better. Or go back to analogue with the R – Oops! they've done that, – but not in a very stylish way. Despite imperfections, and ugliness, a great bike.

  7. Nice review as always.

    I went to my dealer this week and got one on order in black now! I was already in love when i had a test ride on the 2019 version last year and this one is even better.
    I also agree that the TFT layout/design is not great. Everyone seems to complain about it so i hope they will give it an update. Before the dealer updates the bike they have the 2019 graphics on them. Wish they would offer that as an optional choice. What was sadly missing for the 2020 refresh was an IMU for lean ABS and i wish you could get an optional cruise control. Also nit picking is that i preferred that both headlights would burn on the 2019 model whereas the 2020 model only has one on. Nothing big enough to stop me from ordering one though.

  8. Everything is throttle by wire now. I wish the Street got electronic cruise, as a result. It's nothing but some lines of code in the ECU… that's nothing to Triumph. So many features are software, why do they lock these down to make a buck up-selling to the Speed?! Dirty pool.

  9. Nice Review! Probably one of my favorites. I’m 30 and doing my license at the moment and considering to get a street triple rs. U think it will be too intimidating for a beginner ?

  10. I rode the previous gen and loved it, but loved the Speeed Triple RS more as it was less manic. BUT this current gen 2020 TFT is terrible, yes terrible! Even if the font were larger so you could read the revs it would still be awful. What were Triumph thinking? The previous gen TFT although Mickey Mouse looking, you could actually read it and it was CLEAR. Some one in Triumph has messed up big time with this year's offering. I hope this TFT isn't on the 2020 Speed Triple RS as I fancy one of those finally this year, but would be a deal breaker if it were. Triumph should look to BMW or KTM on how to do good TFT screens.

  11. Thanks again for a nice review as always. I'm interested in Street Triple S, a little brother with 660cc engine. Do you think that the S version is also a good choice for town riding and commuting?

  12. Another informative review Scott. Love your camera work. I am living vicariously through your reviews, no riding in Calgary, Alberta at the moment. We are experiencing a blizzard,

  13. Love those Triumph bikes will you review the speed that's the bike maybe the rs oh you have a point about vision mine is getting worse too

  14. Triumphs have insect inspired design. Whats with the bug-like headlights? same goes with the tiger! It's not cool at all.

  15. I love my 2020 765 rs , but i think the 2018 765 rs i sold , had a better dash and the sound of it was heaps nicer than the 2020. If anyone is thinking of upgrading from a 2018 , then don't.

  16. Doesn't this motorcycle have quick shifter? Why were you upshifting as if you were performing clutch less upshifting, in the beginning of the video.

  17. Great review Scott this is one of the bikes I am interested in still waiting for the 890 review by the way the IRS street triple I thought came standard with a quick shifter. Looking forward to next time

  18. So I test rode the street triple R and I had a question about the low-speed handling. I found in low-speed maneuvers the steering wanted to turn in more on me than I asked and I had to muscle it to not turn so tight. But of course, at speed, the handling was impeccable. Might this have to do with the tires that come stock on these bikes? I've heard they are rather aggressive profiles. I usually ride sport-touring tires, would that address this issue. I commute every day so having to muscle the bike in low-speed maneuvers is a no-go.

  19. hi! very good video. i have to decide between the street triple r version not the rs and the kawasaki z900 2020 version. what do you think about it? i am not a sporty type of rider

  20. I like your review. Onething that i want to check that did you apply any effect or filter on your video? It looks smudged. Or you might applied the high shapness on gopro whcih make your video smudged?

  21. I have the 2020 RS. Love the bike, hate the dash! I saw the previous years awesome display on the 2020 before they finished setting up the bike. I asked Triump to please add the option for that display. Like you said, I can’t see the RPMs while riding.

  22. Just picked mine up Friday. Great quality bike. Up there with BMW S1000R I had. Much better than 790 Duke I traded in. Reqarding dash styles. I can read numbers but they just look rubbish. I like different but these are bad different. The rpm display is really poor. Great review. Love your style.
    Edit: nope it's much better than the S 1000R.

  23. These are great reviews. Many reviewers have complained about the silly, inadequate display. What on earth were Triumph thinking? Poor design, and no excuses, Triumph.

  24. when you were switching between the display layout options you didn't allow it to switch, you only went to the selection miniature versions… could make a difference as some of the screen was taken up by the options across the top of the display…

  25. Really liking this bike especially with the more low end which the other rs lacked, this or the MT09 or the duke 890r , that is a decision I need to make soon. Great review enjoyed the camera angles especially

  26. I had a thing for this bike like forever, but she is way too small for a guy like me and I know what I'm talking about.
    Anyway I like the design (remember the movie "Short Circuit"?) and the sound of this engine.
    She is probably the best mid-range Naked-Bike.
    Thanks for showing.
    Take care and ride safe Scott 👍

  27. I got mine in January and love it. Agree with you about the rev counter, hopefully a software update as you say, but it’s pretty much the only thing about the bike that does need to change. It does have a quickshifter as standard, super smooth up and down, even around town, but if you do use the clutch that’s nice and light too. Makes a real good noise from the standard exhaust which just makes me very happy! Looking forward to spring and taking it on some longer rides to see how that goes

  28. Who looks at the rpm counter on a fast ride on mountains or in traffic, i hear the engine noise it is more tgen enough…

  29. Ok, guys, got it figured out. YES the bike has a Quick Shifter but the problem was that it takes a little bit of time for it to work as I was the first one on this bike, meaning it had 0 km on it and if I had tried the QS say after 5 or so km it would have worked. But I only tried it right away as I started off and nothing. So I just didn't use it.

    I know this BECAUSE I just took the New Tiger 900 out today and it did the same thing, the QS was not working at first but I kept trying and after about 5km it started to work and after say 10km it was smooth as can be.
    Edit: The BMW F900XR QS is the same way, except it worked right away just not very well, takes even longer for it to really work well. The XR that I put almost 600km's on took well over 100km's before it was really working well. So it really depends on the OEM, KTM is not like this, their QS works right away on new bikes…at least for the Super Duke R and I was not the first on the GT & Super Adventure so I can't speak for that but I'm assuming it's the same because it's the same basic engine and QS.

  30. Hey for your 360 in the rear, do you mind telling me where you mount your ram mount onto the bike?

  31. I think we should record the sound of the triple and use it for meditation and trouble sleeping.

  32. Hello ! congratulations for your videos, I would like to have your opinion because I am looking to change my sv 650 2019 for another naked bike. Here are my two choices, the new 2019 triumph streete triple R or the bmw f900r. As I live in Quebec (Canada) because of the snow here the bmw people have not yet driven it so no one to give an opinion. So my question according to you knowing that last year in 4 months I traveled 20,000 km. I need a motorcycle that can allow me to ride days of more than 400km and even 600km. What to choose between the 2 for driving pleasure, comfort, performance and reliability? the 2 make me look but I can choose only one.

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