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hello everyone in today’s video I want to do a compilation of all the things that I’ve learned in these two years of riding the motorbike on track what you will see this video will be just a quick round trip of tips and notions and what I’m asking you is once the video is over if you find something that you want me to explain better and to go much in deep please write it in the comments so that maybe I will make a dedicated video also if you find some other comments useful please like those comments so then I can see that you agree with that comment so the first time that I went on track it was 2013 I went three times with my street bike with nobody that told me how to do it and this was the result then I stopped until 2017 which is the year that I really started to go on track and in 2017 I got people to teach me how to ride and I’m going to tell you everything that I have learned the first thing that I learned is that the motorbike is a sport like any other sport for which you need somebody to teach you how to do it you have never seen a person that doesn’t know how to ski that goes to a shop rents a pair of skis go up to the mountains and then goes down so why should someone who doesn’t know how to ride on track take his motorbike go on track and go at 300 without instructure knowing how to ride a motorbike on road it doesn’t mean that you know how to ride on track so the first thing you’re gonna do is to find a coach a teacher or a school and learn how to ride on track so my first real time on track was with Eduardo Matsui who taught me the basics what I understood that day is that we ride the motorbike with the body well the day I ask myself ok I know that I need the body to ride the motorbike but why do I look like a pole while Marc Marquez looks like he has no bones he’s so flexible and he does those incredible things I’m trying to write like that but I can’t and in that moment I realized that behind the amazing writing of somebody like Marc Marquez there’s an infinite set of a million small things that he has learned and practiced and after tens of thousands of kilometres he got used to them behind that photo of mine there are so many things that I have learned and practiced until I got sick of practicing and we’re gonna see them all in detail so the first thing you wanna do is to adjust your riding position because it’s true that you ride the motorbike with your body but if you cannot communicate with the motorbike how can you ride it so I’m gonna make a very detailed video about the riding position but some of the most important things are that you want to open the handlebars in order to put more strength in front and have more control you also want to lower your levers in order not to stress your hands too much you may want to put a pad on the tank in order to keep your body much more to the back and feel more comfortable if you look at my Yamaha r1 I actually don’t use a pad I’m using a fairing which is much longer on the tank which allows me to stay more in the back of the bike and have a more comfortable position you also may want to rise or lower your saddle and the foot boards to adapt to your height for example I’m very tall and I raised the saddle like this so we said that the bike is driven with the body but the most important things are the legs you ride the bike with your legs and the legs communicate with the foot boards so if you don’t put the food in the correct position how can you use the legs to communicate with your bike so when you’re cornering the inside foot goes on the tip while the outer foot can stay either on the tip or on the sole and when we change direction we change [Music] Wow this food thing is brilliant too bad that once I got on track I wanted to go fast I wanted to push even if I was going ten seconds lower than now and as soon as I started to push I completely forgot how to put the fit how to put the body how to put the legs how to put the head how to put everything that day I understood one fundamental thing if you want to learn you have to take your lap timer throw it away go slow and focus on one single thing per time you must stay there like an idiot and repeat the same exercise forever until your brain got used to it so the day I took my mini GP which costed me 20 euros for the track and 10 euros for the fuel and I spent the whole afternoon practicing only on the feet I was going slow and just focusing on the feet the result is that the next time when I went back on track I was doing the correct movement with the feet without even thinking about it so I started working on all other things so as I said you ride the bike with your body okay so you have to use your body to lean it so we have to carry our weight inside the curve so the butt should be out but how far out there are riders like Luca Salvadori who stay almost on the saddle while our ones like Reiss write like this all out of the bike the thing is that at the beginning we are like a blank sheet we know nothing we have no style we have to learn and then once we learn we build our style so the best thing to start is one cheek outside one cheek on the saddle and from there we will start our balance after some time but that’s not enough the secret is to use the external leg to push the tank and take the bike down so another day with the small bike which is cheap spent concentrating only on the butt and on the external legs that puts the bike down and here I want to make a fundamental consideration since the start of the video I have never talked about trajectories never why I mean the lines are fundamentals if you wanna go fast you have to do the credit lines yet I have not mentioned them why in one of the first test ride that I’ve made in 2018 for the championship the team manager looked at my riding and said ok in the first corner he should break all the way left in order to corner better and I said yeah I mean you’re right but I mean I know the lines I’ve been racing with the simulators for six years and I want races so you cannot win a race if you don’t know the lines and why was I making that line wrong the thing is that on the straight with the 1000 I had so much power that I could not handle it the bike was riding me it was not me riding the bike so every time I was on the straight I was fighting with the power and every time I got to the first corner I could not make the right line because I was fighting with the bike I had no control over it so if you cannot control the bike how can you make the right lines if you cannot tell the bike to go there how can you go there okay lines are fundamentals it’s one of the first thing you must learn also to avoid accidents but if you want to go fast you don’t only need to know where to go but you also need to go how to go there also because if you learn the lines of a specific track when you change track you have to learn them again but if you know how to ride the motorbike when you change the track you already know how to ride it and you’ll be able to ride it everywhere okay okay wait there are so many things that I have learned that I cannot put them all in one video so I’m gonna be splitting this video in two videos so tomorrow at the same time you will see on this channel the second part over the video so for now as I said at the beginning of the video please let me know in the comments if there’s something that you want me to explain more in detail and I will make another video and like of the comments that you agree with in order to let me know what do you think so for now thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe in order to get notified when tomorrow the new video comes out bye bye [Music]


  1. How should I practice lowering the bike? My coach told me that I'm too afraid to do that. But I don't know the limits and I don't know how to practice that. I don't need to put the knee down to be king for my friends. I want confidence in cornering a some metodology how to improve cornering in order to carry more speed.

  2. You are a STAR, Naska…. I love your videos and this one really helps us beginners. I do have a question. I try to learn to setting my butt with one cheek off before leaning in corners. But, While moving my butt, the bike isnt stable, it wobbles and scares the shit out of me. How to smoothly slide one cheek from one side to another without destablizing the bike?

  3. Braking, braking, braking! I've been to racing schools but the most important, yet the least mentioned subject is braking. And it is the main thing that makes difference on the track.

  4. For more lean, you use the pressure of the outer leg. How do you correct, if you got too much lean and would leave the track inside the curve without correction?

  5. When approaching a hard braking corner, you're using both your front and rear brake to slow down. When you start to trail into the corner you slowly trail off the front brakes. During this time do you still have the rear brake applied while trailing? Or do you release the rear brake once your straight up and down braking is complete?

  6. 🇮🇹Naska potresti fare un video dove dici a chi dice l'opposto, che il motorsport è uno sport come tutti gli altri
    🇬🇧Naska could you do a video where you say that, to those who say the opposite, that motorsport is a sport like all the others sports

  7. Naska, thankyou for all the great content! I have been following you ever since racing is life started.

    I would like to know how much benefit you had from riding miniGP bikes or something similar.
    This year I became second in the Dutch Rookie 600 championship, a recreational championship where everyone brings their own racebike.
    but due to the extreme costs of racing on big tracks (such as TT-Assen) and lack of sponsors,
    it is almost impossible for me to pay for extra trackdays with my motorbike, as racing already costs a few thousand.

    So my question is would you advice to buy a minibike/pitbike/supermoto or something similar and go to my local kartingtrack?
    as I am trying to find a cheap(er) way to learn riding my motorbike faster.

    Spero che tu mi possa aiutare

    Edit: Spell checker

  8. I would like to explain how to change body position at the begining of the braking. When I have to switch gears down when I want to slow down before entering the corner. And second topic is switching the palm at the throttle when you stoped the braking and you want to push after the apex. You have been talking about this in one of your previous videos. And maybe last one: In what angle is save to have full gas. Do I have to always have full or is good enought to switch gears by the diods at the dashboard? Thank you Albi…. What is the series that you will be racing next year please? 🙂

  9. And again a big reason more why i have subscribed to your channel(s). Awesome work, thank you for sharing these tips, better (and cheaper) than any instructor 😉
    Thank you!

  10. I love your English video because I try to understand and I learn some things that I didn't know before; so,it's time to see it in Italian.

  11. It would be interesting to know what effect pressure or strength on certain body parts on the bike (handlebars/tank/foot pegs) have to the behavior of the bike.

  12. Hi Naska, I was told to put more weight on the front wheel but you mentioned to sit back more, can you explain more? Also I had a lowside because I lost the front, how do you balance the traction front to back?

  13. Puoi spiegare come spigolare, ho visto il video del sir, ma vorrei capire il movimento da fare per raddrizzare subito la moto, cioè se bisogna spingere sul semimanubrio esterno o sulle pedane……

  14. awesome videos Naska. I handle the left handers with confidence (to my level best) but on right handers I very often drag my toe.

  15. Hi Alberto, great videos as always. One point you touched on that I am currently struggling with…. Power!! How did you go from the bike riding you to managing to use all of the power of a 1000cc. I know position and holding on too tight can effect this but maybe I also trying to push to hard to quickly, and should be more progressive??

  16. Hello, Alberto! I’m your subscriber from Ukraine. Have some questions. First – how do you train exact limes and points. For example for exact driving with body above curb(paint) in apex. Where do you have maximum lean angle-in entrance or in apex above curb. And about outer leg. If you’ll press in in apex during 10-20-30% acceleration- is it safe. Because when you accelerate with max lean angle and steering with leg – it is the way to highside. Thank you for attention, Max

  17. Thanks allot for the video! Naska, you are awesome!
    I would add my cents… You say that pilot has to use outside leg to lean the bike and it's correct for sure. But to me you missed one crucial thing here – shoulders. To be able to lean the bike with outer leg correctly you need to start leaning your shoulders first and in that way your body will do everything for you naturally. Your body will pool the tank inside and lean the bike. And in fact you the speed of leaning shoulders depends on type of a corner. In some shikane pilot has to throw his shoulders (upper part of the body) inside the corner very fast it even feel like you are falling off of the bike!

    Please check my question in insta. It was about your problem with rolling without bracking after you closed the gas, how did you cope with it?

  18. Hi Naska first of all,thank you very much for your very very nice and good videos.
    I have question above the gas point.
    Nobody says on youtube videos about the gas point, I would be interested to know how to define the gas point? So as I've heard is the really important point for really faster lap times the gas point, is that right? Often you only hear about the braking point for faster lap times, rarely about the gas point.

  19. Good video mate, I am a subscriber on your original channel, but this was hard to find and subscribe, you put the link in when you went to an English speaking channel I followed that , but it kept asking for a password, anyway glad I finally was able to subscribe to your channel again, I suspect I’m not the only one who had issues otherwise there would be a lot more subscribers to you English speaking channel
    Cheers Brenden

  20. i think a good video would be how to get over your crashes mentally and get confidence back up , as crashing is part of going fast in a short time of learning but it is so important to keep a crash off the mind to stay going fast

  21. I see racers only countersteer while sitting in the bike in some corners, in some corners they lean the upper body a bit, in some they lean their knees and upper body a bit and in some they go knee drag, and in some they go full out knee and elbow drag in corners. How do we know in what type of corners which movement is to be selected for going fast???

  22. Naska i love your videos and are very useful. I started doing track days with my street bike and every track day a learned many things (first ive done a pitbike course). My question is better moving half the ass or 3/4? I know that the external leg is the most important thing there, but the ass is one really important. And from the video of the course at mugello, you said about the braking , move the body and suport to the tank with one leg (the other leg brakes the air), is useful ? but it is very difficult to handle the force of the braking with one leg, doesn't it?

  23. Hi Naska first thank you again for your videos they are amazing! I want to ask about your body position
    I see that you improve upper body position now you even elbow drag! what make you change that and how?

  24. This is what I needed with the video. Grazie! Yesterday I was on motogp track and I was so angry on myself – I coudn't get enough of my butt out…

  25. Ciao naska, scusa l’intrusione, vivo a Londra da 5 anni e si usa “skills” non “tips”, comunque per vivere in Italia hai davvero un ottimo inglese

  26. Alberto, you have ridden Supermoto in the past to practice. What advice could you give that is specific to supermoto? I take a lot of the lessons you've learnt through racing is life and I have applied them to my racing in Supermoto however, I struggle with some aspects such as body position and ergonomics as they are very different bikes. I can only harass my mechanic friend so much at the track before he'll get annoyed at me so I wish to seek others advice.

  27. I liked your first videos, how passionate you are, and was grateful for the English subtitles. It's thanks to you them that I learned how to repositioning the hand after braking.

    But this is good as well! Thank you for making a full English channel.

  28. These videos are amazing….Please give us exercises to do or how to practice on our bikes and our mini bikes especially this foot work technique thank you.

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