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Benefits of cycling


  1. 🇮🇹Naska potresti fare un video dove dici a chi dice l'opposto, che il motorsport è uno sport come tutti gli altri?
    🇬🇧Naska could you do a video where you say that, to those who say the opposite, that motorsport is a sport like all the others sports?

  2. Another great video !! Would it be possible to unlock french subtitle editing so that I can correct it ? We've got a lot of "non-english spokers" right here 😀

  3. Hey Naska, quick question: when you talk about releasing the clutch slowly in order to don’t have the kick from the bike shouldn’t you avoiding that revv matching blipping (which is kind of a quick movement). I have not a big experience on track, just been few times. I follow you since the very first videos and i love the fact you even opened an english channel. I am italian but i live and work in London, i am advertising you with all my colleagues and fellow riders here xD keep up the good work man

  4. Hi naska, i'm italian and i am a big fan, i love you and my day Is bad if i don't Watch you.
    Can you tell me on Instagram?
    My name Is @_filitheripper_
    I do a fanpage for you…
    XOXO Filippo

  5. Probably something for an entire video. How do you get over the fear of high-siding when accelerating hard coming out of corners at lean? I have ridden and raced for the last 2-3 years and still struggle with comfortably sliding the bike out of corners. Luca just released a video on this, but its difficult to understand even with the Subtitles.
    Also thanks for the riding tips, my style has improved substantially with the tips. I even got elbow down a few weeks back 🙂

  6. I have a request. What is your procedure from slowing down after a straight away into a tight corner. Braking, downshifting while rev matching {I know qss does it for you but I'm curious of doing it manually} and then the posture to lean throughout the entire corner to straighaway

  7. Regarding the thumbnail and regripping the throttle. I typically trail brake close to the apex, so I'm struggling with the timing of when to regrip the throttle. If you can't get your shoulder lower until getting back to the gas, then does this technique only help in long radius corners? In a short radius corner I'm already starting to pick the bike up at that point… Does anyone have any tips on making this transition?

  8. Hi Alberto! I'd like to touch back on the topic of saving energy. This is a pretty stressful topic now as I will participate in a 3 hour endurance race next month. In my state right now I am capable of maybe 20-25 laps which is about 14 minutes. However after, I get the same arm pump that you do. Unfortunately I was already taught to finger grip my throttle, so I have to look at other ways of saving energy. Is there anything you can advise?

  9. Do these tips around body positioning alter for riding naked bikes like a Tuono?

    Also your mini GP bike, would you reccomend a 2nd smaller less powerful bike in the same style, to practise thse skills?

    Many thanks.

  10. I cant wait. I consider this as the Naska Code (aka., Keith code) for Racing in tracks. Loved the content. This series will be a great hit….. Sharing your knowledge and experience after all the hardwork you have put, is something nobody wishes to do. Definitely will be an eye opener. We Salute you…..Naska

  11. Body Position / Braking for a Corner–
    Any tips for leveraging you body when your butt is already moved under braking?
    I'm having a hard time staying connected with the bike with 1 knee against the tank, while the other knee is out prepared to corner

  12. Great video Naska!!! Your English is fantastic!! But I do miss your videos in Italian with English subtitles, it’s conveys your passion and character so much better.

  13. Question also how about when going left what should the grip be on the left due to the fact you dont have the throttle on that side should you use the screw driver technique as well to get the upper body down going left???

  14. an magician never betrays his tricks .. you betray the whole show …
    much more fun to learn it yourself, its like cheating now..

  15. On the Yamaha R1, do you often slide the rear on corner entry or prefer to keep the wheels inline on entry? In a video, can you describe the technique of "backing it in" and when or when Not to use it?

  16. Once again everything you said is perfect with my learning experience. One problem I am having is the Ducati 1299 has so MUCH MID RANGE power torque. I am not able to redline like a 4 cylinder bike. I am seeing advanced riders on smaller bikes with much more corner speed. I am struggling to get my confidence to use more power in the corner.

    Can you help me?

  17. Thankyou for the great video! i have learned some new things to try, even though i have been track riding and racing for 13 years, there are still new things to improve in my riding 👍

  18. Es demasiado óbvio.Tudo o que explicas é intuitivo e o que faz o 93 melhor que os outros é intuição e falta de medo.

  19. o prolema é que precisas que ta ensinem e isso deixa de ser intuição .No dia em que o 93 sentir a morte perto acaba Marquez.Foi mais ou menos o que aconteceu com o 99.

  20. Rolling your right hand forward and supporting with your outside leg to lean is your best tip – it helps immensely for all bike types. Cheers.

  21. Hi. At 5:53, may I ask which software/device you’ve used to get the gear, rpm, throttle, brake, speed readings on the screen. Thank you so much.

  22. Thank you for this great video. The best one I've ever seen for having a lesson, never the instructors I met teach all that, and these were the problemes I Had thanks so much guy!

  23. I ve seen your video on the wrist subject a long time ago and it really helped me. I saw it in italian ( I can understand it but I can t write or speak). Very good series of videos. Hope to met you at the track someday (I live in Valencia, Spain, if you come here don t hesitate to ask for any kind of help).

  24. I really wanna say thank you. Not every man is ready to teach hundreds of people sharing his own mistakes. I hope I can train the key facts you told us here. god bless you 🙂

  25. you are awsome mann.. you have a video clip for everything you explain.. everything you feel on bike.. and we can understand and relate.. especially that bike goes wild and you've to fight.. that was really helpful.. keep up good work..and thanks for the tips..

  26. No. 14 – Do you not blip the throttle when you downshift? I know you can feather the clutch on downshifting but I always thought blipping gets you down the gears faster and uses the most of the engine braking?

  27. The Best video on how to go faster..Using the bikes movement to make movements..Great video!!! Plus hope your getting paid.full of commercials.

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