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3 Essential Weekly Bike Workouts!

– It’s incredibly tempting
to just jump on your bike and head out the door and enjoy the ride. Well, there is nothing wrong with that unless, however, you want
to get fitter and stronger. If that is the case,
then you’re going to need to add in some structure
or some planned sessions. – And no matter how much time
you have spent in the saddle, or indeed, your level of riding ability, by having a session in place
before you head out the door, it’s definitely going to help
you get the most out of it. So, with that in mind, whether you are struggling
for some inspiration or indeed, you just don’t
know where to start, in this video, we’re going to
give you three session ideas to help you get going. And please don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below
what you think of them. (slow electronic music) – Before we delve into the
details of the sessions, well they all will require
a warm-up and a warm-down, which can easily be
repeated for all of them. And if you’ve got a high
intensity session coming up, then the warm-up becomes even more vital, so you might need to extend it just to make sure you’re fully
ready to tackle that set. – Start off at a very easy intensity, just spinning your legs
at a conversational pace and stick to this for at
least 15 to 20 minutes and gradually build, but still with the ability
to talk comfortably. Once you’re feeling adequately warm, put in a few short efforts
to raise your heart rate and get you mentally
prepared for what’s ahead. Ride hard for 30 seconds and then pedal easy for 90 afterwards. Repeat this through five times. And there should be a
significant pace change in between those efforts. So then, just take yourself
another extra couple of minutes to let that heart rate settle back down, catch your breathe, and then decide upon which session you’re going to tackle. (upbeat music) – Hill workouts are a brilliant way to get a decent workout in
in a short amount of time. They take you out of your comfort zone and really help you to
build on your strength. You could see it as a functional
gym workout in disguise. – Yeah, but we do realize not everyone has ready access to the
hills out on the road, so you can replicate these sessions on the indoor trainer just as happily with the same session
outcomes, so fear not. The session will be eight to
10 times through of a set, including two minutes at a low cadence, somewhere around 65 to 70 RPM, followed by one minute easy
spinning at a higher cadence, around 80 to 90 RPM. Or you could split this into
four to five sets through with three minutes of extra spinning before resuming the second
half of the workout. – [Woman] In the ideal world,
you want to get outside and find an actual hill that
you can really get stuck in and push yourself hard on and
then, when you get to the top, you can easily turn
around and use the descent as your recovery before
you start the next rep. – Yeah, but as we already mentioned, if you don’t live somewhere
where there’s hills close by, you can easily replicate this
session on the indoor trainer or equally, out in a nice
flat section of a road too by choosing a lower gear that makes you push a much slower cadence, the same as you would replicate on a hill. (upbeat electronic music) – Having a weekly session that brings in an element of pace change is great for your training and it helps keep your body guessing, especially if you’ve got
a race around the corner, as it just starts to replicate
a real life race situation. – Yeah, and a really nice
session that I find useful that was about 10 minutes long in total started off with some
nice short sharp surges to get the heart rate spiked
and the lungs opened up, then into a more sustained
race pace element, too, and just as things are
starting to get uncomfortable, you got your recovery back, too. – So, starting out with 20 seconds hard, followed by 40 seconds easy, and repeat that four times through and then lead straight
into three minutes riding at your goal race pace, followed
by three minutes recovery to complete the block of work. And then, as with any workout, this can be repeated a number of times as you get fitter and stronger, so, start with two to three sets, then you can build up to four or five. (upbeat music) Intervals can sound a little bit daunting, but in reality, they’re a great way to break up the monotony
of a standard bike ride whilst adding valuable
structure to your workout. – Yeah, and if you ask me, the beauty about intervals is that there’s no real right
or wrong way to do them. It’s that old how long is
a piece of string scenario. And personally speaking, I used to like approaching intervals over an extended period of time in the context of a bigger
block of training and each week, gradually building up the
duration of each block of work. – So with that in mind, start
off with shorter intervals and equal portions of recovery and you can progress this
as the weeks go through. So for week one, start with
eight sets of two minutes hard, two minutes easy. Week two, six sets of three
minutes hard, two minutes easy. Week three, five sets
of four minutes hard, two minutes easy. Week four, do three sets
of eight minutes hard, four minutes easy and then on week five, do
two sets of 12 minutes hard, five minutes easy. The great thing about these sessions is they can be done equally
easily out on the road or adapted to the indoor trainer. There really is no right or wrong, it’s purely down to personal preference. (upbeat electronic music) – Now, riding our bikes for
the sake of riding our bikes is great fun, don’t get us wrong, but by adding in the extra dynamic of some structured sessions like those that we have just talked about, it’s definitely going to
help you move your training up a level or two. – And it might not be
your usual leisurely spin, but trust us, it will
benefit you in the long term. So hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this. Give us a thumbs up like if you have and click on that globe on the screen to subscribe and make sure
you get all of our videos here at GTN and whilst we’re
looking at sessions, if you want some session
ideas for swimming, you can find a video
for that just down here. – And if you want to
see a video that I did about getting a bike fit,
well you can find that here.

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