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3 Reasons Why You Will Inevitably Ride An E-bike | The GCN Show Ep. 243

3 Reasons Why You Will Inevitably Ride An E-bike | The GCN Show Ep. 243

– From Belach na Ba in
the Scottish Highlands after 3,000 kilometres in 20 days. Welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show. This week we are going to give you three reasons why you will one day be riding an e-bike. – And two reasons why you won’t. – We’ve got some great tech from the world’s biggest
bike show Eurobike. And terrible tech in
hack forward slash bodge. And all of our other usual segments too. – Yeah we’ve also got to do a big welcome back
to John Chocolate Voice Beaven fresh from completing the Haute Route. John. – That is one chocolate snore right there. – John. John! (upbeat music) – This week in the world of cycling we we’re reminded that watching bikes is just great isn’t it? – It’s just great. We’ll kick off with this with Nicholi Rogatkin
going absolutely nuts at the Red Bull District Ride with a 1440. – [Announcer] All the speed he can muster out of that roll in the 1440. And he lands it! Whoa. – [Announcer 2] What? – [Announcer] Oh that was
even smoother than last night. – [Nicholi] Yes! Yes! Let’s go! Let’s go! – Whoa.
– Whoa. 1440’s four. – I lost count mate. Then there was also this. Which was the latest round
of the Red Hook Crit series. He lived up to his hardcore reputation. You’ll remember that these
bikes have no breaks. And the inability to free wheel. And there was indeed a huge pileup on the closing stage of the men’s race involving many of the favourites. Including the rider that
actually filmed this, Colin Strickland of Intelligentsia Racing. He was the series leader
going in to Barcelona. We’ll have more from
that later in the show. – We also learned through
my wonderings at Eurobike that it is inevitable
that one day, fairly soon, we will all be riding e-bikes. Or will we? – Well reason number one why we will is the fact that the latest e-bikes, well they look like this. (upbeat funky music) – I also particularly like the look of the new Focus Project Y. More information will be out
on that in an upcoming video. But that like the Orbea
is particularly light. Just 12 and a half kilogrammes, which is probably what the
top end road bikes we’re 30 years or so ago. – Yeah I agree It does look good doesn’t it. There is a problem though I think. And that is using e-bikes
for sporting reasons okay. There had to be a hiccup. The reason I say this is because I had a message on
Facebook over the weekend from a chap called Paul Taylor. And he just lost a KOM to a person who admitted, openly admitted, to using an e-bike to do so. Yeah now I appreciate
you know as problems go it’s probably relevant only
to a minority of people. But leaving aside KOMs, what about on a group ride? You can imagine e-bikes
making a cycling club a little bit tense. And in fact chain gangs, pace lines, whatever you want to
call them, unworkable. – Yeah well maybe we should have some unwritten rules about this. No.
– No. – Let’s not do that. – There has to be another way. Let’s at least right em down this time. – Reason number two then: transport. And this is the big one for me at least. Instead of thinking of an e-bike as a replacement to your
beautifully simple road bike, think of it as a replacement to your car. Or a quiet, easy, and
convenient motorbike. – Yeah agreed. A hundred percent in fact. I actually tried a Trek
Super Commuter Eight when I was at a DT Swiss the other day. It was technically it was a personal bike of their vice president. Whoa. – [Man] Hey wait, wait, wait, wait. – He uses it to commuter 30
kilometres to work each day and then 30 kilometres home. Some days he wears jeans and a hoodie and it takes him about 45 minutes. Other days he presses a little
bit harder on the pedals, arrives a couple minutes earlier, and has a great workout. And you think wow. That just makes so much sense. – [Daniel] Best of both worlds. – [Simon] Yeah. – Does he know that you stole his bike? – He does now. Go, go, go. – [Man] I’m alright Si, I’m alright. – Well there are also some
great e-bikes out there for carrying things around as well. For example another one that I spotted at Eurobike from Tern. For some people e-bikes are about going further and faster. But for most people, are they really about convenience. And that is what Tern have
turned their attention to with this new model called the GSD, which apparently stands
for get stuff done. At least that’s what
I’ve been told to say. And they are deeming this cargo capacity on a city footprint. And that’s why I’ve got
this city bike behind. Plenty of storage room on this
thing for your weekly shop or your weekly drinks there at the front. – Are your sure that
would last you a week? – Oh yeah there’s more storage at the back of that bike as well. It was great. Now one of the downsides I found though is that e-bikes can set
you back a pretty penny. This one for example from Bugatti will be at a minimum €65,000. – [Simon] What? – [Daniel] And if you want
the very top of the range one, double it, €130,000. – And what exactly do you get for your extra €65,000? – Well I did quiz the gentleman and all he could say was
that it would be lighter. For example some lighter cranks. – Lighter cranks is €65,000. – Sounds reasonable to me. This one though from Cowboy that was on TechCrunch very
recently sounds promising. Because one of their
key development criteria is that it should have
a very low price point. – Yeah well that is important. That is important. Right then finally then, reason number three why
it’s almost inevitable that you will end up riding e-bike. And that is that they
can just be great fun. In fact we learned in the
GCN show just the other week that the majority of you use cycling as a means of escape. That is why you ride. And so you can then imagine having little bit extra
power at your disposal through having an e-bike just means it’s easier to escape. You can escape more. You can just get more of what you want. – Well I was about to say, you and Matt got a tweet
didn’t you from Stan– – We did, we did indeed. – At the weekend on exactly the subject. He wrote, “Rode Gospel Pass circuit from Hay On Wye “on a Giant e+1. “Thanks again to you both.” Incidentally exactly the
same bike that Matt used when he was racing you at
the dollar mart recently. – Wasn’t much of a race was
it at the end of the day? No. That Gospel Pass actually, great ride here in the UK. It’s also got another name. It’s also called Lord Hereford’s Knob. – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – It can be a complicated
and expensive task to close roads for races these days. Now it’s particularly relevant
at the moment here in the UK. So perhaps then the answer is racing on multi-story car parks. We have seen it before in
both London and Adelaide. But on the 26th of November, it will be coming to Christ
Church in New Zealand. Courtesy of the Carpark Cannonball. Now I think this could take
things up a level or two. Maybe even eight. – It might be expensive though. If it’s anything like paying
for car parking around here, blocking out an entire eight story carpark no telling what the entry fees would be. Anyway riders will be
competing in two up races from the bottom to the top. And the event organisers
say that the atmosphere will be heightened by live music and commentary throughout proceedings. How do you say we’d get on mate? – I think we’d get smashed. – No I mean the race. – Yeah that’s what I meant. I’ve had at least eight mineral wat– mineral wat– mineral water– mineral waters myself. – Right news from the Vuelta. Really annoying and
quite frankly awful news actually from the Vuelta. Team Aqua Blue Sport reported last week that they’re team bus had been vandalised. Set on fire basically
which is pretty cruel particularly given that they’re riding their first grand tour. So something to be celebrated. But the flip side is that
a number of other teams offered to step in and help them out, which is great. Not at least Jacques Janse van Rensburg, got it, who tweeted this. He said basically they’re welcome to come use their team bus
showers after the stage if they would like. – Remember what the team
bus showers are like on the Dimension Data’s bus? – We should have a look mate. – Nice and spacious. Want a peek inside? (soft funky music) – Not bad.
– No. – I’d take them up on that offer. – Definitely.
– Yeah. – Although they didn’t need to because in the end they were helped out by a Portuguese continental team LA Aluminious Matalusa who donated their bus for the remainder of the Vuelta which is a
very cool gesture indeed. – That is actually great isn’t it. That is great. Right now it’s not just
the Vuelta at the moment, not by a long shot actually, but the Tour of Britain is going on. It’s got some great racing and a really stacked field. But actually it seems like British cuisine is dividing the riders. – It is, yes. So for starters, let’s all look at this
tweet from Taylor Phinney, who as you can see
effectively decided to blame British cuisine for his
first day performance. – Controversial Taylor. And Alex Dowsett meanwhile tweeted this saying that he’d introduced his team, which is Movistar, to sticky toffee pudding one evening. Yeah British cuisine for the win he says with a strong arm thing. Do you think Taylor’s problem was just that he was too full? – Yeah quite possibly. He probably had porridge
and a full English breakfast before his day one. – Up next: what does Chris Froome think
about while he’s on the toilet? – Maybe he thinks about
sticky toffee pudding whilst he’s on the toilet. Who knows. Over to the Ultra Endurance world now. And the race around Ireland
took place last week. And the winner was Nicole Reist. In doing so she became the first
female winner of the event. And she was a full 12 hours
ahead of the closest challenger. And male category winner Valerio Zamboni. – Remarkable performance isn’t it? She rode 2,212 kilometres in 112 hours. – Just all you need to do is that math to know how much that must of hurt. – 19 kilometres an hour. – Yeah sticking with the
Ultra Endurance world, we should check back in with
our good friend Mark Beaumont. He has another very tough week facing a lot of very harsh head winds. So if you do get a chance to send him your message on social media, I’m sure he’d appreciate that
as he closes into the finish. Or indeed if you want to
support him on the roadside if your lucky enough to be near by. – Yeah don’t just get a chance. Make the effort. Send him some love. – The first couple of
days coming through Alaska we’re a mere warmup to what was to come because in my mind I had
it the other way around. Alaska was hilly and then it
all got pretty straightforward. But in actual fact, when you’re covering 240 odd miles a day, it’s all pretty big. It’s all pretty hilly. Physically obviously 16
hours a day on the bike is big in itself, but when you’re putting in
over 3,000 metres climbing back to back to back, it’s funny because some days I was totally in the
zone and dealt with it. And then the next day I would drop off and really struggle. And after the first week in stage three I’ve lost about 60 miles. It’s sometimes harder to deal with that. My support team are very, very good at reassuring me. Just keeping thinking about the long game. Thinking about the averages. But then for five days in a row to be not making target, it’s hard to not start
questioning myself on the bike. You know I know the conditions are tough, but you know is it also
me sort of fading a bit. The emotional roller coaster
can kind of happen regardless. Yeah trust me when you’re 55/56 days in, having ridden 13 odd thousand miles. You end up in some pretty weird mindsets. You just need to commit to not stopping. – The Vuelta is into it’s last week now. And Chris Froome and Team Sky it seems have everything
pretty much under control. At the final rest day, he had over a minutes advantage
over his nearest rider who happened to be Vincenzo Nibali. And with the 40 kilometre time trial, which will actually have been completed by the time this video goes live. He will likely, I say likely, have increased that margin
quite significantly. – [Daniel] Kiss of Death. Kiss of Death Si.
– I know. We had to try to predict something. – Miguel Angel ‘Superman’ Lopez though has started to live up to
his nickname hasn’t he? A second place on the
stage in two stage wins. He’s propelled himself up to sixth place in the general classification
on that rest day. But it’s a bit of a shame
that he lost some of that time in the early opening flat stages. – Well you say that mate, but he is not gonna be concerned at all because his attack when he
left Contador and Bardet on The Climbs of Sierra Nevada earns him this weeks Wattage Bazooka. – Well done Miguel. Meanwhile this weeks
viewer Wattage Bazooka goes to Aryan Murali on the Palamoli Climb in Southern India with this section it goes to 23%. – [Simon] Tell you what. I don’t know who was actually
riding up that climb, but they deserve Wattage Bazooka. They we’re flying. – If you know someone that
deserves it for next week, don’t forget to get in
touch on social media with the hashtag Wattage Bazooka. Now the Dutch dominated proceedings at the Boels Rental Ladies Tour. They filled all three
spots on the final podium. But dominantly standing at the very top was Annemiek van Vleuten. – That’s right she lead from the opening stage to the finish. Having won the prologue time trial. She was pushed pretty hard, wasn’t she, on that final very long
155 kilometre stage. But ultimately she did finish with a relatively comfortable
margin of victory. She had 43 seconds over
Anna van der Breggen. – The Dutch are going
to be quite hard to beat in the women’s race at the
World Championships soon. – Seemingly so. – Right the Tour of Britain
also kicked off on Sunday. And Daniele Bennati,
Italian from Movistar, seemed to have his hardest stage before the race even kicked off. Have a look at this for a travel day. – [Simon] Wow. – [Daniel] Amazing use of emoticons. Probably the best I’ve ever seen. – [Simon] I’ll tell you then. I am concerned though that he took to Twitter
sometime presumably having got to his hotel
at 11:30 in the evening. And that would have taken him a long time to craft that tweet. – And that would have been
12:30 his normal time in Europe. – Exactly. And unsurprisingly
perhaps he didn’t feature in that first stage really. Although what a stage it was. One of the closest spring finishes I think we’ve ever seen. They did eventually manage to pick Caleb Ewan out as the winner. As those first three guys hit the line. – [Daniel] Yeah they we’re very close. – [Simon] Almost the same time, yeah. – And we’ve literally
just finished stage two whilst filming the GCN show here. Edvald Boasson Hagen
crossed the line first. But as we said he did veer ever so slightly in that final sprint. And we are speculating
he may be relegated. – Ever so slightly Dan. It’s be like be like me
starting to talk to you here and then finishing off my piece of camera somewhere over here by the
coffee machine basically. – Yeah you are disqualified sir. Don’t come back. – What do you mean? It’s just relegated to last position. – Right we also mentioned earlier that the latest round of the Red Hook Crit has taken place over the last week. Round three in Barcelona. Ash Duban won the women’s race with a daring overtaking manoeuvre in the final corner. And we say daring because to reiterate: these bikes have no
brakes and no free wheel. Although to be fair that is
probably better than no brakes and a free wheel. – Thats true that I say daring just taking to the start line. – Definitely. – The men’s race was won by David van Eerd of the Berlin based 8 Bar team. – [Daniel] Oh are they Matt’s mates? Fixie mates? – No those are not Matt’s Fixie mates. Matt’s got other fixie mates
from the Schindelhauer team. – Well he out sprinted Davide Vigano. He used to ride for Team Sky. That just goes to show you the kind of level these races are. – Okay you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’ve had your
fill of tech this week. But no. We’ve got some more for you. Tech of the week this
week is sure to stir up the indoor training market. Wattbike have just launched
a new product called the Atom. Okay so Wattbike has been
around for a while now with their famous static bike. But they’ve updated this latest model to take advantage of smart technology. That’s so that you can
use it with the likes of Swift or TrainerRoad for example. As well as linking up to your Strava. That’s pretty cool. You can stay indoors, but people think maybe
you’ve ridden outdoors. Okay so all of the best bits
of the previous generation are still on this unit. So that’s the power meter, which is accurate to plus or minus 2%. Plus the power settings itself. From not to 2000 watts. I think that’s suitable for me. Plus it looks great. What more can we say about that? So last week Dan and I
were actually at Eurobike checking out loads of cool tech. For me the best bit of tech I saw, it’s a tough one. But it’s probably the UFO
chain drop from CeramicSpeed. Why? It keeps your chain nice and clean. It gives you a little
bit of extra free speed. I’m liking that. – Competition time now. We’ve got three great prizes
for you from ControlTech. A company with a long
history in this sport. I remember running on of their stems on my mountain bike in the mid 90’s. And they made somewhat of a resurgence with some fantastic looking products. – They have. So up for grabs, literally, we’ve got three handle bars. So Dan is modelling, very well in fact, the TiMania which you’ll notice has a titanium central section, uni-directional carbon drops. The idea being that it
blends the properties of both those materials
together in one handlebar. Which is cool. And then there’s this one
which is my favourite. The Cougar Carbon Air handlebar. I do like the sound of that Dan. Now it’s compatible with
the new DI2 junction box, which fits in your bar end plug there. But it’s also compatible with Control’s pure cockpit systems. So you’ll notice there’s a
bunch of holes on the back here. So you can route your cables internally and even out through into
ControlTech’s own compatible stem. And then out into their fork as well. And from the fork straight into the frame. So now more external cables. – Yeah. So at Eurobike looked very good indeed. – Yeah. – And finally we have this. Which is the EXL Gravel
Bike specific carbon bar with flair drops. And as you can see, quite a pronounced rise as well. Great for people like me who are older and want the slam stems deal
whilst remaining comfortable. As ever if you would like
to enter this competition, you can do so by following the link that is in the description
below this video. All that leaves us to say is good luck. – Well not only that, but make sure you enter
the other competitions that we got on the channel as well. We’ve got the Lightweight unboxing. We’ve also got the
fi’zi:k unboxing as well. So the links to those competitions are also in the description. That’s a lot of chances to win. – Hack forward slash Bodge of the week. Did I get it right?
– I think so. – We’ll kick off with
one from Sean Ganann. Now I’ve seen some carbon
repair in my time Si. I’ve never seen one like this.
– Really? – [Daniel] Not like this. Sellotape has been used to
gaffer this all together. I would suggest that the owner
doesn’t ride that anymore. – That is a bodge. Definitely don’t fix
your bike with sellotape. Anywhere at all. Tell you what mate. If you want a rhino bike
made out of a suit of armour, that’s a hack right there. Look at that. Sent by Daniel Burges. Spotted in central London. That is definitely a hack. – [Daniel] Can I say something? – [Simon] You can. – I don’t want a rhino bike
made out of a suit of armour. So there we go. This is a hack. I love this one. From Peter Dixon, he’s used his dog lead as a bike lock on his roof rack so that he go
into the local petrol station. – [Simon] And then he shut it in the door. Genius. – [Daniel] Yeah he’s wrapped it around, shut it in the door. I mean you know. – [Simon] Grade A hack. All you need is a pair of
scissors to cut it loose. – [Daniel] Yeah but it
might discourage someone. Mightn’t it.
– It would. – [Daniel] For a few seconds. – [Simon] Yeah fair play. Besides that’s a great one. This was sent in by Connor Koehler. He said it’s a home built bike
rack for his college dorm. Looks pretty nice.
– Very nice. Hack yep. Like that. – [Simon] Great so you can invite plenty of people back to your dorm Connor, I’m sure with that work of art. – Then we have got this from Tomi Nummela. – Whoa. – That’s kind of like a
spodged recumbent isn’t it sat on the middle of the two wheels. Pedals at the far. I imagine you’d do it in
though pretty easily on that. – Yeah no one’s getting
back to his college dorm. Look at that, that’s terrible. Right finally then we’ve got this from Leef on the Wind, I don’t even know. I mean that’s obviously a saddle, but I don’t quite know how it’s a saddle. Or why it’s a saddle Dan. Should we say that’s a–
– Bodge. Let’s finish on a bodge then. – [Simon] Maybe it’s, maybe they’ve reinvented the seat and actually it’s incredibly comfortable. – Oh I would like to try that. See if it is comfortable. I must admit. If you’ve got a saddle like this, and you’d like to see
Si or I testing it out please send it into the
Global Cycling Network office. And if you’ve got anymore hacks or bodges, all you’ve got to do is
use the hashtag GCNhack on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. – Keep them coming. It’s time now for the
weekly caption competition. You’re chance to get your
hands on a GCN water bottle. That’s right. We’ll give you a photo. You caption it. We choose the best ones. It’s as simple as that. If you’ve not seen it before, this is how it works. This is last weeks photo. And the winner, the winner of a GCN water bottle is Patrick Sheard Fincenzo Nibali. – Yeah I’ll give it to you Patrick. If you write your address down and send it to us on Facebook, we will send it out. But that’s got to be the
end of these fish ones. I’m absolutely fed up with hear you coming up with fish puns and seeing them in the comments and seeing messages on Facebook as well. That’s enough please. – I thought you we’re
gonna do one last fish pun. – No, no. Meanwhile this week’s caption photo is this one of Team JLT’s Russ Downing at the recent Tour of Britain. I shall start you off. That’s definitely a swipe left. Some youngster at the office said it. I don’t even know what it means. Anyway if you’ve got a better caption please leave it in the
comment section down below. And we shall choose a
winner this time next week. – Puns normally fare quite well. Before we get to what’s coming
up on the channel this week, let’s take a quick
second to just go through some of the belting comments that you’ve been leaving
under our videos as always. This one I particularly liked under your indoor training
video from Eurobike. JayJohnny who’s avatar looks like a very bronzed person
standing on a beach said, “so how do you get a tan at the same time “as training indoors.” – [Daniel] Top of the his list
of concerns obviously there. – Isn’t there a new like
a pill you can take now to make you tan? – Well you could put your
indoor trainer outdoors. – Tell you what mate. That’s genius. I can’t come back from that. So I’m just gonna change the subject. Poraktobask says, under another one of your
Eurobike videos in fact– – Been kicked out. Not because I’ve done
anything wrong you understand, but because day one of the show is actually now finished disappointingly. – [Simon] At the same time five people enter to visit Eurobike. – [Daniel] Yeah think they we’re VIPs. – [Simon] Ah were they. Special after hours. – From the same point in that video, Pumpkinseed put, “9:57 my expression of why
does the video end already?” Well I’ve got some very good
news for you Pumpkinseed. There is more Eurobike stuff coming up on the channel this week. Starting straight away
in fact on Wednesday where we will have weird and
wonderful tech from Eurobike. We will also have another video that day is Zwift for beginners. More Eurobike tech on Thursday. That day is going to be an e-bike special. So quite appropriate for today’s GCN show. – Yeah a bit more detail. – Yep. And on the very same day, we’ve also got our latest
cycle rivalries video. Oh and on Friday it’s ask GCN anything. – Yeah Saturday it’s quite a
monumental pro bike actually. It’ll be the last ever
Alberto Contador pro bike. Cause obviously this is his
retirement race, the Vuelta. And this is his retirement bike, a very beautiful bike from Trek no less. And then on Sunday we’ve
got another unboxing. A great one this time. Do you think I can say what it is? – I don’t know. – It’s the new Wattbike. – Aw you said it.
– I did say it. That’s pretty cool isn’t it? And then Monday, maintenance Monday, I’ll show you how to build a wheel. I built my first wheel. – That’s a long video that one isn’t it? – It is. (rock music) – Whoo.
– Gnarly dude. Is what you say I think isn’t it? – I believe it is actually. Not quite up there with Nicholi Rogatkin. But still two extremes in one GCN show. That’s pretty good isn’t it? – It is. Well I’m afraid though that the GCN show is over for another week. If you’ve enjoyed it, please give it the thumbs
up just down below. And if you haven’t yet subscribed You can do so right now
by clicking on the globe. – Yeah and if you’re
after more content now, do not worry. There’s plenty for your out there. Including a power2max factory tour. Basically how not to make a power meter cause they asked me to do it and I failed miserably. That one’s just down there. – Or in the top corner
you can find my report from the latest indoor
training tech from Eurobike. Including a wahoo product
that simulates climbs.

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