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Benefits of cycling
3 Ways To Become A Stronger Cyclist

3 Ways To Become A Stronger Cyclist

Strong that can mean different things to different cyclists it might just mean good it might mean Mentally tough or it might literally mean having massive quads and carve so chiseled look like you’ve been hewn from [granite] Now there are no shortcuts to getting ripped on the [fraid] but here are three things that will make you stronger Sweetspot efforts now those of you regular to GcM will no doubt [I’ve] heard this term before we have all Advocated it at some time [or] another and we can reason because we all did it And what is it [well] sweet spot refers to a level of intensity one that you can sustain for about? An hour and a half if really pushed or to put it in terms of power It’s about 85 to 90% of your lactate threshold, and there’s a percentage [of] your max heart rate. It’s about [80%] So how do you do sweet spot training there? there’s a couple of different ways you can do efforts of about 20 to [40] minutes long as part of longer rides or [mile] get [fit] quick technique. Which is an in solid blocks of an hour and a half dodging Tarmac solid blocks of an hour and a half As an added bonus for those of us using power meters, we try and beat or average power By not much just a couple of watts every time it can be a really effective tool for actually making sure you progress But if you don’t have a power meter, then you don’t need to worry it can still be super effective You just need to pair a couple of things in mind So firstly you [want] to avoid any spikes in effort so no sprinting up short climbs and you want a predominantly flat route, so No traffic [is] what we’re looking for is. It’s sustained effort and not loads of jumping around Mashing it when you feel like it Okay, so now we’re working on our never miss a turn ability What about literal strength being able to roll a big [gear] up short steep climbs and away from stop sighs? Well, no Bit depends on your natural attributes of course those where the amazing insurance may not be blessed with the fast twitch fibers of a pure Sprinter But no matter who you are improvements can still be made you can almost always make more of what you’ve got and [that] is by Neuromuscular training so helping to develop nerve pathways that ultimately will help you recruit more muscle fibers It’s why you might find that if you were for some reason starting a [push-up] [raising] that you make big gains For the first Few weeks, but then reach a plateau and that’s because you’ve developed your a muscular pathways to make more of what you’ve got and Then you just have to work a lot longer to actually start making more muscle fibers. [oh] Good So the more of that is that even if you ride your bike all the time [you] may still not be Recruiting all of your muscle fibers, and so you need to train them and a great way of doing that is standing start efforts so you roll to stop in a really big gear like your big ring and long way down the cassette and then Simply Sprint up to speed as hard as you can Then just recover well and repeat [ten] times then that’s it that is your session done You can just roll home Because it’s such a short session you can actually do it on the way home from work or even as an early morning Or an evening right to supplement another ride that day although be careful. It is really demanding So you may end up feeling like total rubbish when you go out [again]? To certain extent cycling strength depends on [our] mental fortitude It’s what allows some riders to shrug off wind and rain and win six our epic bike races whilst others cower in their team cars It’s what allows some riders to push on for hours [even] days on end to cover incredible distances So how do they do it but to a certain extent it depends on you as an individual Compartmentalizing pain can be really effective so simply trying to remove yourself from it and block it out that can be surprisingly effective Certainly you’ll be familiar with how focusing on pain to make it all seem [so] much worse framing your pain or your discomfort in a positive way and Also be really [powerful] so with a positive frame of mind you’ll find that you can sustain speeds That have been possible if you’re feeling negative it’s why you probably find that dropping riders at the climb will help you go faster But if you yourself were hanging on, and then got dropped now this does take practice, so how do you do it? Well certainly focusing on your goals can be really effective as it is focusing on a positive outcome And then there’s this which is kind of weird But you may find that when going really hard actually gaining control of your breathing will help put you in a better frame of [line] to become a strong rider then you need to develop your aerobic engine you need to improve your peak power whether you consider yourself a Skinny climber or not but then you just need to convince yourself that you are strong That is actually probably the most powerful tool that we have But you don’t want to neglect your training either so why not click just up there and you’ll get through to video about how to improve your peak power or Down there and you get [three] to one about how to train for fast flat rides Before going to either those they do make sure you subscribe to gcN to do that. Just click on the globe

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  1. Guys! You are really great!! You make me laugh and learn a lot! Cheers from Chile! Come and ride here whenever you want, you'll be very welcome 😉

  2. I think you mean hypertrophy (larger muscle fibres) muscle training, hyperplasia (more muscle fibres) has only ever really been witnessed at the peak of hypertrophy resistance training and the use of anabolic steroids in both type 1 & type 2 (A, B) muscle fibres.

  3. Yeah I do think that a good song with a rhythm you can follow is also a really good to for maintaining a good mentality.

  4. one thing, riders: NEVER ride without gloves on. If you crash and put your hands down-which is what you will do if you hit the deck-you will rip your hands to shreds without gloves on. This is especially true if you are riding on pavement as the surface will act like sandpaper and will trash your hands. I crashed once years ago "naked hands" and it took me two months before I could ride safely again.

  5. That's the worst shape of push ups – and I actually saw my GF do push ups the other day claiming she's never done them before (she might be also lying …won't be the 1st time)

  6. 2:37 you're doing push ups wrong. tuck you elbows in, arms to your side. Love the track stand I wish I could do it. All in all great advice, thanks

  7. I can become the best cyclist in my region, but I've been financially limited as long as I can remember.

  8. maybe pedal heavy electric bicycle (motor off) for first half of ride, then use turned on pedal assist/throttle for second half/return of trip. in my case I can peddle distance to doctors appointment but I am to tired to peddle back home and I hate the stop/go of city bus. So I am putting a 500watt10ah motor on my bike so I can ride with peddle assist/throttle back home.

  9. Most important of all: make sure you are always 27 years old! Seriously, don't use #3 if you have bad knees.

  10. GCN Network is the BESTT! I have been taking their advice for the past couple years and have went from a Cat 3 to now racing in Cat 1! I even started a Youtube channel too to follow my progress and help others out. Would love for some support / feedback on my videos 🙂

  11. Yesterday I took out 2 x $6000 Canyons double team not on my 7.2 kg carbon but on my $290 GMC Denali. They were semi pros and my attack was based on the 1 km 10% hill , I was on the 48 ring and 22 tooth cog ( 7 speed 14-28 freewheel) and switched to that 200 meters before the incline as they were 200 meters in front. The 3rd ring 48 tooth + 3rd big cog 22 teeth was set and I attacked and they attempted to escape, once at the top I switch to the 5th cog and took a 5 second lead on the flats. I had already ridden and was tired but I decided to attempt it lol. 14.2 kg $290 vs 6 kg $6000 Canyons .

  12. bro , while riding i should be straight or bend my back towards handle, I started having back ache after cycling or sometime while doing it

  13. I live in Singapore, which means i have a very nice place to train 🙂 The multi storey car parks, the upper storrys are mostly untouched as people dont want to park so high and climb up. Which leaves me with about 5seconds of sprinting and then nother 5seconds of climbing and that repeats for like 5 storeys. Best placd to train lmao.

  14. You speak english. I speak english. Wifi service is in primarily english speaking country. Subs in vietnamese. Makes total sense.

  15. I really liked the mentality point – whenever I'm fkd I just think this is where I wana be, if i'm not tired I'm not trying hard enough – then I push through and feel fkn awesome by the time I stop lol

  16. I just try to maintain my average speed on 30+km/h (96kg/26" MTB/flat road/casual clothing and regular pedals).
    If the frontal wind is strong then more effort have to be put on the pedals and when the wind is pushing me, then I'm pushing the cadence limits.
    I tend to keep my cadence on 80+/-5, but with current setup over 50km/h cadence will go over 105.

    The whole racing is not exactly training rather a kind of commuting in a strange way – mindset is always maximum attack to achieve the best avg speed

  17. I'm constantly climbing hills and sweat like a b*#tch every time. there is one big long hill I have to master almost there.

  18. Why not do HIIT on a treadmill? I know when running 5k's then to riding I felt great but if just rode and went to run I couldn't make it over 2mi before I started fighting pain and discomfort.

  19. I literally can't ride my bike more than 30 seconds max. I have a small threshold for pain for lactic acid in my legs.

    Maybe I'm riding wrong? So many videos say you should be able to extend your legs almost all the way when pedaling, and that your feet shouldn't be able to reach the ground when in a stationary position.

    I hate this and disagree wholeheartedly. I DO NOT want to have to jump on my bike on order to get on it. I want to be able to put BOTH my feet on the ground while still sitting on my bike in a resting position. I absolutely despise the notion of having to balance on my bike when at resting position.

  20. One time I rode for I don't know how long or how far, but on the way back I was so determined to make it home I pushed myself hard along the highway. Getting home, I drank roughly 2 litres of water and, an hour later, decided it was time to eat. My legs didn't work. I motioned to walk and collapsed in a heap, they were so bad.

  21. What a load of utter bollocks ! Like any endurance sport the more you do it the better you’ll get just have belief and faith in your own abilities

  22. youll make more muscle in your upper body by doing proper push ups, keep those elbows in tucked to your ribs fam.. not out to the side

  23. Can i take some of your bikes just for riding all day? I ust want to take and ride a road bike on here in philippines and try the cleats pedals

  24. Your push-up form was horrible, less than half the range of motion, arms flared out, arms should be at chest level not shoulder level.
    Just trying to help 😁

  25. Wind sprints with stiff arms 3 x 60 sec

    Who has a $1800 power meatier?

    There are better ways to become a better cyclist!

    Read my comments on his other post !

  26. Sir can I use cycling improve for my running cycling is a best exercise for running stemina increase yes or no pls replay sir

  27. First sign that you’re a true cyclist… those push ups.. omg those are bad lol.

  28. Lift heavy weights for legs 1 day a week!!! I do 12 sets a week consisting of leg presses, lunges and calf raises. You won't believe the difference in the power in your legs!

  29. Wall sits are also very good with becoming more stronger with cycling. They make your legs vary strong and you can cyclie for hours

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