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Benefits of cycling

3 Years of living our Dream and cycling around the World

Hello! Welcome to a new video I’m Olga, I’m Michel Now we start We are in Netherlands, Belgium Luxemburg, France Spain, Portugal Monaco, Italy Slovenia, Croatia Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro Albania, Kosovo Macedonia, Bulgaria Greece, Turkey Israel, Jordan Georgia, Russia Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan, Uzbekistan Azerbaijan, Iran Dubai, Oman India, Nepal Myanmar, Thailand Laos, Vietnam China Germany, Mai 2016 Netherlands, June 2016 Belgium, June 2016 Luxemburg, June 2016 France, July 2016 Spain, August 2016 Portugal, August 2016 Monaco, September 2016 Italy, October 2016 Slovenia, October 2016 Croatia, October 2016 Bosnia and Herzegovina, November 2016 Montenegro, November 2016 Albania, November 2016 Kosovo, November 2016 Northern Macedonia, December 2016 Bulgaria, December 2016 Greece, December 2016 Turkey, December 2016 Israel, January 2017 Jordan, February 2017 Georgia, March 2017 Russia, April 2017 Kazakhstan, June 2017 Kyrgyzstan, July 2017 Tajikistan, August 2017 Uzbekistan, September 2017 Azerbaijan, October 2017 Iran, November 2017 United Arabic Emirates, December 2017 Oman, February 2018 India, March 2018 India, September 2018 Nepal, October 2018 Myanmar, January 2019 Thailand, February 2019 Laos, April 2019 Vietnam, April 2019 China, Mai 2019 And now, after 38.000km We arrived in China And celebtrating our three years anniversary We are so happy That three years ago we decided To start this adventure And an unbelivable time has passed Still every day we are looking forward To go on the bike And looking forward how the day will be It’s definitely a live With many uncertain and unknown situations But also a lot of freedom And that’s what we like so much about it And if you don’t want to miss anything new Then follow us and our journey On Facebook, Instagram and of course on YouTube Thanks that you are with us, see you in the next video!

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