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32cc 2 Stroke Powered Bike!!

32cc 2 Stroke Powered Bike!!

Ignore most of what I am saying, made this video when I was much younger. (Bike) …No shit lol. Like I said I was much younger. Enjoy the rest of this cool bike.

20 comments on “32cc 2 Stroke Powered Bike!!

  1. well wen you put an engine like this .. which is a 31cc which is plenty of power for a light bike and a light person, wen we put those together and we did our math right we get 98 mpg and wen u really beaton it its about 90 mpg … honestly its the way u tune an engine that gives u the power and mileage and thats wat we did

  2. i made one with pretty much the same motor exept its a ryobi 31cc weed wacker motor that had a clutch so i could put a peg on it.

  3. @BakjeLeip i built this bike here . and i can see why u think that . for one this does not have a cvt trans like on a moped so the small engine is going to run a faster rpm using more gas,+ its a 2 stroke so yea does that explain it to ya ? Most mopeds are 4 stroke today because the are trying to get rid of 2 stroke for good because they polute so much.

  4. Since the Ryobi engines stick out length wise more than other engines, does it want to make you fall over sideways when you ride it?

  5. i have the same motor except its the weedeater version that has a built in clutch. it works great and i like your fuel lines 🙂

  6. i would definately give this simple design a award eliminating having to conect to the seat post which is far weaker an more complicated to figure it out you have 2 very strong points of contact

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