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3R Moto Stand Our Motorcycle Prop Stand

3R Moto Stand Our Motorcycle Prop Stand

Hi Gordon RRR Tool Solutions and welcome to this segment of our demonstration videos. Today we want to talk about the 3R moto stand. And how you would use it in the outdoor setting. It doesn’t matter if you have to adjust a chain, do chain maintenance need to pull the wheel off fix a flat have to change a tube, or something. Same with the front. We want to give you various demonstrations of how our stand is used. And why you need one. The 3R Moto Stand allows you to do that, safely with your side stand. Specificily for bikes that don’t have that center stand option. This is the wallet and the stand that it comes in. What we’ll do is that we’ll unpack and I’ll demonstrate how it’s used. These are the components that you’ll get in your kit. And a couple of things to do before we get started. If I’m working on the front wheel. What I’m going to do first, is I’m going to put it in gear. To prevent movement. Ok. I am going to cock the wheel all the way to the left. On the side stand. As always a little preparation, before you get out on a trail. Before you actually have to use one of these. Is always prudent. In my case, what I have done, I’ve drilled a hole in the skid plate. Right beside the frame. What that allows me to do, it allows me to take the yoke, and I can stick this in my stick my yoke inside the skid-plate. Get up on the motorcycle, beside it, As I lift, I’m going to push over on the stand, and move this with my right foot. To be sure that it’s going to stay there, I’ve got the bike in gear, I’ve got it jacked against the stand, and the supplied tent peg. is going in the ground. That should keep us from moving. That should keep the bike steady. Pull the peg, bike is back on the ground. What I am going to do first, is I’m going to turn the wheel to the left, I need to lock this front brake. you’ve got a couple of options here. I’m going to use a zip tie. That’ll do it. Now that we’ve got our front wheel secure and the bike on the stand I’m going to grab a lift location. In this case I’m going to use the dog bones for the mono-shock suspension. What I’ll do here, Is I’ll come up on the bike. I will push over. And lift at the same time. Again, I take our tent-peg, And I secure it to the ground. This gives us a good solid firm We’ve got our three points, we’ve got our tire, with the brake on. We’ve got the side-stand, and we’ve got the 3R moto stand. This allows us to, spin the wheel, make the adjustments. Pull our peg, Lift the bike. And we are ready to go. When you’re done. When you’ve made the repairs. And you’re ready to get back on the road. All of this conveniently packs in a very compact lightweight set For the next time you need it. In it’s own tool wallet. 1.3 pounds total. So it’s light enough to put on your bike Store in a tank bag. Or go in one of your paniers.

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