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Benefits of cycling
4 Basic Skills For Beginner Cyclists

4 Basic Skills For Beginner Cyclists

– If you’re wanting to
get going on your bike, and there’s a few really basic skills that you’re going to want to cover. – Today we’re going to
stick to just the basics, so if you are starting out in
cycling for the first time, then this is the video for you. (upbeat music) Let’s start right at the beginning. Setting off the very first time. We’re going to assume your
bike is set up to your size and everything is in good working order. What you want to do then
is stand your bike simply, 30 centimeters away from the curb. Set your cranks reasonably level. The three o’clock position
for your favored leg is what we recommend. Just like this. Then whilst holding the bars and saddle, lean the bike towards you,
remove your hand from the saddle, and swing your leg over. Now, grabbing both brakes,
steady your weight over the bike, place your best foot on the forward pedal, shift your backside onto the saddle, look over your shoulder
to check for traffic. You’re now ready to set off. So push down on your forward leg and maintain a relaxed
balance over the bike. (upbeat music) – Now that we’re off and riding, it’s probably a good time to start thinking about how to stop. Now this is a really important
skill to get dialed in, especially how to stop with control. This could also be advanced
to timing and modulation. Braking force is transmitted
mostly through the front wheel. You could test this by
walking next to your bike and putting the back brake on full. Look what happens to the rear wheel. (upbeat music) Now repeat this by fully
pulling on the front brake. What happens? The rear of the bike starts
to lift off the ground, meaning you no longer have the ability to apply braking force to the rear wheel. Okay, that’s an extreme. But the same principles apply. If you want to slow down, then mastering your front
brake is absolutely key. Now, practice makes perfect with this one. But being at one with the time and distance it takes to stop, is absolutely crucial to fun,
fast, and enjoyable cycling. (bike wheels clicking) Practice on as many different gradients and different road surfaces as possible so you know just how much
grip each service allows you. – And that leads us nicely on to something that you might
want to use your brakes for. Cornering. (upbeat music) Cornering is one of my favorite techniques to master on the bike, but it is essential that you get it right. Start by keeping your
weight over the tires as this will afford you the most grip available from the road. To do this you want to
put your outside leg down, and put the weight through
your outside arm as well. And this will help you to turn. Ideally, you would practice
this away from traffic like in a large car park
and then you could do a figure-of-eight like
I’m about to show you. (upbeat music) And what you want to do then, when you’re accelerating
out of corner at the time, you want to stand up for
maximum acceleration. (upbeat music) – [James] To do this, as your
leading leg is on the way down through the two to three o’clock position, simply slide forward on the saddle, take a firm but relaxed grip on the bars as you go to stand up. – The bike will move beneath
you so don’t try and fight it. This technique is best used when accelerating up a short climb or maintaining momentum
on a really steep climb. Standing on the pedals allows
us to apply disproportionately more force to the pedals
than when staying seated. This is mostly due to gravity. Standing could even be a
great way to soften the impact of bumpy roads and make your ride that little bit more comfortable. And at certain times, it could
even offer you more control. (upbeat music) As with any skill that you’re
trying for the first time, we recommend finding somewhere quiet and away from the traffic. – These are really good
basic skills to get you going and they are also good to master them. – If you enjoyed this
video and found it useful do give us a big thumbs up
and for more skills videos, click down there.

100 comments on “4 Basic Skills For Beginner Cyclists

  1. You could also have included:
    1. Clipping in the other foot (altho that's a skill even the veterans struggle with at times :-p)
    2. Preparing for junctions by unclipping.

  2. About braking, you said to slow down one should master front braking but I think to slow down you only really need the back brake the front brake is very essential when want to come to a full stop or a urgent stop.

  3. I know everyone loves a bit of freewheel sound porn but it doesn't make for great video when you are trying to talk. Maybe look into making your freewheel a bit quieter Chris

  4. number 5/ don't assume the bloke with the top end expensive bike and all the gear actually knows what he is talking about

  5. Don't get hit by cars. I have 3 bikes. I ride almost daily and have done for almost 50 years. I was riding my brand new Norco "Section" for the very first time. I exited my driveway and got hit be a car coming around the corner at a rather higher speed that it should have been on my residential street. Not badly hurt, but a few scratches and a bruised hip. This bike has all of 5 meters on it and it needs to have the front wheel straightened. In 50 years of almost daily cycling I've had two bad falls that I recall and this will be my third collision with a car. But bending my new bike is a real piss off. Have eyes in the back of your head, when possible chose routes away from traffic, and watch out for the cars. Be careful out there!!

  6. @Chris, I notice you press your break leavers all the way to the drop. As a triathlon officials we tell people they have to be able to fully break with a finger still between the lever and the drop. What are your thoughts on that?

  7. Thanks GCN,
    I have been riding for 3 months for daily commutes and lost 16kg but last week I have had an accident because I didn't know how to stop quickly.
    Thanks again for the tips. I hope I can back to road soon.
    Do you have any videos about what kind of skills that person should prepare for beginner level road events.

  8. Actually after years of riding this does seem common sense now, but for new riders they are ‘skills’ to set off right. Especially mounting and dismounting the bike with clipless pedals. I am reminded about this when watching new riders hop on a road bike for the first time. Even the basic ability of how to stop and dismount the bike is tricky for ‘noob’s’. This video makes complete sense for them.

  9. You're not wrong by calling this video 4 basic skills…
    I would say that the next set of basic skills should be

    1. Ride no handed

    2. Take a drink
    3. Change a flat tire
    4. Find your way home if you're lost

    Have you ever waived at someone and they don't waive back? It's not that they're rude, it's that they can't take their hands off the bars

  10. A lot of recycled videos have been posted in the last few weeks.
    Don’t feel pressured to release new videos almost every day. But nice video anyways.

  11. I was actually looking forward to this video. But not only is it maybe time to not consider myself a total beginner anymore, I haven't been this much of a beginner since I was learning to ride a bike. Seriously guys. How likely is it that somebody getting a road bike would not know how to get on their bike? And if somebody is that much of a beginner than a 4min video probably is not that much help?

  12. always keep pedaling when cornering

    always keep pedaling at manouvres

    always keep pedaling when braking

    always keep pedaling for control

    always keep pedaling

    always ..!

    always ..!

    always ..!

  13. Brilliant guys, I've been looking for a good informative video like this for my 3 year old daughter. Cheers…

  14. Thanks for this video! Just awaiting my C2W voucher before getting my first proper bike. Given that it's been about 15 years (at least!) since I last was on a bike. This is appreciated! Question though, how do you approach and deal with roundabouts on a bike?

  15. @gcn @james, how come your front break is on your right hand side? I’ve never seen that before if I’m honest 😊 or is that British style?

  16. Guys. If you showing someone how to start then you shouldn't start the show by showing starting on a bend with poor visibility for drivers to see you.

  17. Guys could you make video about using Apple Watch for your data from your ride? I love using my Apple Watch so it would be nice to have some tips for apps or sensors that could be synced to it (if any). Thank you!

  18. How about some advice on unclipping on a steep gradient it’s been my downfall, literally, on a few occasions

  19. Good advice for beginners like myself 👍 happy cycling I'm lovein it so far
    Caint believe how fast you can get on these bikes

  20. I can't believe you are teaching people to start in the wrong site off the road. Kold blodet killers…..

  21. Do you recommend beginning cyclist use the special shoes that clip in? I have never used them, and honestly don't ride fast, but I worry about how easy they are to unclip if you need to remove your foot suddenly.

  22. One thing you've missed on braking which would be appreciated; how to shift your weight to A) not go over the handlebars if most of your braking comes from the front wheel, and B) compensate for any fishtailing.

  23. These vids would be much better without the noise of the motor cycle. Would it be possible to use a tandem bike for the camera vehicle? Or maybe suppressing the noise with some nifty audio filtering. Or increasing the distance between the motor cycle and the microphone. It might be even possible to use a vehicle that produces noise that is easier to characterize, like an electric vehicle. That way it should be much easier to suppress the motor noise with a DSP-filter. Anyway, love your vids.

  24. How to jump or hop over small obstacles on the road? Like small drain gratings or road bumps or pot holes?

  25. A very nice beginners video but as noted by others you’ve used U.K. style shifter set up for the brakes without a warning for beginners in other parts of the world to check how their brakes are set. Would encourage a quick edit asap. That said a very friendly clip and good work by the team

  26. genuinely a hard vid to make I imagine… especially for anyone like 2 ex pros where all of this comes as naturally as breathing… well done

  27. Don't forget to wear gloves. If you fall without one, the palm of your hands could lose some skins. Also learn how to seat properly on a saddle, sitting on your bikes isn't like sitting on your couch. Be mindful of your weight distribution, a saddle isn't a seat.

  28. You should have mentioned counter steering. At higher speeds, when you want to go left, push on the left side of the bar and lean etc

  29. "Keeping your weight over the tires." Where else would your weight be distributed with respect to the ground?

  30. Great video if anyone actually practices any of it, rather than I know what I'm doing so don't try to tell me how to go round a corner as you freewheel and put 20 yards into them as they're coming off the brakes 🙂

  31. Made for people in the UK and Australia who drive/ride on the wrong side of the road and whose brake levers are reversed! You’re welcome😉

  32. Oh god, I cannot even stress how important out of saddle riding is.
    It makes you miles faster going up hills, able to accelerate to full speed in far less time after reaching a red light, and often stops you from needing to switch to extremely low gears. Everyone who plans on taking biking seriously should learn it, that's not even a question.

  33. Oh there’s gears too! And not being able to unclip your pedal when caught by surprise at a stop light! And don’t forget your chainring tattoo!! Simple!❤️

  34. At 1:26 you can see some play between the disc and the wheel itself. The wheel is kind of oscillating. Is this normal? And if not: How to fix it?

  35. And those people, can get you right to the very top of this activity/sport ! btw ill add one – don't make it more difficult/confusing than it needs to be…

  36. Looking over your shoulder without steering. Riding around a piece of debris or pothole in your path at speed. Crossing a railroad or streetcar track. Riding over unavoidable rough pavement, cobblestones, potholes, etc.

  37. i like this video it can help a lot of people who uses bicycle for thier leasure time or bike to work.. this can give some good guides to think about. next week i apply some tips i watched in this vid brother.

  38. My old racing bike had a gear on the frame. I could find not one video on how you change gears on the new racing bikes. The way it has to be done is weird.

  39. Did anyone can give me advice ……this my questions it is true electronic groupset much better than mechanical set….???? And thank you for your tips mate….sorry for my bad English привет из россии

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