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4 Best Ways To Train For Long Climbs

4 Best Ways To Train For Long Climbs

– [Voiceover] If you’re
preparing for a big event in the mountains this year, as we’re doing for the Maratona
dles Dolomites in July, then these sessions are for you. (electro music) – There’s nothing like the feeling of conquering and cresting a long climb, and here are four sessions to help you get to the top faster. (electro music) – Over under intervals
are increasingly used by professional cyclists, as it enables them to
cope with change of pace and rhythm on a climb in a race. And even if you’re not a racer,
it can still be beneficial to help you cope with changes
of pace on a group ride or, if you’re on our
own, changes of gradient. (electro music) – [Voiceover] Get in a
good warm up and then do three or four sets of 15-minute blocks where you spend 30 seconds
just over your FTP, or what you’d be able to
sustain for a long climb, and then two minutes just under it. Have ten minutes easy between each and then do your cool down. This session is going to
teach your body to recover from a hard effort whilst
still going at a decent pace. Ideally, do them on a climb,
but in the event you don’t have one long enough, you
can do them on the flat or on an indoor trainer. (electro music) – Cadence is the big topic in cycling. The tendency naturally
is to lower your cadence whilst others will say it should be high. – [Voiceover] This session
will help you improve your comfort and efficiency
at both ends of the spectrum. Warm up for 20 minutes, then
do four lots of ten minutes at your functional threshold power, the pace you can sustain for a long climb. For each ten minutes, alternate between 70 and 100 RPM every two minutes. Again, if you haven’t got a climb, just use the right gearing on the flat or indoor trainer, and try and maintain your usual climbing position on the bike. (electro music) – Pacing yourself on a
longer climb is crucial if you really want to get
the most out of your body. Start too hard and go into
the red and you’re gonna find it very difficult to recover. So this session is aimed
at teaching your brain just what it feels like to start a climb well within yourself. (electro music) – [Voiceover] After your
warmup, you want to go into two by 20 minute ramps. Start off at a perceived
effort of six out of ten, and gradually ramp up over the 20 minutes, so that you’re at maximum
effort for the last minute. If you’re going on power,
start at 85% of FTP, then increase by 5% each five minutes, and then the last five minutes, just give it whatever you’ve got left. Then have five minutes of
easy riding between the two. – We’ve long been recommending
sweet spot training as a really good way of getting fitter and improving your climbing, and that certainly hasn’t changed. This session involves riding
for an hour at sweet spot. – [Voiceover] Warm up,
then get straight into it, around 90% of your FTP, or, a nine out of ten effort level. Basically, always feeling
like you could just give a little bit more if you had to. Hold it there for a solid hour, trying to remain seated and
as smooth as much possible. Then, do your cool down. – As ever, you also need
to make sure that your body gets enough rest so that it
can make the improvements after you’ve put it
through all that hard work. Now make sure that you subscribe to the Global Cycling Network if
you haven’t done so already. You can do that by clicking on the globe. – Now, it’s not just your fitness that can make a difference in cycling, how about body weight? We look at in this video,
how much difference your body weight makes on climbs and for how to lose
weight through cycling, you can click just down here.

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  3. just run a 32 chainring with a 40 cassette, eat vegan and go to bed every night by 8pm…oh and heaps and heaps of water

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    I'm new to your channel. I just need some advice from you please sir. What is your opinion on the canyon Endurace AL 6.0 bike?. I am looking for a good aluminum frame endurance road bike. So what do you think about the Endurace?, and also what other bikes should I look at?

  5. Am off to Mallorca in March myself so definitely going to give these a go. You mention resting at the end of the video… how many sessions could you sensibly do each week? Thanks!

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  8. My biggest problem with long climbs: nearest climb is 90 km far away and it has incredible 3 km at 6 %. Maybe that whole 90 km route should be considered as a long climb?

  9. can you do a video on how to shift from a steep climb aka last gear, to a flat section where you can go 30kmh+ and after like 20-30 seconds again to a steep section last or second last gear?

  10. The problem for for us brits (well those in the south east and east) is there's no long hills to train on, I climbed sa calobra last August and nothing could have prepared me for the heat and difficulty because you just can't train for it in the uk. It's not even that hard a climb and I was suffering! The longest hill in my area is only half a mile. Training on the turbo is the nearest I can get but it never feels the same as the real thing

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  14. I have difficulties maintaining avg cadence of 90+rpm (short of breath, while muscles still can take it) and that is on the flat!
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  15. "There's nothing like the feeling of conquering a long climb" so true. I'm a heavier as in muscular dude, and I hate sacrificing muscle mass to get lighter, but damn on a climb when you feel "on" it's such an awesome feeling that for that moment it's all
    worth it.

  16. I didnt understand the first training:
    Is it (30 sec over FTP and 2 min under FTP ) x 6 times in 15 minutes, or should we do just once in 15 minutes?

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