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4 Perfect Winter Workouts For Cyclists | Get Fit For Summer Riding

4 Perfect Winter Workouts For Cyclists | Get Fit For Summer Riding

– So are you stuck for ideas
on how to train outdoors? – There are loads of videos on the channel about indoor training
sessions in the winter, but I haven’t seen that
many about outdoor rides. – No, that’s true and
it’s a beautiful day. – It is. – I mean, it’s a good time
to do some training outdoors. – How about we show
them our three favorite and then if there’s time at the end, we’ve got a bonus as well. – That’s a plan, let’s do it. – Cool. Which way are we going anyway? – Left I think. The basis of any good
aerobic training program is the ability to increase
your aerobic capacity and ultimately the higher
this is, the faster you’ll go. – We’ve chosen 12 minute
duration for these intervals because that enables you
to include two to five reps in one session, which give
you space for progression over the months as you improve. – Yeah, so for this first session, looks like you’re doing it mate. – This is much more of
your kinda thing, Hank. – Good luck buddy! – For this session,
you’ll need to complete a good warm up around 8-12
minutes of good progressive ramp up to get your heart,
lungs and legs pumping. To be honest, 8-12 minutes is enough for all of these sessions,
assuming you do them correctly. – How was that mate? It looked tough! – I’ve not done enough of these recently so on that note, you should
aim to include six to eight of these each month throughout the winter and that’ll really help
you progress as you go on. Oh! – Right, round two it is. (rock music) – Hank, do you ever
feel like you’re looking for that break through performance? – I guess. – Well then you could
be lacking those strict dedicated intervals that push you not only up, over and outside of your comfort zone but they also really help
get you to the next level. – I had a feeling you were gonna say this. This sounds very painful. – Well, it’s gonna be. V02 intervals are absolutely agonizing. – Oh gosh, here we go then mate. V02 intervals coming up. – James, mate, I’ve not even
told him what they are yet. Pay attention. – After getting a bit
overexcited and then getting called back, I finally got
all the information from Chris and this is what I started with. I started with five four minutes with four minutes recovery in between. The efforts are to be done
at effectively max effort. This will continue to
build your top-end output. These are often referred
to as race-winning efforts. – Oh! One down, four minutes rest. Nice and easy. Recover, get ready for the next one. (rock music) – Good work Hank. – That was hard. – So we recommend this
session up to five times a month throughout the
winter, but never more than twice in one week. This will help prevent
stagnation through doing the session too often
but it will provide you with enough stimulus to vastly improve. – And you can progress as you get fitter by increasing the lengths of the intervals up to really seven minutes
would be an ideal goal. When you’re thinking about recovery, try making like for like so for example four minute effort, would need a four minute recovery. Six minute effort, would
need a six minute recovery. – Yep!
– I’m out of breath. – It’s hard isn’t it? You can build these efforts
up to seven minutes in length. – And finally James, c’mon tell me more about neuromuscular power. – Well, Chris, you always
wanna build maximum muscle recruitment don’t you? – Always! – And you wanna win boat races, don’t you? – Not anymore! – Okay, so you wanna win races to the cup. – Now that I do. – Yeah and when included in
a session, or short session, you can make it into a
really good HIT session. – Yep, you can! And to do this, you wanna
start out in a fairly big gear, kinda the gear I’m in now,
rolling at around 24k’s an hour. Cadence 80 to 85 and then over the next 12 seconds through a maximum exertion into the pedals you wanna build those 130 reps. – Alright mate, enough talking about it, I wanna see you do it! Get them legs going! – You will do this by
getting into the drops, selecting the appropriate
gear, engaging your core and then exploding down
and through the pedals. Allow 8-10 minutes to fully
recover before repeating this for six reps in total. Don’t simply ease off between the sprints, in to continue at an effort
of around 75-80% of max and this will help you get
the most from you session on the bike and prevent cooling
off too much in between. – Alright mate, that looked hard. – That was brutal. – Right now you’ve done it,
how often do you have to do it? – Well I reckon once a
week is enough to forge a good progression with your
sprints throughout the winter. 12-16 worths of sprints, six times a week, that’s 96 sprints over the winter. – Sounds like a lot! – Well 1152 seconds which
is just under 20 minutes! Quite a lot of pure
neuromuscular effort, isn’t it? – You love it! As Chris winds up for his next sprint, just remember to keep your
sprints sharp throughout the entire winter because
the last thing you wanna do is play catch up as the
temperature begins to rise and the sun comes out. C’mon Chris! We haven’t got all day, mate. (electronic music) – Mate, c’mon, I’ve done
two proper sessions now. It’s only fair you do another yourself. – I thought I was gonna get away with it. But fair play, I’ve gotta the bonus ride. And that is endurance ride
and it’s a really good way to improve your overall
condition on the bike is to do a three plus hour
ride if you’ve got the time. – Yeah, it’s a great way
to improve your efficiency, ability to oxidize fat for
energy and to be honest we can make an entire
video on the benefits of endurance training. – True. – I think instead of
that, we should practice what we preach and ride to the cafe. – Yeah, I reckon I can set one hundred k? – Yeah, that’s a good
endurance ride for me. – Well, perfect.
– Nice. Whoa, not so hard. – Aim to make your
endurance ride a good pace. It’s not easy like a recovery ride. But also not too hard either. You don’t want to be over
80% effort on this ride. So there you have it, three, actually no, four training sessions
that you can implement during the winter out on the road. – Which was your favorite? I quite enjoyed the endurance myself. – I think the endurance
one was the best, yeah. – But you mustn’t neglect
the intervals or you just simply won’t improve
going into next season. – Yeah and don’t forget
if you did like this video then give us a thumbs up
and we hope it helps you when you’re out on the road. – And if you wanna check
out Dan who’s back on his fitness plan, well click
down here somewhere. – He’s tried to keep up with
us but it’s not gonna work. – Well, he’s only riding indoors. Outdoors is the way for ya Dan. (clink)

46 comments on “4 Perfect Winter Workouts For Cyclists | Get Fit For Summer Riding

  1. You hear that? No more than two VO2 max sessions in one week. Doing too much intensity in a week just means that your "intensity" will suffer. Thanks guys!

  2. Good luck with riding hard intervalls in around 0 degrees. Shortest path to sickness by breathing in ice cold air while doing max efforts.

  3. Most of my outdoor winter training rides are on my Fixie pushing 46×17. I find it helps with my sprinting come early spring races. Also, it saves wear and tear from the winter road grit on my carbon road bike. I like doing steady climbs, some sprinting and sweet spot training rides. Does anyone at GCN ride a fixie on the road?

  4. Question – For the FTP/Muscular Endurance session, what do you mean by "95-100% of max exertion"? 95-100% of what you can do over 12 minutes? Of FTP? Later you refer to "max effort" for the VO2 session, so it's not clear how these differ.

    With these videos and the training vids posted recently, it would be great to include a % of FTP for each effort. I understand many won't be training with power, so a perceived exertion % or score is necessary, but I, like many others I see commenting, like to plug these into Zwift/TrainerRoad etc. and use ERG mode to ensure we're getting maximum bang for our buck. They are brilliant sessions, but I'm never sure if I've pushed hard enough.

  5. Great to see some relevant V02 Max sessions, just a shame I don't have enough road to do them all on my commute.

  6. What is the "road" you guys are riding on? What's the surface? Looks rather nice… Sorry, I'm from the USA, so it just seems odd… cheers!

  7. try to to this in 30 cm of snow 🙂
    Im riding my bike every day to work and after latest snowfall and -10 its quite a challenge.

  8. It's not a winter workout unless you're pedalling through 20 cm of snow and your bike is sliding across the road like a snowboard.

  9. So, I'm thinking about coming to the UK. Maybe setting up shop pirating bike goods in/out, depending on the winds of change. But what I'm REALLY interested in are these quiet country lanes you Brits seem to have everywhere. They're beautiful! Do they run coast to coast?

  10. If 100% effort is vo2 max, 80% is, zone 4? Seems a little off to be doing endurance rides at potentially z4.. Most of mine are z2 but perhaps I'm doing it wrong.

  11. So.. The FTP program.. 12 minutes warm up then 12 mins max effort x 2-5 reps? What's the recovery time between reps?

  12. My favorite session is the endurance builder. The first one Chris did. Brutal is a good description, but really solid advice about the aims and how often before it becomes counter-productive. Chapeau lads.

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